Xiaomi Pad 6 Review: Multimedia consumption done right

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review: The Xiaomi Pad 6 is a new Android tablet priced under Rs. 30,000 in India, replacing the Pad 5 (Review), which was first introduced last year. The Pad 6 has a lot of big shoes to fill because its predecessor did most things right by offering hardware that was good value for money at a good price.

The new mid-range tablet has gotten a few gradual updates over the active model, for example, a smoother show, greater battery and a quicker processor. To make the experience more useful, there are several embellishments accessible too.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review

Xiaomi has as of late presented the Xiaomi Cushion 6, a reasonable Android tablet focused on the Indian market. The new tablet that replaces the Pad 5 features a smoother display, a larger battery, and a faster processor among other incremental improvements. With a cutthroat sticker price beneath Rs. 30,000, Xiaomi intends to furnish customers with a convincing tablet choice.

In India, the Xiaomi Pad 6 is available in two versions. The base variation, including 6GB of Smash and 128GB of stockpiling, begins at Rs. 26,999, while the more expensive model with 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM costs Rs. 28,999. The tablet comes in two variety choices: Graphite Dim and Fog Blue.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review

Article Name The Xiaomi Pad 6 Review
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Design & build

The Xiaomi Cushion 6 accompanies a metal unibody frame that looks and feels premium. To connect the keyboard, there are magnetic connectors at the back. The magnets have attractive Xiaomi branding, and the camera bump is quite significant.

The only thing I don’t like about this is the camera bump, but I understand why Xiaomi did it. Since there is only one camera and one flash in this housing, the additional cutout is only there for aesthetic purposes. I believe Xiaomi placed this bump there to give the impression that the tab is more expensive (read: more like the iPad Pro). Be that as it may, it makes the tablet wobble on a level surface, and will in all probability scratch the camera over the long haul.

Volume buttons and the Xiaomi Pen connector are on the right-side long bezel. The power button is at the top, and the bottom has a USB 3.2 Type-C port. It gets four speakers, two at the top and two at the base bezel. These are actually excellent speakers that are powered by Dolby Atmos.

It is a convenient tablet with and without the console associated. The Xiaomi Pad 6 is light and easy to hold, weighing 490 grams and measuring 6.51 millimeters thick. Coming to the front, we have barely an adequate number of bezels to hold the tablet, which is great.

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Display & speakers

The Xiaomi Cushion 6 has an extraordinary presentation on paper, and I’m glad to report that it is similarly great to utilize. The brightness of this 2.8K screen is 550 nits. Additionally, the 11-inch size provides ample space for content consumption and work.

You can pick between 60, 90, and 144Hz invigorate rates to focus on among battery and perfection. If you have some shade, you can use it outside in a lot of light, but you can’t use it on a sunny day. While the profundity and subtleties are great, the presentation doesn’t go adequately faint. Therefore, you should aware of this if you want to use it for reading before bed or watching videos in a dark room.

Coming to the speakers, I’ll be fast. I can’t emphasize enough how much I appreciate the Xiaomi Pad 6’s speakers. They have the Atmos identification, and they perform surprisingly good. These speakers have sufficient volume, bass, and detail to function as Bluetooth speakers at a house party. The Cushion has 4 speakers, and watching recordings with sound system sounds is a delight on this arrangement.

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Presently, the Xiaomi Cushion 6 accompanies Android 13 with MIUI for Cushion, so there’s bloatware or promotions or whatever else other than the applications you want. For moderate multitasking, this is well optimized. However, there are some issues that need to be resolved if you enjoy using keyboard shortcuts. Native Xiaomi apps work well, and most tablet-optimized third-party apps also work well.

Xiaomi has attempted to keep this tablet clean, and it shows. The main thing I saw is the uncanny likeness to iPadOS. From the upper left and upper right swipes to the drifting windows, and no application cabinet, all that looks propelled and new. Nice touches include side swipes with three fingers to open the app drawer.

The built-in apps sometimes don’t live up to expectations, despite the overall experience being smooth. For example, the Notes app is good for taking simple notes, but the Xiaomi Pen doesn’t have many options for drawing or sketching. You can likewise interface the tablet to a console, yet the easy routes don’t function true to form. I tried to switch apps by pressing Alt + Tab, for instance. It just brought up the menu for recent tasks. Additionally, I believe that requiring you to release a finger from the keyboard defeats the purpose of keyboard shortcuts.

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Coming to execution, the Xiaomi Cushion 6 has the strength to perform various tasks, work, and play. I edited a few scripts with MS Office, watched too much Netflix and YouTube, and played Angry Birds, Asphalt 9, and some Genshin Impact.

