IB 71 movie review: Vidyut Jammwal steps out of his comfort zone only to leave us confused

IB 71 movie review:- IB71, directed and co-written by Sankalp Reddy, who also directed and co-wrote The Ghazi Attack six years ago, is more of an espionage thriller than a war movie. It tells the story of “true events” orchestrated by an Indian intelligence agent to thwart a planned Pakistani attack on India on the eastern front during the 1971 Bangladesh liberation war. IB71 is directed by Vidyut Jammwal, who is also one of the film’s producers. It focuses less on action scenes and more on the adventures of Dev, an intrepid IB agent who invents a daring hijack plot to land in Pakistan with a group of Indian secret agents.

IB 71 is definitely worth checking out. Directed by Amartya Bhattacharyya, this movie explores the themes of identity, memory, and human relationships in a way that is both compelling and emotionally resonant. The film follows the story of an elderly man who receives a mysterious letter that prompts him to revisit his past and confront long-buried secrets. As he retraces his steps, he discovers new truths about himself and the people he thought he knew. The performances in IB 71 are outstanding, particularly those of veteran actors like Soumitra Chatterjee and Arun Mukherjee. The cinematography is also top-notch, with beautiful shots of the Indian landscape that add to the film’s overall mood and atmosphere.

IB 71 movie review

Underwater action movie The Ghazi Attack was about a submarine that mysteriously went down in the Bay of Bengal during the 1971 Indo-Pak war. A decommissioned aircraft that is prepared for a specific spy mission days before the same military conflict is the setting for some of IB71’s scenes. The objective of the plan devised by secret agent Dev is to deter enemy plans to transport men and ammunition to East Pakistan with Chinese assistance and provide India with an excuse to block its airspace. The man is completely focused on the task at hand.

He doesn’t have time for romance or any other kind of distraction. There are no lip-synched songs in the two-hour film IB71. However, it takes its sweet time to establish itself. The first hour is a real jigsaw puzzle that is both confusing and unpersuasive. In this section of the movie, a lot happens on screen: Jammwal’s tough spy sneaks into a Pakistani airfield under a different name, gathers important information, and learns that India is in danger of being attacked in ten days.

IB 71 movie review

IB 71 movie review Overview 2023

Article Name IB 71 movie review: Vidyut Jammwal steps out of his comfort zone only to leave us confused
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What works?

Sankalp Reddy and Gnana Shekar V.S., the film’s director and cinematographer, capture Kashmir’s beauty and present it like a spectacle on screen in IB 71. Aditya Shastri’s IB 71 has an intriguing plot, but the script and dialogue are problematic. The film has a few minutes in the last part which hold consideration and make the interest on what comes straightaway.

Moments that shine brightly and make the film an average watch include the pre-interval action block, the hotel action sequence, and the telephone interaction sequence in the middle of the second half. Sadly, the other sequences don’t all come together, so these are the only parts of the story that work well. IB 71 also benefits from the performances of Vidyut Jammwal and Anupam Kher.

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What doesn’t work?

The first hour of IB 71 is filled with moments that just lead to confusion, which is a sign that the film’s poor screenplay is to blame. During a portion of the film, the conflict is not established, and the characters do not get enough screen time to shine. The film probably deserved a longer running time to simplify the conflict before getting to the end.

One of IB 71’s biggest flaws is the villain’s track. The track by Vishal Jethwa doesn’t flow naturally into the story. It is surprising that the director of Ghazi Attack produced a film that was only partially completed. Even though IB 71’s episodes are based on actual events, the execution makes us wonder if it ever happened. Even though the film picks up steam in the second half, the way Pakistani agents act in the story requires a significant suspension of disbelief.


As IB agent Dev Jammwal, Vidyut Jammwal performs admirably. In order to play an intelligence officer, he plays with restraint and beautifully underplays himself. He performs the action scenes effortlessly, and the more you see of him, the more convinced you become that a well-executed action story featuring Vidyut can delight the audience. Anupam Kher’s performance as IB Chief N.S. Awasthi is typical of him, and over the course of his career, he has perfected the art of portraying characters in this setting. Even though Vishal Jethwa does a good job acting, the role he plays is poorly written. The movie has a large ensemble cast, including Dalip Tahil, Faizan Khan, Suvrat Joshi, and Mir Sarwar, all of whom do well in their small roles.

