Google Pixel 5 Review 2023 : Features, Price, And More Details

Google Pixel 5 Review: The Google Pixel 5 signifies a shift in the tech giant’s strategy because it is a more moderate handset that is less expensive but lacks the capabilities and features to compete with top-tier flagship devices. As we’ll discuss in this Google Pixel 5 review, the Pixel 5 concentrates on what Pixel phones do best: providing consumers with a superb, streamlined camera experience and a very clean Android interface.

The Google Pixel 5a maintains this strategy, and given the similarities between the two phones, the only advantages the Pixel 5 has over its less expensive brother are a more refined metal back and a smaller size. Nevertheless, these advantages are still enough to place the Pixel 5 among the top Google Pixel phones.

Google Pixel 5 Review 2023

Waiting for the Google Pixel 6 may be a good idea if you want a more premium Pixel phone. The Tensor chipset, the company’s first in-house SoC, and the design were officially unveiled by Google, who also hinted that the device will cost about the same as other premium smartphones.

Even while we’re looking forward to that phone, the Google Pixel 5 is a decent, straightforward option if you want a more modestly designed phone at a lesser price that still runs the most recent version of Android. This approach is maintained by the Google Pixel 5a, and given the similarities between the two devices, the Pixel 5’s primary benefits over its less costly sibling are a more elegant metal back and a smaller size. These benefits are yet sufficient to rank the Pixel 5 among the best Google Pixel smartphones.

Google Pixel 5 Review

Google Pixel 5 Review Overview

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Google Pixel 5 Price

The Pixel 5 has 128GB of storage and costs us dollar 699. Interestingly, Google isn’t selling a version of the Pixel 5 with a larger storage capacity, and the device doesn’t allow microSD cards, so you have less available space. There are just two: Sort of Sage and Black. The Pixel 5 may purchased either unlocked or through AT&T, Verizon, US Cellular, and Google Fi, or you can take it to any carrier of your choice.

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The Google Pixel 5 is the first phone with a metal back in a while. Previously, glass was used instead of metal to improve signal transmission (and wireless charging). We would anticipate this design to far more resistant to harm, whether it be wear and tear or more serious drops, because the metal wraps around the edges to create an all-in-one body, which is also uncommon today.

The right-side metal lock button and volume rocker on the phone barely protrude from the body of the phone and have more resistance than you’d think, making them a little difficult to press. Not every component of the tiny format is perfectly conceived. The Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4a (as well as the 4a 5G) have wide, projecting plastic buttons, which are much easier to manipulate. It’s a strange but relevant remark because we don’t often gripe about buttons anymore.

So how does wireless charging function if the frame is made of metal? As Android Central’s Daniel Bader observed, Google had cleverly carved a tiny hole in the rear plate over the charging coil, coated it with epoxy, and painted over it.


The 6-inch Full HD Plus (2340 x 1080) display has a punch-hole for the front-facing camera and is a sharp, bright screen with minimum bezels. In comparison to the Pixel 4, which had a solid black bar at the top of its display, this results in a much better screen-to-body ratio. However, since that bar housed the various sensors, including the Soli depth sensor that enabled features like in-air gesture control, having more screen space here has a mixed effect.

The display maintains the same smooth 90Hz refresh rate that Google introduced with the Pixel 4. The impact is worth it when you’re browsing the internet or your app library without the stuttering you’ll encounter on 60Hz and lower screens, even though it consumes power more quickly to keep it on (you can switch back to 60Hz in the settings).

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The Google Pixel 5 has two back cameras, and given that it has the same glass-covered camera block as the Pixel 4, you’d be forgiven for believing they’re identical to the Pixel 4’s cameras. The Pixel 5 retains the same 12.2MP main camera but replaces the 2x optical telephoto lens with a 16MP ultra-wide lens.

The Pixel 5’s ultra-wide lens prevents it from having a good zoom feature, but even while the 107-degree field of view isn’t nearly as broad as some of the 120-plus-degree ultra-wide lenses on other phones. We still prefer having the opportunity to fit more people or a scene into the frame. The Pixel 4’s 2x optical zoom camera, however, didn’t significantly outperform the Pixel 5’s digital zoom in comparative shots. Another point in favour of ultra-wide’s usefulness.

The phone does, however, catch appropriate colours in low light; for instance, the Pixel 5 gets the right hues when contrasted to photographs taken on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which can often exhibit a yellow tint. Additionally, compared to photographs taken with comparable lenses on other phones, its ultra-wide lens exhibits significantly less edge distortion.


The Pixel 5’s 4,080mAh battery is one of the largest upgrades over its predecessor; in our informal testing, it comfortably lasted into the next day, whereas the Pixel 4’s 2,800mAh battery hit single digits in the early evening. The Pixel 5 supports Qi wireless charging and comes with an 18W fast charger in the box. Additionally, the phone can wirelessly reverse-charge other devices. While we had some trouble reliably charging smaller gadgets (such wireless headphone covers), doing so was not too difficult.

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For phone manufacturers, the us dollar 700 price point has emerged as the new front line in the fight to win over customers with top-tier specs without asking them to fork over more than us dollar 1,000. The Galaxy S20 FE from Samsung, the OnePlus 8T, and maybe the recently revealed iPhone 12 mini are all examples of the incredibly attractive phones that this rivalry is making. When compared to these options, the Pixel 5 is a terrible bargain. But there is a lot to enjoy about this place.


It’s encouraging to see Google address battery life after years of ignoring the issue. In a sea of hefty, garish slabs, the surprisingly cute, fashionable, and tiny look Google chose for the Pixel has me hooked once more. A phone, however, is more than just a piece of jewellery or a camera. Speaking about the excellent camera of the Pixel 5. It is also available in the us dollar 349 Pixel 4a and the us dollar 499 Pixel 4a 5G. It’s difficult to suggest the Pixel 5 over Google’s less costly phone if you’re searching for a 5G handset because the Pixel 4a 5G delivers the same dual camera array as the Pixel 5. The same processor, and the same 5G connectivity but for us dollar 200 less.

Google Pixel 5 Review FAQ’S

Are Google Pixel 5 good?

For a relatively low cost, the Google Pixel 5 offers 5G connection, superior cameras, a long battery life, and an exceptional Android software experience. Independently chosen and reviewed goods by PCMag editors. We may receive compensation from purchases made via our affiliate links, which fund our testing.

Why Pixel 5 is discontinued?

However, it's conceivable that the business chose to stop making the Pixel 5 phone because of how similar it is to the Pixel 6 phone that will soon be released. Notably, neither Google's flagship Pixel 5 nor its entry-level Pixel 4a smartphone have been introduced in India.

Is Pixel 5 better than iPhone 11?

The RAM in the Pixel 5 is twice as much as that on the iPhone 11. Don't rely too heavily on it, though, as devices running iOS and Android consume RAM in various ways. The midrange Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 CPU is also used by the Pixel 5, although it will be less potent than the iPhone.

Why Google Pixel 5 is not launching in India?

Pixel devices are known to arrive at prices that are considered premium in India. Pricing is the main reason why we believe Google does not want to bring the Pixel 5 to India.

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