Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Review 2023 : Feature, Price And More Detail’s

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Review: The Galaxy Watch 6 was introduced by Samsung at a pivotal moment for smartwatches. The latest TicWatch Pro 5 is unquestionably one of the best Wear OS watches to date, in part because it annihilates the competition when it comes to battery life, while last year’s Pixel Watch had some strong foundations that could lead to a very good sequel.

In this instance, the screen is where the biggest difference is to be found. Samsung decided to address the heavy bezels that the Galaxy Watch 5 had this time around, not only by lowering the bezels by 30% but also by expanding the screen size by 20%. All of this was accomplished with maintaining the weight of the 40mm option at the same level and even reducing it significantly for the 44mm option (now 33.3g instead of 33.5g).

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Review 2023

The Watch 6 not only faces stiffer competition this time around, but it also comes after the Galaxy Watch 5, which was probably Samsung’s most innovative wearable to date. Fortunately, after spending a lot of time with Samsung’s more recent watch, I’m happy to say that it’s among the best products the company has released since the game-changing Galaxy Watch 4.

All of this combines to give the Galaxy Watch series a more certain sense of form than ever. It’s been a wonderful change ever since, and it reminds me of the identical increase in screen size that Apple made with the Apple Watch 7. As the minute dials almost reach the edge of the front-facing part, analogue watch faces look better than ever. In fact, I frequently found myself titling my wrist just to enjoy the design.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Review

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Review Overview

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Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Review Price

The us dollar 300 40mm variant and the somewhat bigger us dollar 330 44mm model of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 are also available. The Galaxy Watch 6 was unveiled on July 26 and will go on sale on August 11, 2023, through Samsung as well as all the other big retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, B&H, Target, and so on. AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer the Galaxy Watch 6 in LTE configuration. Both the 44mm and the 40mm LTE models cost us dollar 380. The 40mm LTE edition of the Galaxy Watch 6 that Samsung offered for our review was not put to the test in terms of mobility.

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Design and display

Galaxy Watches were among the best stylish smartwatches on the market is still valid today. With the exception of the fact that it comes in a few more colours, including Silver and Gold, and that it fits the wrist a little bit more comfortably, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 appears to be essentially identical to the Watch 5.

From a design standpoint, I still choose circular smartwatches since they more closely resemble conventional clocks. However, the Galaxy Watch 6 is certainly more stylish than the otherwise outstanding TicWatch Pro 5, which missed the mark in terms of fashion.

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Features and performance

The first smartwatches in the world to ship with Google’s new Wear OS 4 platform pre-installed are the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the more costly Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. Above all, it’s wonderful to see Google fully dedicated to ongoing Wear OS enhancements, much in the same manner as Apple’s yearly watch OS releases, as it now makes wearables like the Galaxy Watch 6 a better investment than earlier smartwatches.

One benefit of Wear OS 4 is enhanced sleep tracking, which uses the Watch 6’s temperature sensor to detect any variations during the night and can provide details on your different sleep stages. The Galaxy Watch 6 was much more accurate than the Whoop Strap 4.0 when it came to how long I spent in bed and how often I woke up during the night, but it continuously overestimated my light sleep, which also threw off the statistics for my deep and REM sleep.

The digital rotating bezel is back as well, and while it functions well in daily use, I do long for a real rotating crown. You might want to start by thinking about Samsung’s decision to bring back the actual rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic in order to achieve the best of both worlds.

Fitness tracking

Anyone who has previously used a Galaxy Watch is aware that the fitness tracking feature of Samsung’s wearables has always been fairly strong, and the Galaxy Watch 6 maintains this trend. First off, there is no shortage of workouts to track, so the vast majority of users will be content with the options provided.The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is generally quite good at tracking heart rate during exercises. It’s incredibly impressive that after a session on the cycling machine, the findings were identical to those of the Myzone MZ-Switch. The Galaxy Watch 6 tracked a peak heart rate that was 2 BPM higher than that documented by the Myzone, which in turn raised the average heart rate.

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Battery life

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Watch 6 has made me long for other watches, especially after trying the Oppo Band 2 and the TicWatch Pro 5, which can last up to five days between charges.

I was able to make it from 8:35 am to 00:35 am (beyond my typical bedtime) with 47% of the battery still left after turning on the always-on display, tracking one exercise, and receiving a lot of notifications. The next morning, when I examined the battery, I was astonished to see that there had been a significant drain over the course of the night. I opted to top off the battery before starting my morning workout, just to be cautious.

I took the watch off charge at the same 8:35am start time, and after two workouts, an NFC transaction, and numerous other notifications, I still had 38% of the battery left by 10:54am the following day. This indicates that turning off the always-on display does assist. That’s good if you just want to get through the day, but I can’t think of a situation where you could actually use the Galaxy Watch 6 for two days.


The Galaxy Watch 6 feels, in many respects, to be the most accurate representation of what Samsung intended to create with the Galaxy Watch 4 two years ago. The Galaxy Watch 6 is a much more assured device overall and has successfully adapted to its form factor thanks to its larger screen, thin bezels, and overall refinement of what was already an attractive set of watches.With the TicWatch Pro 5 being able to last for so much longer on a single charge, I’d only recommend the Galaxy Watch 6 above it if you’re obsessed with design before everything else. Unfortunately, Samsung has badly dropped the ball when it comes to battery life. Even still, there is a lot to enjoy here, and anyone replacing an outdated Tizen or Wear OS 2 wristwatch would undoubtedly appreciate it. For even more possibilities, see our guide to the Best Smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Review FAQ’S

Can I use Galaxy watch without phone?

It is simpler to use your Galaxy Watch Active during outdoor activities like jogging, hiking, and mountain climbing because it can be used without being connected to a mobile device. When the Galaxy Watch Active is turned on for the first time or after being reset, you may configure it without a mobile device.

What are the benefits of having a Samsung Galaxy watch?

With the Galaxy Watch, you can manage your health, analyze your workout habits, and utilize a number of practical applications for calling people and playing music. You can quickly and easily access useful functions by turning the bezel. The watch face may also be customized to your preferences.

How many years can Galaxy watch last?

The lifespan of a smartwatch can vary depending on several factors, such as the specific model, the quality of the materials used, and the frequency of use. On average, a typical smartwatch can last around 2-3 years with regular use.

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