IB 71 is definitely worth checking out. The movie tells the story of a group of soldiers fighting in the Vietnam War and explores themes of brotherhood, loyalty, and sacrifice. The performances by the cast are top-notch, particularly those of the lead actors who deliver powerful and nuanced portrayals of soldiers grappling with trauma and loss. The cinematography is also stunning, capturing both the beauty and brutality of war. While some viewers may find the film’s pacing slow at times, it ultimately builds to a powerful and moving conclusion. Overall, IB 71 is a must-watch for anyone interested in war films or stories about human resilience in the face of adversity.

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IB 71 movie review

A number of movies have come out in recent years that show the amazing skills of Indian intelligence teams on the big screen. These films, including “Baby,” “Akbar Walter Romeo,” and most recently “Mission Majnu,” have revealed previously unknown tales of daring actions taken by Indian intelligence officers. However, “IB 71” goes one step further by delivering a well-crafted film and a riveting plot. “IB 71,” based on actual events, delves into the lead-up to the Indo-Pakistan War in 1971, when East Pakistan became Bangladesh. It is commendable of the producers to have chosen this extraordinary, at times almost unbelievable, chapter from Indian intelligence history. The cinematic experience of this action thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. The film is riveting to watch because of how quickly and thickly the events unfold around the intelligence team’s operation.

“IB 71” moves along with the ferocity of a Hollywood thriller, quickly getting to the heart of the matter and remaining focused on the main plot throughout. Although there is one song toward the end, the decision to skip song placements for the majority of the movie is commendable because it keeps the momentum going. The film’s pace would have been slowed by any musical number. Instead of being portrayed in a cliche manner, the film’s daring actions ooze authenticity. This film’s art direction and cinematography merit special praise because they create a stunning backdrop that transports viewers to 1971 India. Aerial shots of Dal Lake capture its beauty like never before, making the scenes set there absolutely breathtaking.

Dev Jammwal, played by Vidyut Jammwal, is an intelligence officer who, in just ten days, receives crucial information about Pakistan and China’s upcoming attacks on Indian soil. The only viable strategy to combat this threat is to establish an airspace blockade, but time and resources are at a premium. Dev presents his daring plan to his superior, NS Awasthi (Anupam Kher), which calls for arranging for Kashmiri separatists to hijack an Indian plane and ensuring that it lands in Pakistani territory. The government initially dismissed the plan as implausible, but they eventually realized its potential and agreed to carry out the well-organized operation. When the entire group of passengers, including intelligence officers, are housed in a hotel in Lahore, things get complicated when things go wrong and don’t go according to plan.


In this conclusion, IB 71 is a gripping and thought-provoking film that is a must-see for fans of the thriller genre. The movie centers around a young woman who finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of espionage, where she must navigate a complex web of lies and deceit to uncover the truth. The film’s strong performances, particularly by its lead actress, keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire runtime. The plot is well-crafted and keeps you guessing until the very end, with several unexpected twists and turns that will leave you stunned. Overall, IB 71 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a thrilling and engaging movie experience.

IB 71 movie review FAQ’S

Is IB 71 worth watching?

IB 71 is an engaging watch that sheds light on a remarkable chapter of history, instilling a sense of pride in our intelligence network. With a runtime of nearly two hours, the film maintains a screenplay that keeps the audience captivated throughout, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

Is IB 71 based on real story?

IB 71 is based on 'untold' real events in which India's Intelligence Bureau (IB) went on its biggest secret mission against not only Pakistan but also China.

Is IB 71 on OTT?

You can watch IB 71 on Disney + Hotstar. This is a popular OTT Platform on which you can conveniently watch the film.

Is IB or CBSE harder?

IB focuses more on practical and application based learning in contrast to CBSE. IB examinations tests student's knowledge & intelligence, not memory and speed however CBSE examinations test focuses a lot on memory and speed. IB pedagogy focuses on 'how to learn' rather than 'what to learn'.

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