With multiple Chrome tabs, office workflows run smoothly. You can undoubtedly mess around like Furious Birds and Black-top 9. I additionally attempted to play Tram Surfers in multi-window mode, and it moved along as expected. However, titles like Genshing Impact, which are more demanding, strain the tablet and cause it to begin to heat up slightly. Aside from that, there are no issues with heating or throttle.

The performance benefits directly from Xiaomi’s software optimizations. You can control the tablet’s performance for various games with the Game Turbo/Game Space app. This app lets you change two settings, but the possibilities are impressive. To strike a balance between performance, picture quality, and frame rate, you can adjust GPU settings. You can fine-tune the Swipe response, sensitivity to continuous touch, aiming accuracy, and tap stability by going to the Additional Settings page.

You can set the tablet to have the highest frame rates and better aiming accuracy for games like BGMI, as well as maximum performance and swipe response for Asphalt, with this customization available for each game.

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Xiaomi Pad 6 accessories

Xiaomi Smart Pen (2nd Generation)

Throughout my review, this pencil has received some interesting feedback. I showed this Xiaomi Pad to a lot of people who have always used an iPad. Two of them complimented this by comparing it to the second-generation Apple Pencil, which costs twice as much as the Xiaomi Smart Pen.

You can use the Pencil with the Xiaomi Notes app, or you can use an alternative app like Bamboo Paper or Evernote. It functions admirably with most applications, however the product part is a slight let-down. For example, you can’t compose with the Savvy Pen in search fields. There’s no penmanship to-composing converter all things considered. Additionally, due to the tablet’s ample hardware power, I believe Xiaomi should include one.

To avoid accidentally pressing the buttons, you may need to slightly adjust your grip, but once you get used to it, the experience is smooth. The Xiaomi Brilliant Pen functions admirably and has a strong attractive connector on the Cushion’s side where it charges.


You can replace your laptop halfway by pairing a powerful tablet with a good keyboard. The Xiaomi Pad 6 keyboard is on its way to being a great keyboard. There are 64 keys with a decent key travel of 1.3 millimeters. There’s a performing multiple tasks key that permits speedy exchanging among applications, and assuming you long press it, you will see an entire rundown of easy routes you can involve it for.

It has pogo pins and magnets on the back to connect to the Xiaomi Pad 6, which is a folio-style keyboard. I like where the connectors are because you don’t have to always dock the tablet correctly to use the keyboard. However, due to the absence of a trackpad, I rate it as a halfway decent keyboard. However, considering that it costs Rs 5,000 and provides the protection of a folio case, it is an excellent accessory for the Xiaomi Pad 6.

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In my blended moderate use, I got almost two days of battery duration out of the Xiaomi Cushion 6. The 8840 mAh battery is very effective. The battery is drained more quickly by video games and binge-watching, but it can still last for an entire day and more. Because the Pad has 33-watt fast charging, you can charge it completely in less than two hours.

By limiting the screen refresh rate to 60 Hz and using the built-in battery optimizations, you can save even more power. Yet, I don’t think you want to do that since everything is as of now very much streamlined.


The Xiaomi Pad 6 is a remarkable tablet that excels in delivering an exceptional multimedia experience. With its vibrant display, powerful speakers, and impressive performance, this tablet is perfect for those who love to consume media on the go. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or browsing the web, the Xiaomi Pad 6 provides a visually stunning and immersive experience. Its sleek design and long battery life make it a great companion for entertainment on the move. If you’re in search of a tablet that can elevate your multimedia consumption to new heights, the Xiaomi Pad 6 is definitely worth considering.

Xiaomi Pad 6 Review FAQ’S

Does Xiaomi Pad 6 support 5G?

The tablet offers connectivity features like dual-SIM card slot, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac, 5G, dual 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth v5. 2, and GPS.

Is there a Xiaomi Pad 6?

The Xiaomi Pad 6 measures 253.95 x 165.00 x 6.51mm (height x width x thickness) and weighs 490.00 grams. It was launched in Graphite Grey and Mist Blue colours. Connectivity options on the Xiaomi Pad 6 include USB Type-C, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, and USB OTG.

What is the refresh rate of Xiaomi Pad 6?

Xiaomi Pad 6| Qualcomm Snapdragon 870| 144Hz Refresh Rate| 8GB, 256GB| 2.8K+ Display (11-inch/27.81cm)|1 Billion Colours| Dolby Vision Atmos| Quad Speakers| Wi-Fi| Gray.

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