Ram 1500 Review 2023: Features, Price And More Details

Ram 1500 Review: Implicit the USA by Stellantis, imported to Australia by Ateco, and remanufactured to right-hand drive by Walkinshaw in Clayton, the past age 1500 was the main present day, regular pickup to be sold at downsize Under. It has been an enormous success. The less expensive, less complex DS-age that sent off Slam locally lives on as a reasonable workhorse, however it’s been prevailed at the top finish of the reach by the DT model on test here. Ram 1500 is a standout truck in its class, offering a combination of power, comfort, and versatility that is hard to beat.

With its muscular exterior design and spacious cabin, the Ram 1500 makes a statement both on and off the road. But it’s not just about looks – under the hood, you’ll find a range of powerful engine options that deliver impressive performance and towing capabilities. Inside, the Ram 1500 offers a refined and well-appointed interior with comfortable seating and advanced technology features that enhance the driving experience. Whether you’re hauling heavy loads or taking a leisurely drive, the Ram 1500 delivers a smooth and confident ride. Plus

Ram 1500 Review 2023 

In 2019, the new Ram 1500 model was unveiled. However, the Ram 1500 Classic continues to be its predecessor.) From that point forward, the standard pickup truck fragment has seen refreshed passages from Chevrolet, Portage, GMC, and Toyota. But, just the Smash commends a spot on our 10Best Trucks and SUVs for 2023. The Ram 1500 is the group’s best-performing and most accommodating pickup. Motor choices incorporate a 305-hp 3.6-liter V-6 or a 395-hp 5.7-liter V-8.

For considerably more capability, look for the 702-hp Slam 1500 TRX, evaluated independently. When it comes to the cleverness of this half-ton, the split-folding tailgate and lockable cargo boxes in the bed are just the tip of the iceberg. Slam likewise offers the 1500 with a goliath 12.0-inch infotainment screen for those truly hoping to flaunt. The Ram 1500 is our favorite full-size pickup available today. It has an impressive 12,750-pound maximum tow rating and a heavy preference for luxury.

Ram 1500 Review

Ram 1500 Review Overview 2023

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Ram 1500 All Review

The limited-edition Emergency Medical Service (EMS) trim is new for 2023. The EMS edition, which is a part of Ram’s Built to Serve line, features special design cues and decals of the United States flag on the bedside to honor first responder heroes. Accessible in Hydro Blue or Dazzling White paint, the 1500 EMS accompanies a shut down front belt and grille, Specialized Dark 20-inch aluminum wheels, and dark exhaust tips. Inside, the EMS release gets extraordinary front-seat style. Tow hooks, a few underbody skid plates, and an electronic-locking rear differential are all included in the 4×4 Off-Road Group equipment package that is standard on the Ram 1500 EMS. While the 2023 Smash 1500 was at first presented with a diesel V-6, that motor has since been ceased.

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Engine, Transmission, & Performance

The Slam 1500 offers V-6 and V-8 fuel powertrains that pair with a smooth-moving eight-speed programmed transmission. The two motors are helped by a 48-volt cross breed framework, however the 5.7-liter Hemi V-8 is likewise accessible without the electric help. For gutsy people, the rough Dissident model gives beefier looks and authentic rough terrain capacity. In contrast to the conventional leaf-spring setup that is found on domestic rivals, every Ram 1500 has an impressive ride thanks to a rear suspension that uses either standard coil springs or optional air springs. Models furnished with air suspension even have a movable ride level, which helps eco-friendliness and rough terrain execution.

Towing & Payload Capacity

The Ram 1500 can tow as much as 12,750 pounds and convey a payload of as much as 2320 pounds. With the exception of the Ford F-150, which currently exceeds 13,000 pounds, it has a higher maximum towing capacity. Rams with the team taxi body style — including the Renegade model — can’t tow as much as those with the drawn out taxi. However, the 1500 crew cab, which is more accommodating for passengers, can still tow more than 11,500 pounds.

