Toyota Fortuner Legender Reviews: Road Test, Price And More

Toyota Fortuner Legender Reviews: If you haven’t heard of the Toyota Fortuner’s legacy, you must be living under a rock in India, where it is now a household name. Obviously, it can crush those stones as well and creep over them to scale incredible grades, however the justification behind which it has been scaling high on the deals diagrams is a result of the picture it depicts. With one of the most capable SUVs on the market, it tells the world—or at least portrays that you have arrived in life, are a powerful individual, or are simply enabling your wanderlust.

Yet, when we surveyed this age of the Fortuner without precedent for 2016, we requested all from you the vital inquiry – could you drive this cleaned SUV into the wild outside and scratch its costly paintwork? The majority of you clearly wouldn’t. In fact, people wanted a Fortuner that was even more opulent, which led to the Fortuner Legender variant shown here.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Reviews

The gourmet meal prepared by Toyota has finally been served, but does it live up to the expectations? We should figure it out. To begin, Toyota has done an outstanding job of styling the vehicle. From far off, you could confuse it with a Lexus because of the sharp-looking headlamps and a beefier guard.

The rooftop and support points are painted in a matte dark shade and that, when matched with those huge 18-inch machine-cut compounds, give it a more premium and sportier position. Except for the bumper, which has sharper lines and larger air vents, the rear is similar to the previous model.

Toyota Fortuner Legender Reviews

Toyota Fortuner Legender Reviews Detail’s

Artical Name Toyota Fortuner Legender Reviews
Ex-Showroom Price ₹42.8 lakhs – ₹46.5 lakhs
Doors 7
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Fortuner Legender All Reviews

The full-size SUV market is a difficult one to break into, and Toyota succeeded right away with the Fortuner. Since its send off in 2009, the SUV has been very fruitful in passing on its opponents to battle with regards to the marketing projections. It has gone through a few facelifts too, the most recent one getting a new ‘Legender’ moniker that makes up for the shortcoming with regards to the highlights.


If you want the Fortuner’s rugged styling and 4×4 capabilities, you can save money by purchasing the standard Fortuner 4×4. The fashionable alternative is the Legender, which adopts Lexus-inspired, more refined styling cues. The X-molded nose, for instance, has traces of the Lexus axle grille. A sophisticated four-pot headlamp setup and what Toyota refers to as a waterfall design for the daytime running lights complete the look. The lights are without a doubt the best in the industry because of their exceptional spread and throw.

The upward haze light lodgings improve the visual feeling of level for this generally tall SUV, while the turn signals move to the furthest corners of the guard and get a successive flicker design like a few extravagance vehicles and it looks great. Despite the prominent ORVM-mounted blinkers, their low position does not pose a threat to anyone. The front pallet plate has a slimmer profile than the Fortuner’s and I think the situation of the enrollment plate is well executed as well. The Legender and the Fortuner have identical dimensions, but the Legender’s side profile appears sportier due to the wheels’ design. Toyota loves statistical surveying and answering their outcomes, and thusly, the Legender is just accessible in a pearl white, with a matte dark rooftop to go with it.

The Fortuner’s long-distance comfort has always been excellent, and the updated model doesn’t change that. However, the presence of cars like the MG Gloster in the same price range might make you wish for a massage function and a panoramic roof for a more pleasant cabin experience.

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Driving Dynamics & Updated Engine

The Legender can only be ordered with the updated 2.8-liter turbo-diesel four-cylinder diesel engine as an option. The updated vehicle’s engine noise has been significantly muted, which will be the first thing you notice. Even after 2,800 rpm, you won’t hear the clatter, which doesn’t sound like a truck. The Legender is only available with a 6-speed automatic 4×2 drivetrain. This means that the diesel engine has a higher tuning and produces 204 PS and 500 Nm.

It may appear to be a small increase in power and torque over the previous 2.8, but it results in quicker acceleration from the start, simpler capabilities for overtaking, and improved drivability on mountain roads. We dealt with a 0-100kmph run season of 9.85s with the Legender, which is fundamentally speedier than the active vehicle. In fact, this may be the fastest production-spec Fortuner currently available in India. With the four-wheel drivetrain and better grip off the line, the Fortuner 4×4 will make for cleaner starts. However, the additional hardware makes it 125 kg heavier than the Legender, resulting in a lower power-to-weight ratio.

However, it’s not just about pure acceleration. The Legender drives effortlessly in the city and on the highway thanks to the optimized gearbox tuning. At 100 km/h or 120 km/h, it settles into a cruising engine speed of 1,500 rpm. At that speed, the mandatory beeper is also not too intrusive. Although this gearbox is not the fastest available, once you get the hang of it, planning overtakes is simple. Even in Sport mode, this gearbox doesn’t have a lot of engine-braking power, and it almost feels like the car goes into coasting mode when you let go of the throttle, even though it doesn’t have that option. However, the Legender’s brakes are excellent and precisely tuned for a progressive feel. This enormous vehicle stops abruptly, so it doesn’t matter if you’re driving on your own or with a full house.

In point of fact, since we had just compared these vehicles, let us revisit the scorecard to see where the Legender ranks. Even though the Legender costs a lot of money, it has a lot going for it, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has more advantages than the competition.

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The powertrain and its presentation, and the amazing ride quality that this stage brings to the table, is normal to the Fortuner and the Legender. In my opinion, the Fortuner’s 4×4 drivetrain and off-road equipment make it significantly more adaptable and cost-effective. The Legender’s exterior styling and a few additional features in the cabin are to blame for the Legender’s refined poise in comparison to the standard Fortuner. Despite the fact that neither of them will have a major impact on one’s life, there is no denying that the Lexus ups the premium factor, which is sure to pique the interest of many people who want the Fortuner to do what it does best: project a powerful image of you that satisfies your ego.

Toyota Fortuner Legender FAQ’S

What is the exact on-road price of Toyota Fortuner Legender?

The on-road price of Fortuner Legender in Delhi starts at Rs. 46.5 Lakh. The on-road price is inclusive of RTO charges and insurance.

Is Toyota Fortuner Legender a 4x4?

Toyota Fortuner Legender offers 4 wheel drive transmission in Indian Market.

What are the colour options of Toyota Fortuner Legender?

Platinum White Pearl With Black Roof are the colour options of Fortuner Legender.

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