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PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana- PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana 2024 has announce the Young, Upcoming, and Versatile Authors (YUVA) scheme to commemorate India’s 75th glorious year of independence and support the goal of the National Education Policy (NEP) to create and provide a learning ecosystem for India’s young minds. The second component of the plan, PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana, went live on October 2, 2022. This program PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is for young people under the age of 30 who believe they are talent and versatile writers who can share their thoughts on a variety of topics, particularly freedom fighters, India’s unsung heroes, undiscover and forgotten places, and so on. You have until January 15, 2024 to submit your entries base on their words.

75 candidates will be select for training by NBT (National Book Trust of India) in two phases under this PM YUVA 2.0 scheme. Read this article to learn more about the PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana and how to enter the scheme. We provide our readers with information on the subject in this article. A piece of in-depth information about the PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana scheme will be provide to the post’s readers. The article provides detailed information regarding the scheme’s objectives, benefits, eligibility, and document requirements. The PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana application procedure for the writing contest is available to applicants from all over the country. The determination cycle for the PM Yuva Yojana and significant connections connect with the plan are additionally given in the article.

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana 2024

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana (Young, Upcoming, and Versatile Authors) program on Gandhi Jayanti 2022. The program, which is a mentorship program, aims to teach young Indian authors how to express themselves and spread Indian literature and culture worldwide. The PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana ministry of education will select 75 potential writers for this program and provide them with training under the direction of NBT. The PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana 2024 shortlisted writers will receive a consolidated scholarship of Rs 50,000/- per month for the next six months through the mentorship program of this scheme.

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is a government initiative aimed at providing skill training and employment opportunities to the youth of India. The program aims to empower young people by giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Under this PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana 2024, the government provides financial assistance to eligible candidates for pursuing training programs that are aligned with industry requirements. The program also offers entrepreneurship development courses to encourage young people to start their own businesses. By focusing on skill development, PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is not only helping young people find meaningful employment but also contributing to the overall economic growth of the country. This initiative is a step towards building a more skilled and productive workforce that can meet the demands of a rapidly evolving economy.

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana Details 2024

Scheme name YUVA 2.0 (Young, Upcoming, and Versatile Authors)
Article Category Sarkari Yojana
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Whatsapp badisoch whatsapp
Telegram unknown.jpg
Announced on 2nd October 2022
Department Ministry of Education
Scheme for Young aspiring writers
Scheme benefits Rs 50000/- scholarship per month
Number of authors selected 75
Duration of contest registration 2nd October 2022 to 15th Jan 2024
Evaluation Period 16th January to 31st March 2024
Winner declaration May 2024
Mentorship duration 1st June to 30th November 2024
First Book Publication 1st Feb 2024
Official  Website  Click Here

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Process of Selection in the YUVA Scheme

All participants will be allow to write on a wide range of topics promoting Indian heritage, knowledge, and culture because applicants can participate from anywhere in the country. A procedure that has been established by the authorities will be use to select each participant. First and foremost, out of the relative multitude of gotten applications, the jury board/council of NBT will choose around 75 of the members through the All India Challenge.

Each participant in the contest will be require to submit a manuscript of more than 5,000 words. Just this original copy will be the premise of judgment to choose victors. The submitted manuscript’s suitability for book development under proper mentorship will be evaluate by the judges. The winners chosen to participate in the mentorship program will be announce from among all entries. The select authors will then continue working on the manuscript under the program’s designate mentors. There will be books about the winners’ entries.

PM Yuva Yojana Implementation

The NBT will carry out the PM Yuva Yojana in its entirety in two phases. Each phase will last for three months. Candidates will be able to participate in a writer’s program during Phase I, during which training will also be provide to writers. In Stage II, which is an Advancement Stage, youthful creators will be offer collaboration chances and grant sum toward the finish of a half year. Books compose as a piece of the mentorship program will likewise be distributed by the NBT. PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is a government initiative aimed at providing employment opportunities and enhancing the skills of young people in India.

The program focuses on promoting entrepreneurship among the youth by providing them with financial assistance, training, and mentorship. Under this scheme, eligible candidates can avail loans of up to Rs. 1 crore to start their own businesses or expand existing ones. The loans are provided at a low-interest rate and without any collateral requirement, making it easier for young entrepreneurs to access capital. The program also offers training and skill development programs to help young people acquire the necessary skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their chosen fields. Overall, PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is an excellent opportunity for young people in India who want to pursue entrepreneurship or improve their employability prospects through skill-building programs.

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PM Yuva Yojana Objectives

The prime objective of the PM YUVA program is to produce youth writers of international caliber who represent India’s rich heritage. The plan also aims at the following:

  • Educate the nation’s youth about the rich history and culture of India.
  • Making a pool of youthful creators in the country who will be the cutting edge/youthful envoys of our Indian Writing.
  • Educate young people so they can take on leadership roles in the future and represent the nation abroad.
  • to enable young authors to worldwide promote Indian literature and culture by assisting them in presenting their ideas on a global stage.
  • By providing expert mentoring, new aspiring authors can be train into skill writers in a variety of genres.

Eligibility for PM YUVA 2.0 Scheme

The applicant must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for the program: – There are no strict eligibility requirements.

  • The program can only be applied for by Indian citizens.
  • The age of the candidate ought to be under 30 years.
  • Candidates who have pass PM Yuva are not eligible to apply for the Yuva 2.0 scheme.

