Moto G73 5g Review 2023: Features, Price And More Detail’s

Moto G73 5g Review 2023: As I mentioned in my early views on the Moto G73 5G, Motorola is effectively attempting to accomplish two goals at once. This phone is promoted as a 5G replacement for the Moto G72, which only supports 4G, and an improvement over the Moto G62 5G. Motorola’s focus with the Moto G73 is on photography, performance, and security in addition to 5G connection.. It hopes to deliver all of these at what seems to be a very competitive pricing range.

Moto G73 5g Review 2023

In India this year, Motorola’s first G-series smartphone is the Moto G73 5G. The smartphone, which is marketed towards photographers, has a “flagship-grade Ultra Pixel 2um camera” that is said to produce spectacular photographs with exceptional clarity, detail, and colour accuracy. The MediaTek Dimensity 930 SoC-equipped Moto G73 5G is also the first smartphone in the nation. The Moto G73 also features a 5,000mAh battery, dual speakers, support for 13 5G bands, and a 120Hz refresh rate display.

Moto G73 5g Review

Moto G73 5g Review Overview 2023

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Battery 5,000 mAh
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Moto G73 5g Price

In India, the Moto G73 5G is only offered with an 8GB RAM and 128GB storage capacity. It costs Rs. 16,999 and comes in Midnight Blue & Lucent White as finishes.


The Moto G73 5G’s design is more in keeping with the brand’s Edge 30 portfolio than the earlier G62 5G and seems understated yet contemporary. The rear panel is curved along the sides but flat in the centre. The phone’s frame is remarkably flat. The rear panel is constructed of what Motorola refers to as “acrylic glass,” whereas the former is made of polycarbonate. This information has two advantages. It looks like glass and has a high-end appeal because of its matte texture, but it is actually plastic, so it should be more robust when dropped.

Fingerprints are one thing that this material does not handle well. Even though it has a matte surface, the phone attracts dust and smudges and becomes rather filthy with regular use. Additionally, because this is plastic, it is quite difficult to get these smudges off the rear panel. The matte frame and rear panel of the Moto G73 5G also make it sleek. The handset is thankfully protected by a transparent TPU case that Motorola offers in the box. Unfortunately, this adds to the thickness of the gadget, which is otherwise rather thin at 8.29mm.

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The Moto G73 5G’s display is undoubtedly not one of its strong points. Aside from the 120Hz refresh rate it has, it is rather mediocre. With a screen size of 6.5 inches and a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, it is also quite large.

Its choice of an IPS LCD display screen as opposed to an OLED one, like its predecessor the Moto G72 did, is disappointing though. And while it’s possible to mistakenly believe that Motorola sacrificed the superior contrast and colour rendering that OLED offers in order to achieve that 120Hz refresh rate, the G72 was also capable of doing so. In other words, a distinct decrease from last year is what we are looking at.


The IPS LCD on the Moto G73 5G appears to be a step down from the pOLED display on the Moto G72. The LCD panel’s black levels are likewise subpar, which is to expected for the price. Outside, the display is bright enough for basic use, but it is insufficient for effectively viewing pictures or videos. Although Motorola boasts that the display can show HDR10 video, I was only able to see it in the YouTube app because Netflix didn’t seem to support it.

Depending on the app being use, the Moto G73 5G’s screen refresh rate fluctuates between 30, 90, and 120Hz. The display may also made to run at 120Hz if necessary, however for all of my tests, I use it with the ‘Auto’ setting instead.

The new MediaTek Dimensity 930 SoC performed admirably in my tests on the Moto G73 5G, which I was eager to conduct. AnTuTu gave the phone a score of 4,22,824 points, and Geekbench 6 gave it scores of 918 and 2,260 points for single- and multi-core tests, respectively. The graphics performance met expectations as well. The phone achieved 69 frames per second (fps) in the T-rex test, 32 fps in Manhattan 3.1, and 18 fps in the Car Chase test suite in GFXBench. Performance was comparable to that of current rivals like the iQoo Z7 5G. Which achieved comparable benchmark results with a MediaTek Dimensity 920 SoC.

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The G73 continues the history of Moto G smartphones having excellent battery life. Its 5000mAh battery can frequently last the entire day, even when used for numerous strenuous tasks. Even if you wish to use a lot of GPS and mobile internet and keep the brightness at a high setting, battery life remains good.

The G73’s brightness for our battery test was lower than typical at 120 nits. But it nevertheless held a charge for 13 hours and 48 minutes. One of the phone’s most amazing capabilities is the effective regulation of power consumption.


Even though it is more expensive than the Moto G62, the G73’s camera setup has been marginally reduced. It now has two rather than three rear lenses. This isn’t all that bad, though, especially if the additional focus has been placed on the 50MP main lens, given that the G62’s macro lens felt redundant to begin with.

While the pixel count and aperture size (f/1.8) are exact replicas of the G62’s main camera, closer inspection reveals a rather significant increase in pixel size. The G62’s pixels were 0.64 mm in diameter, but here they are 1.0 mm in diameter, an increase of more than 56%. Practically speaking, this implies that each sensor should able to absorb more light, producing clearer. More detailed images, particularly in low-light situations.

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The Moto G73 is a powerful smartphone that excels in many areas. However, Motorola’s own Edge 30 Neo only costs little more while offering a significant performance improvement. The Neo outperforms the G73 in terms of processing power, OLED quality, 68W charging speed, and camera performance.

The 128GB of storage and excellent battery life (despite the extremely slow charging) are its only noteworthy characteristics. Consider other options before purchasing the Moto G73 if you’re considering purchasing a phone at this price range. For a lot less money, you might be able to find something better.

Moto G73 5g Review 2023 FAQ’S

What is the price of Moto G73 5g?

Moto G73 price in India starts from Rs. 16,999.

What is the battery capacity of Moto G73 5g?

The Moto G73 packs a 5,000mAh Li-polymer battery.

What is the display size of Moto G73 5g?

The display size of Moto G73 5g is 6.5 inches.

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