Vivo Y30 Review 2023, Features, Price, Design, And More Detail’s

Vivo Y30 Review 2023: One of the entry-level smartphones that sold like hotcakes in 2020 was Vivo Y30, and the company is now expanding its entry-level Y series for 2022. The Vivo Y30 5G smartphone.

Which got a significant design change and simple but affordable specifications, was unveiled by the smartphone manufacturers around July. However, the corporation does have to make some concessions in order to add the 5G brand.

Vivo Y30 Review 2023

It has a 4 GB RAM, 128 GB internal storage, and Mediatek Helio P35 MT6765 chipset as its power source. The Y30’s Android OS version 10.0 offers a fluid and simple user interface that enables users to quickly access a variety of programmes, settings, and customization options. The Vivo Y30‘s IPS display has wide viewing angles.

So you can watch material from different angles without suffering any noticeable colour shifts or quality loss. The multiple cameras on the Y30 give smartphone photographers improved capabilities and creative alternatives. The selfie camera on this Vivo phone provides a flexible and capable shooting experience, enabling you to quickly and easily take beautiful self-portraits and share your experiences with others.

Vivo y30 Review

Vivo Y30 Review Overview

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Vivo Y30 Review Price

Price for the vivo Y30 in India starts at Rs. 14,990. is offering the vivo Y30 for as little as Rs. 14,990. This Vivo Y30 comes in Dazzle Blue and Emerald Black colours and has 4 GB RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

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The Y30, which weighs 197 g, is a great option for people looking for a smartphone with an ergonomic design because it perfectly balances power and mobility. This smartphone offers an ideal balance of size, utility, and aesthetic appeal thanks to its modest dimensions. Which make it a useful and adaptable option. Users of the Y30 smartphone have plenty of alternatives to suit their unique taste thanks to its bright selection of colour options.

SIM cards are crucial parts of mobile communication because they give users access to mobile networks, storage for their private information, and safe interaction across various devices. Nano SIM cards are intended to function with the Vivo Y30 phone. Your network provider will send you a nano SIM card that is linked to your account when you sign up for a mobile service plan.


The Vivo Y30 comes pre-installed with Android OS version 10.0. This makes sure that as soon as you turn on the device, you may take advantage of the most recent features, enhancements, and optimisations. Android makes it possible for users to seamlessly transition between several programmes, enabling effective multitasking. Split-screen feature is supported by a large number of Android devices, enabling users to run two apps simultaneously side by side. The Mediatek Helio P35 MT6765 chipset, which maximises the Y30’s total capability, is what powers the device’s performance. The Y30 smartphone’s cutting-edge octa-core CPU offers great processing capability, enabling users to enjoy lag-free performance and effective multitasking. Ray tracing and other advanced graphics features are well supported by the PowerVR GE8320 family, allowing for more lifelike lighting and reflections in games and apps.

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The Y30’s performance is supported by the Mediatek Helio P35 MT6765 chipset, which maximises the device’s potential. The cutting-edge octa-core CPU in the Y30 smartphone has excellent processing power. Allowing users to experience lag-free performance and efficient multitasking. The Power VR GE8320 family supports Ray Tracing and other sophisticated graphics features well. Enabling more realistic lighting and reflections in games and applications.


The Vivo Y30 smartphone has 4 GB of RAM, which enables quicker app launches, smoother transitions, and quick navigation across the operating system. Users can anticipate a fluid and quick user experience on this device. Smartphones with more RAM provide better performance and multitasking abilities, enabling users to run demanding applications, transition between tasks without lag. And take advantage of a more effective and responsive device.

Take advantage of the Y30’s convenient 128 GB of internal storage to store and access a sizable collection of music, movies, and games. You have the choice to increase internal storage on the Y30 by adding a microSD card. Providing you plenty of space to store your expanding collection of media and data.

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The Y30 smartphone features a multi-camera arrangement on its back. Giving you a variety of shooting options to precisely capture special moments. The Y30 smartphone’s camera uses autofocus to automatically alter the focus, producing sharp, precisely focused shots. Making it a dependable partner for daily photographic needs. The LED flash on the back of the Vivo Y30 improves the quality of photographs by supplying a burst of light for greater exposure and detail. The Y30’s front-facing camera makes it simple for users to capture selfies and take part in video conversations. Improving their capacity for self-expression and communication.


GSM networks are still in use in many parts of the world. The Y30’s 4G capabilities let users stream media without much lag or buffering while they browse the web, download apps, and use other online services. The Y30’s ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks for data access. Web browsing, and other online activities is a crucial feature. The Bluetooth capabilities of the Y30 smartphone give users the freedom to connect and take advantage of hands-free calling. Wireless music streaming, and data sharing with compatible devices.

The Y30 smartphone’s embedded GPS receiver ensures seamless and dependable navigation, enabling users to find their way without difficulty, whether on foot or in a car. The Vivo Y30 enables users to experience live broadcasts. Music, and other radio content right on their smartphone thanks to its built-in FM radio receiver. Y30 offers improved connectivity choices and is compatible with a variety of gadgets and accessories thanks to its USB Type-C port. With a dedicated 3.5 mm headphone socket. The smartphone Y30 embraces versatility by working with a variety of wired headphones, earbuds, and audio accessories.

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Users of the Y30 smartphone can stay active, connected, and entertained for extended periods of time thanks to its Li-Po 5000 mAh non-removable battery. The safety characteristics of Li-Po batteries have been improved. And they now have built-in protective circuits that guard against overcharging, overdischarging, and excessive temperature rise.


A cutting-edge accelerometer sensor included into the Vivo Y30 smartphone allows it to precisely track movements and react accordingly to improve user interactions and gaming experiences. A potent gyroscope sensor is built into the Y30 phone. Which improves user experiences by providing accurate motion tracking, simplifying simple gesture controls, and supporting applications for immersive virtual reality. The Y30 smartphone has a strong built-in compass that uses magnetic sensors to accurately detect and show the device’s orientation. This feature helps users explore their surroundings and get where they’re going.

In order to ensure the best connectivity and convenience. The Y30 smartphone has Dual SIM capabilities, giving customers the freedom to utilise two distinct SIM cards for voice calls, text messages, and data services. You can quickly charge your smart phone with the Y30’s fast charging capability, ensuring that you always have access to your phone.

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