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Benefits of PM YUVA 2.0 Scheme

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is a government initiative aimed at providing employment opportunities to young people in India. The scheme offers financial assistance and training programs to help young entrepreneurs start their own businesses and become self-reliant. Under the PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana, eligible candidates can receive loans of up to Rs. 1 crore at low interest rates, as well as access to skill development programs and mentorship opportunities. This initiative is a great way to empower young people and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in today’s competitive job market. By encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, the PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is helping to build a brighter future for India’s youth.

  • Shortlist applicants will get to gain from the prominent essayists of India
  • Level up their abilities and understanding by going to different worldwide occasions
  • Get a grant of Rs 50K for a very long time.
  • A 10% royalty will be paid to the on-book publication.

PM YUVA 2.0 Scheme Topics

The point is A majority rules system so it will be found on subjects like:

  • Institutions
  • Events
  • People
  • Constitutional Values

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Post Process of selection for PM YUVA 2.0 Scheme

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is a government initiative aimed at providing skill training and employment opportunities to the youth of India. The program focuses on creating a strong ecosystem for entrepreneurship and self-employment, with a particular emphasis on technology-driven industries. Under the PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana, eligible candidates will receive training in fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics, among others. The program also offers financial assistance and mentorship support to aspiring entrepreneurs to help them start their own businesses. By empowering young people with the skills they need to succeed in today’s job market, the PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is helping to build a stronger and more prosperous India for generations to come. After the choice of the creators, they will be prepare in two periods of 90 days every whose subtleties are given here: –

Phase I Training

For the candidates who have been shortlist, a two-week online program will be first organize. They will receive instruction from two renowned authors from the NBTs panel during this time.

Candidates will receive additional training for two weeks at various NBT-organize on-site or online camps after completing this two-week online program.

Phase II Training

The young authors will have the chance to participate in international events like literary festivals, virtual book fairs, books fairs, cultural exchange programs, and so on during this phase. where they can expand their comprehension and improve their abilities.

Post Process of Training Period

After the consummation of preparing, NBT will distribute a progression of books compose by the scholars. These books will also be translate into other Indian languages to help spread the state’s literature and culture and promote Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat. This will allow the books to reach the widest possible audience in India.

Disbursement of scholarship

When the stage II mentorship program of creators is finish they will get a merge grant sum which is Rs 50k each month implies 3 Lakh Rs to be paid per creator.

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Royalty under the PM YUVA 2.0 scheme

If your book is select for publication and successfully publish at the conclusion of the mentorship, the author will receive a 10% royalty.

My Gov Registration Process

  • You can sign up for the portal directly using your social media accounts—such as Facebook, Google ID, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Git Hub—but if you don’t already have one, follow the steps below:
  • Tap the register now tab Enter your name, email address, mobile number, DOB, and gender Press the Create New Account tab You can also sign up by sending a text message—the details of which are shown in the image below.
  • After that, your information will be check first, and an OTP will be sent to
  • A password that can be use to log in will be sent to your mobile phone number upon successful verification.
  • You can now submit your entries for the PM YUVA 2.0 scheme by entering your mobile or email id and password.

Submit PM YUVA Entry Submission Process

  • After login press the “Snap here to submit tab”
  • The accommodation structure will show up on your screen.
  • The fields for your name and other information that you provide during the registration process will already be filled in, but you still need to fill out some others, like.
  • DOB
  • Occupation
  • Education qualification
  • Prior writing experience (If any)
  • The language you choose for your entry
  • The topic of your entry
  • Now the topic you choose submit its manuscript whose word count should be 10,000
  • The file you upload should be in pdf format
  • At last press the submit tab
  • And your entry for the PM YUVA 2.0 scheme will be submitted

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How To Apply for PM YUVA 2.0 Yojana for writers?

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is a new and exciting initiative launched by the Indian government to support young entrepreneurs and startups. The program aims to provide financial assistance, mentoring, and other resources to help young people start their own businesses and become self-employed. Under the scheme, eligible candidates can receive up to Rs. 1 crore in funding for their startup projects. The program also provides training and skill development opportunities for young entrepreneurs, helping them to develop the skills they need to succeed in the business world. With its focus on empowering youth and promoting entrepreneurship, PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana is set to become a game-changer in India’s economic landscape, creating new opportunities for young people across the country.

In the event that you are quick to take part in this challenge, you can present your entrances at the very latest 30th November 2022. The procedure for the YUVA 2.0 scheme is outline in detail below: –

  • To begin, you must go to My GOV’s official website.
  • Once there, select the YUVA mentoring scheme for young authors links on the home page.
  • You will be taken to a new page via this link, where you can complete the information regarding the PM YUVA 2.0 scheme that we previously discussed.
  • Pressing the “Click here to submit” button on this page will bring up a login page. If you have previously register on the My GOV page, you can
  • log in using the same registration ID; otherwise, you must first register in the portal, the procedure for which is described below.

PM Yuva 2.0 Yojana FAQ’S

What is the objective of PM Yuva membership scheme?

The ministry of education aims to establish a group of young writers who can showcase Indian Culture and Literature on a global platform, and encourage the development of reading, writing, and book culture within the nation through the launch of this program.

What is the eligibility criteria for PM Yuva scheme?

To participate, applicants must be under the age of 30 and permanent residents of India. Eligibility is open to participants from any state in India.

What is the vision of Yuva?

Our goal is to cultivate a compassionate and collaborative community that upholds principles of fairness and camaraderie, devoid of any prejudice based on skills, gender, social class, faith, or country of origin. Our aim is to achieve a society that is balanced, socially equitable, educated and egalitarian.

Who started Yuva and why?

Established in 2006 by a passionate group of individuals, led by Amitabh Shah, Yuva Unstoppable is a top-rated NGO registered in India and the US. Its primary aim is to enable children and young people through different programs.

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