POCO Pods Review 2023: Budget TWS Earbuds, Price, Design And More Detail’s

POCO Pods Review 2023: Though it took some time, Poco has now delivered on their promise to release their genuinely wireless headphones. The company has formally introduced “Poco Pods” as its first TWS product in the nation. On paper, these Pods appear to have a number of benefits, such as Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, a specific gaming mode, increased battery life, and more. Teenagers and college students looking for a practical TWS solution for their daily needs make up the target market for Poco Pods. The question that now arises is how Poco does with its first device in the cutthroat TWS market.

POCO Pods Review 2023

This week, POCO introduced the POCO Pods, the brand’s first TWS wireless earphones, in India. It supports Bluetooth 5.3, offers a low-latency gaming mode, supports rapid charging, and guarantees up to 30 hours of continuous listening. This is a review of some inexpensive Bluetooth earphones.The recently released Poco Pods True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds offer excellent value for the money at this pricing point. These pods symbolised Poco’s entrance into the TWS segment.

POCO Pods Review 2023

POCO Pods Review Detail’s 2023

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POCO Pods Review Price

The Poco Pods, which cost about 1,199, appear to offer exceptional value. Can they outperform competing earphones in the ₹1,500 price bracket with their focus on bass-rich audio. These headphones are packaged in a chic circular container with a glossy band around them and the Poco logo in a bold yellow color on the front. When the case is opened, a yellow splotch can be seen within. The polycarbonate casing and buds are matte in texture, preventing smudges from detracting from their visual appeal. But there’s no question that this covering is scratch-prone.


These headphones come in a stylish circular case with a shiny band encircling them and the signature Poco branding on the front in a vivid yellow colour. An inside splash of yellow is visible when the case is opened. The case and the buds are made of polycarbonate and have a matt texture, which prevents smudges from detracting from their aesthetic appeal. This coating is undoubtedly vulnerable to scratches, though.

The buds themselves have a recognisable stem design and come with yellow eartips that give the appearance a little extra flair. Each earbud just weighs 3.6 grammes and has a little LED on the top part. It was nice to wear these earbuds for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort.

Even after several hours of use, I experienced no pain because to the in-ear design. Additionally, these pods are protected from splashes thanks to an IPX4 classification. But if you’re a keen tech observer, you already know that the Poco Pods and Redmi Buds 4 Active are practically the same and have remarkable visual similarities.

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Connectivity & Controls

The Poco Pods have Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility and an SBC audio codec for connectivity and control. Thanks to Google Fast Pair, pairing these pods with your Bluetooth devices is simple. On your smartphone, you can download the Xiaomi Earbuds companion app, although it is featureless. From this point on, your only options are to enable and off the Low Latency gameplay mode. In my experience, this setting functioned properly. The tap-based touch controls on Poco Pods are reasonably accurate. These modes cannot in any way be customised.

For communication and control, the Poco Pods offer SBC audio codec and Bluetooth 5.3 compatibility. These pods are easy to link with your Bluetooth devices thanks to Google Fast link. The Xiaomi Earbuds companion app is available for download on smartphones, albeit it is featureless. Your only choices moving forward are to turn on and off the Low Latency gaming mode. In my experience, this setting worked as intended. On Poco Pods, the tap-based touch controls work quite well. There is no method to customize these modes.

Audio & Call Quality

The Poco Pods have a 12mm driver that is designed for a loud bass audio output in terms of audio quality. It is obvious that these TWS earphones are designed with bass lovers in mind. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind how reasonably priced these earbuds are. Although the bass is good, occasionally it can seem hollow. Although the mids and highs occasionally sound muddy, this sound stage is typical of most affordable earphones.

The audio output cannot be altered at all because there is no equalisation. The Poco Pods will therefore undoubtedly please aficionados of hip-hop and electronic dance music, but not everyone. Due to the Environmental Noise Cancellation technology in the Poco Pods, it is possible to answer calls in noisy or windy locations by significantly reducing background noise.

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Battery Life

These pods offer up to 30 hours of combined playback time with the case and 5 to 6 hours of standalone playback time thanks to a 440mAh battery in the case and a 34mAh battery in each bud. The battery and case together lasted a good 4 days in my usage. There is no type-C cable included here, so you will need to use the charger that came with your smartphone to charge them.

Thanks to a 440mAh battery in the case and a 34mAh battery in each bud, these pods provide up to 30 hours of combined playing duration with the case and 5 to 6 hours of solo playback time. In my usage, the battery and case collectively lasted a good 4 days. You will need to use the charger that came with your smartphone to charge them as a type-C cord is not included here.


Poco could have done more than just rebrand the Redmi Buds 4 Active, given that the Poco Pods are the company’s first TWS product offered in India. The Poco Pods, however, are still a lot better than the hundreds of earphones sold in the market by those so-called Indian firms that merely resell cheap Chinese earbuds. The Poco Pods include a durable design, rich audio, and a lengthy battery life. At just ₹1,199, you really cannot ask for much more.

POCO Pods Review FAQ’S

Is Poco earbuds good?

The Poco Pods have a decent design, long battery life, adequate features, and ok audio quality. Although one feels the absence of AAC codec, ANC, and a USB Cable in the box, otherwise Poco these are good earbuds at an affordable price point.

Can Poco buds Pro connect to Iphone?

Switch seamlessly between devicesThe POCO Buds Pro Genshin Impact Edition can be connected to two Android, iOS, or Windows devices at the same time for seamless connectivity. To pair the earbuds, simply open the charging case near your smartphone or laptop*, or tap the MIUI pop-up window*.

Is Poco Buds Pro water resistant?

The POCO Buds Pro has active noise cancellation, touch controls, and is IPX4 waterproof.

Is IPX7 shower safe?

IPX7 waterproof meaning: The headphones can fully immerse in water, up to 1-meter (40 inches) depth, for at least 30 minutes. A headphone or even a waterproof speaker with this rating has a fully waterproof enclosure and can be used for showering, in heavy rain, and even dropped in shallow water.

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