Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro Review 2023 : Features, Price And More Detail’s

Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro Review: At their Cloud 11 launch event held earlier this year, the Shenzen-based business, OnePlus, debuted the Keyboard 81 Pro. Along with the OnePlus 11, OnePlus 11R, OnePlus Pad, and other OnePlus products, it was introduced. The OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro’s price and when it would be available in India, however, were kept a secret by the business. The Keyboard 81 Pro is now priced as confirmed by OnePlus, and it is also accessible for pre-order on the OnePlus website. The mechanical keyboard’s open sale is scheduled to begin in the first week of August.

Then there are times when a company enters a totally unexplored market, leaving you baffled. Without Keychron, OnePlus’ creation and introduction of a mechanical keyboard would have been perplexing. In actuality, OnePlus started with a tried-and-true hardware design and chose Keychron as their best option for the keyboard design. The Keychron Q1 Pro is now a completely OnePlus-branded device after undergoing a few substantial revisions. The Keyboard 81 Pro in Winter Bonfire configuration was given by OnePlus for the test.

Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro Review

Since OnePlus first entered the market, they have mostly produced smartphones and have models that fall into almost every price range, from high-end models like the OnePlus 11 to more affordable ones like the Nord N30. Companies like OnePlus frequently expand into related product areas, such as audio accessories. The most recent instance of a related product that enhances the company’s hero device lineup is the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 earbuds.

Then there are instances when a business enters a completely untapped market and you’re left perplexed. Without Keychron, the design and release of a mechanical keyboard by OnePlus would have been puzzling. Effectively, OnePlus began with a tried-and-true hardware design and selected the greatest keyboard design company they could, Keychron. The end result is a Keychron Q1 Pro that has undergone a few significant changes to become a fully OnePlus-branded product. For the purposes of this evaluation, OnePlus provided the Keyboard 81 Pro in Winter Bonfire configuration.

Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro Review

Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro Review Overview

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Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro Price

Winter Bonfire and Summer Breeze are the two colour options for the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro. The Winter Bonfire edition of the keyboard costs Rs 17,999 in India, while the Summer Breeze model costs Rs 19,999. Pre-orders can be made right now through the business’ web store. On August 7, the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro will go on open sale.

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With a few modifications to meet OnePlus’ desired aesthetics, the Keyboard 81 Pro is essentially a Keychron Q1 Pro that has been rebranded. Given its widespread accolades and excellent performance, it makes sense for OnePlus to use the Q1 Pro as a platform. The Q1 Pro’s layout and tenkeyless design are shared by the Keyboard 81 Pro. The keyboard itself is incredibly small in size, measuring just 13.31 x 5.93 x 1.86 inches. With a weight of 4.16 pounds, this keyboard is extremely substantial and won’t move off of your desk until you specifically ask it to.

The keys have keycaps that are a mix of light and dark grey, and the frame is composed of aluminium. The “ESC” and “Enter” keys are coloured in OnePlus‘ distinctive red. At the top right of the screen, there is a clear knob that you can use to quickly change the level or muffle your system. Speaking of keys, this keyboard works well with both Windows and macOS computers. Although the keyboard comes pre-programmed with a Mac layout, it also comes with keys that are normally found on Windows systems. Additionally, OnePlus provides a keycap remover to make the switch quickly.

A USB-C port, a toggle to switch between Mac and Windows modes, and a Bluetooth or wired mode switch are all located on the back. Turning the device over reveals a completely adjustable metal bar that enables you to gradually modify the keyboard’s height or. If you choose, stand it upright. Additionally, the bottom of the keyboard has the OnePlus motto “Never Settle” carved into it.

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The Keyboard 81 Pro is offered in two variations. There are two variations: a Summer Breeze version and a Winter Bonfire variant (seen above). Both models use PBT keycaps, 81 keys, and a double-gasket construction for gentler actuation.

Dark grey keys are in the middle of the Winter Bonfire keyboard. With light grey keys on the left and right corners. This model has tactile switches with a 0.5mm tactile peak point.The Summer Breeze variant includes light grey keys in the middle with dark grey keys around the sides. The linear switches in the Summer Breeze edition have the same 0.5mm tactile peak point. Additionally, it includes what OnePlus refers to as “Marble-mallow” keycaps. According to OnePlus, it is a completely new material created to be springy, increase the lifespan of keystrokes, and improve wear resistance. OnePlus did not deliver any of these new keycaps for testing, which is unfortunate.

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If you’re not used to a tenkey less keyboard, it could take some getting used to, but once you are, the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro is so much fun to use. Every keystroke has the ideal amount of travel and concludes with a pleasing clack thanks to the double-gasket design. Unlike some mechanical keyboard clicks, this one is not excessively loud. The RGB that faces downward is one place that can let some people down. On the plus side, the RGB illumination on the keyboard starts at the bottom of each row and can be manually adjusted for each key. The letters and numerals themselves do not truly glow through the keycaps because they are solid. This can occasionally make it more difficult to see the keys in really dark settings.

The polling rate when using the Keyboard 81 Pro in wired mode is 1000 Hz, whereas the polling rate when using Bluetooth is 90 Hz. It made no difference which one was used because both modes were incredibly responsive. Since N Rollover is supported in all modes, every key you hit will be visible on your display. The 4000mAh battery charges in around five hours and should last for roughly 100 hours with the RGB set to the lowest brightness level or 300 hours with the RGB turned off.

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OnePlus does not provide their own software to configure this keyboard, just like Keyboard does. Instead, the open-source VIA and QMK (Quantum Mechanical Keyboard) programmes are fully supported by this keyboard. Visit their website to access the VIA utility. Once connected, the Keyboard 81 Pro’s 2D layout is displayed to you.

Although the VIA software is very flexible, it is quite easy to use. Every key’s purpose is modifiable, and you may even make your own custom macros. Playing with the RGB keyboard illumination is the nicest part. There are 23 various lighting effects, and sliders are also available for adjusting the RGB brightness and the pace of the effect.

In QMK, which is a little more difficult, you may design your own firmware to manage macros, backlighting effects, and even generate unique keycodes if you have the necessary skills. The VIA utility will be preferred by the majority of users because it is considerably simpler.

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Every now and then, a business ventures outside its comfort zone to develop a fantastic product in a completely untapped market. With the Keyboard 81 Pro, OnePlus completely outdid themselves. One of the nicest keyboards on the market was created by OnePlus thanks to their collaboration with Keychron.

This keyboard is designed to incredibly durable, extensively programmable, and fun to use both wirelessly and over a cable. Additionally, OnePlus gave incredible attention to detail, and the design is stunning. This keyboard would be ideal if OnePlus had only made the RGB shine through the keycaps.

Oneplus keyboard 81 Pro Review FAQ’S

Is 80 percent keyboard good?

A Tenkeyless keyboard is a perfect choice for most people. If you don't really use the number pad but can't live without a dedicated function row or arrow keys, a TKL nicely fits the bill.

Should I get a 75% keyboard?

The 75% keyboard, in my opinion, makes significantly better use of available space than other keyboard layouts while keeping all elements I deem essential. It can be challenging to move to the next size down, 65% keyboards, because they do away with the function row and the complete navigation cluster.

Is OnePlus featuring Keyboard 81 Pro is the company's first mechanical keyboard?

The company's first mechanical keyboard, the Keyboard 81 Pro, features an aluminum frame, hot-swappable keycaps, and switches made in partnership with OnePlus. Priced at Rs 17,999, the OnePlus Keyboard 81 Pro is offered in two color variations: Dark Grey and Light Grey.

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