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Fuel Economy

With hybridized V-6 and V-8 motors, as well as a diesel choice, the Ram 1500 setup has changed mileage. The EPA puts these at 23 and 20 combined mpg, respectively. On our 75-mph real-world fuel-economy route, which is part of our extensive testing regimen, a 1500 Rebel with the gas V-6 we tested got 24 mpg. That is 6 and 4 mpg better than a V-8 Radical and a V-8 Laramie, which needed electric-help, we tried. For more data about the Slam 1500’s mileage, visit the EPA’s site.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Inside, the Ram 1500 has remarkably practical cubby stowage and huge traveler space. Higher trims add upscale materials and common luxuries, causing the Slam to feel more like an extravagance vehicle than a pickup truck. The most expensive models come with heated and ventilated seats and a panoramic sunroof, while the most expensive ones have premium leather surfaces and accents made of real wood. Likewise with most regular pickup trucks, the Ram 1500’s team taxi is especially extensive. It likewise has tremendous measures of inside stockpiling and a novel split-collapsing back end. The extended cab body style only works with the six-foot-four-inch cargo bed, whereas the five-foot-seven-inch cargo bed is also available. Smash doesn’t offer the 1500 with a standard taxi, however it sells the earlier age truck, the 1500 Work of art, with such a body style.

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Infotainment and Connectivity

Slam trucks have had one of the most mind-blowing infotainment frameworks and network highlights in the class for some time. That is still the case with the most recent trucks. Which come equipped with either a responsive 8.4-inch touchscreen or an optional 12.0-inch touchscreen on all but the base Ram model. During our 40,000-mile long-term test, the huge display caused us a lot of problems, which is a shame. The two frameworks are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto viable, and, surprisingly, the bigger touchscreen incorporates a small bunch of excess handles and fastens.

Safety & Driver

The Ram 1500 offers a plethora of driver-assistance features, including lane-keeping assist and automated emergency braking. For more data about the Smash 1500’s accident test results, visit the Public Thruway Traffic Security Organization (NHTSA) and Protection Establishment for Roadway Wellbeing (IIHS) sites.

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The more up to date DT adaptation of the Smash 1500 starts off at us dollar 127,950 before on-streets for the Laramie, albeit the RamBoxes fitted to our analyzer increased the retail cost to us dollar 132,900 before on-streets. The Restricted is a us dollar 153,950 recommendation before on-streets with RamBoxes fitted, while the wild TRX starts off at us dollar 219,950 before on-streets.

Rivals are flimsy on the ground. The Ram 1500 clashes with one direct contender, notwithstanding, as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. At the point when the refreshed 2023 model lands in Australia it’ll be evaluated somewhere in the range of us dollar 121,000 and us dollar 124,000 before on-streets. The new Passage F-150 is more costly again than the Slam 1500 Laramie in likewise prepared Tether pretense. With a sticker pushing us dollar 140,000 before on-streets.


Ram 1500 is a highly regarded pickup truck that offers a winning combination of power, capability, and comfort. With its robust engine options and impressive towing capacity, the Ram 1500 is well-equipped to handle any task you throw its way. Whether you need to haul heavy loads or navigate rough terrain, this truck has got you covered. But it’s not just about brawn – the Ram 1500 also excels in terms of interior comfort and technology. The cabin is spacious and well-appointed, with premium materials and modern features that make every drive a pleasure. From the user-friendly infotainment system to the advanced safety features, the Ram 1500 offers everything you need for a comfortable and confident driving experience.

Ram 1500 Review FAQ’S

Are Rams 1500 reliable?

The Dodge RAM 1500 is renowned for its reliability among trucks on the road. It can be used as a work truck, for city driving, or even both. While it is not without its occasional common vehicle issues, it rarely encounters major problems. However, like any vehicle, it is advisable to avoid certain years to minimize potential headaches.

Is Ram 1500 the best?

We believe that the Ram 1500 is currently the top choice for a pickup truck—it has impressed us so much that we have included it in our prestigious 10Best list. One of its standout features is its advanced hybrid powertrain. For those who require a truck with heavy-duty capabilities, there are the Ram 2500 and 3500 models; these can tow over 35,000 pounds when appropriately equipped.

Why is the Ram 1500 expensive?

Ram trucks, it's buyers that want more expensive options in their 1500 pickups. Both brands see buyers that want all of the amenities that come with luxury vehicles but in a truck and Jeep.

Which RAM is faster but costly?

There are two commonly utilized types of RAM in a computer system: dynamic RAM (DRAM) and static RAM (SRAM). Despite being the fastest choice, SRAM is considerably more costly than DRAM. As a result, it is primarily employed as cache memory within the integrated circuit that serves as a computer's CPU.

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