Archean Chemical IPO GMP Today, Reviews, Lot Size, Share Price

Archean Chemical IPO GMP: Archean Chemical Industries sells its better to a total of 24 local clients and 18 customers located in other countries across the world. The firm transport 2.7 million MT worth of industrial salt during the Fiscal Year 2023, making it the top exporter of manufacture salt in India. Archean Chemical Industries Limited is India’s primary supplier of bromine to international merchandise.

Sulfate potash gets solely manufacture by this one firm in the whole country of India. In India & elsewhere in the world, the vast majority of the marine chemicals business this firm does is transacted on a business-to-business basis. On the northern side of the Ran of Kutch, brine down payment are where the firm-integrated exhibition facility for halogen, industrial salt, and sulphate of potash activities is locate. This plant is found in Hajipir, Gujarat. The Grey sell Premium, also known as the IPO GMP, for Archean Chemical IPO GMP Today is at 70.

Archean Chemical IPO GMP

Archean Chemical IPO GMP Today, Reviews, Lot Size & Share Price can be checked from this page with a full analysis. The firm is a maker of specialized marine synthetic. Its primary activities are the production and distribution of halogen, industrial salt, and sulfate of potash to clients in dissimilar parts of the globe.

It has one of the lowest production costs in the world for both bromine and industrial salt, and it is India’s top exporter of halogen and industrial salt in the current fiscal year 2023. The brine down payment in the Ran of Kutch, situated on the Gujarat coast, are used in the company’s goods production, manufactured at the plant near Hajipir in Gujarat. In the current fiscal year, Archean Chemical Industries Limited is India’s most victorious bromine and industrial salt exporter. The firm is commit to the bromine production & distribution, industrial salt, sulphate of potash to customer all over the globe & it is India’s most successful maker of specialty marine synthetic.

Archean Chemical IPO GMP

Archean Chemical IPO GMP Overview

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Information Archean Chemical IPO GMP 

There are two ways to apply to Archean Chemical IPO. The Archean Chemical IPO application can be submitted through the ASBA, which can be accessed through your bank account. By logging into your online bank account, navigate to the Invest section of the menu, select Archean Chemical IPO from the drop-down menu, and then submit your application.

Additionally, you can download the IPO form from the NSE and BSE websites to submit your application for Archean Chemical’s initial public offering. You can find the Archean Chemical Initial Public Offering Form here. You can also obtain the NSE Form and the BSE Form from their respective websites, complete them, and then give them to your bank or broker.

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Archean Chemical IPO Reviews

ACIL has established a distinct position in the market as a manufacturer and exporter of specialized chemicals. It has benefited its ongoing developments in the downstream, which have improved margins. There have been these expansions going on.

Considering the issue’s FY23 results, it appears that its price has been set appropriately. If investors anticipate continued demand for shares of specialty chemical companies, they should think about investing in this blue-chip company in the near future for medium- to long-term returns.

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Archean Chemical IPO Lot Size

One lot, which consists of 36 shares and costs 14,652 yen, is the minimum market lot required to apply for an Archean Chemical IPO. Retail investors are permitted to submit up to 13 lots with a combined value of 190476 shares or 468 shares.

Application Lot Size Shares Amount
Retail Minimum 1 36 ₹14,652
Retail Maximum 13 468 ₹190,476
S-HNI Minimum 14 504 ₹205,128
B-HNI Minimum 68 2,484 ₹1,010,988

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Archean Chemical IPO Share Price

There will be 35,928,992 shares offered for sale in Archean Chemical’s initial public offering. Of these, 19,778,870 will be available for fresh issuance and 16,150,000 will be offered for sale.

Category Shares Offers Amount
Fresh issue : 19,778,870 ₹805.00 cr
Offer For Sale : 16,150,000 ₹657.31 Cr
Total : 35,928,870 ₹1462.31 Cr

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Archean Chemical IPO Strengths

  • Market leadership position, development & growth opportunities in bromine and industrial salt
  • Several obstacles are status in the way of new competitors in the specialty marine chemicals business.
  • Infrastructure is already in place, along with desegregated manufacturing and cost-cutting measures.
  • Put your attention on the environment & safety.
  • The most significant bromine and industrial salt broker from India, serving clients worldwide.
  • A solid and reliable performance in the financial realm.
  • A competent and experienced management team, promoters, financial investors & stakeholders.

Disclaims: As a maker and exporter of specialized chemicals, ACIL has carved out a unique market position. It has yielded benefits for its ongoing downstream developments, which have strengthened margins. These expansions have been taking place. Archean Chemical IPO accepts applications in one of two methods. You can apply for the Archean Chemical IPO through the ASBA, which is accessible through your bank account. There will need to apply via your bank account by logging into your online bank, then navigating to the Invest part of the menu and selecting Archean Chemical IPO from the drop-down menu.

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Archean Chemical IPO GMP FAQ’S

When is the Archean Chemical initial public offering allotment?

On November 16th, 2022, the Basis of Allotment for Archean Chemical’s IPO will get finalized. On November 18th, 2022, the assigned shares will be deposited to the Demat account.

Where Can I Find Archean Chemical IPO GMP Today Information?

As of this now, the Archean Chemical IPO GMP stands at 70.

What are the Expected Returns from the Archean Chemical IPO?

The anticipated return on investment for the Archean Chemical IPO is 15%.

When is the IPO listing for Archean Chemical?

The date when Archean Chemical will begin trading on the IPO market has not yet got disclosed. The IPO listing for Archean Chemical will take place on November 21st, 2022.

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