NTSS Scholarship 2023 Disbursement Rules & Regulations ( NTSE Scholarship) Eligibility and other Conditions

NTSS Scholarship 2023: The NTSS Scholarship Disbursement Policy; Scholarships are available to students pursuing degrees in the sciences, social sciences, humanities, languages, commerce, vocational studies, and fine arts. Scholarships are also available to students pursuing professional degrees in medicine, engineering, technology, management, and law. The following conditions must be met for scholarships to be paid:

An Awardee is eligible for the scholarship if she or he: engages in approved courses of study. Continues his or her studies as a regular student and upholds good behavior as endorsed by the Head of the College or Institution. Does not take unapproved leave of absence from herself or himself. devotes all of his or her time to studying. does not accept a salary or compensation-based job. The recipient of the NTS scholarship cannot accept any other scholarship. There will be no scholarships for studying abroad for any course.

NTSS Scholarship 2023

NTSS Scholarship After the 12th month of the academic session for which the claim was made, no scholarship arrears claim will be consider. After that, the scholarship will be end for good. Scholarships will not be award to awardees who drop out of their programs of study within one month of registration or admission.

If the awardee is unable to attend the exam because of a serious illness, a medical certificate should be sent to the Head of the Institution within three months of their illness. A specialist who is a Registered Medical Practitioner should clearly document the duration of the illness. If the principal or head of the institution certifies that the awardee’s overall performance during the year is at or above 50%, the facility will allow the recipient to continue in the same course.

NTSS Scholarship

NTSS Scholarship Details 2023

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Until one month after the end of the first year of undergraduate courses, the NTS recipient may change their course of study within the same or another institution. However, for the first year of the new course, they will not receive a scholarship. As a result, in this instance, they will have to give up their scholarship for a year. If all conditions are met, it would resume the following year.

Any time a student misses a single academic session for any reason, the scholarship will be consider end. Scholarships cannot be reinstate under any circumstances after being terminate in accordance with the scholarship disbursement rules. All awardees will be bound by any and all changes to the rules that may be made at any time.

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Eligibility and other Conditions for Continuation of Scholarship at Higher Secondary Stage

After the selected candidates are clearly promote to Class XI, the scholarship program will begin. The scholarship is only available for two years of study in India at the higher secondary level or its equivalent in Classes XI to XII.

At this point, there is no scholarship available for courses at the diploma or certificate level. Candidates for the continuation of scholarships in Classes XI and XII must have attained clear promotion to the next class on the first attempt and a cumulative grade point average of at least 50% in Class X.

A certificate from the Head of the Institution will be require to continue the scholarship for the second year. In the event that the institution does not hold an examination at the conclusion of Class XI. If grades are use to report performance, an aggregate of 60% will be taken into account.

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Eligibility and other Conditions for Continuation of Scholarships at first Degree Level Courses

For the scholarship to continue, the recipient must pass the +2 stage or an equivalent exam with at least 60% to enroll in a first-degree course in basic sciences, social sciences, or a professional course in engineering, medicine, management, or law.

After being select through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), IIT, and being accept into the one-year B.Tech. preparatory course, recipients of the SC/ST scholarship will receive payment. The scholarship will continue in the first year provide that all IITs’ requirements are met.

The following conditions must be met in order for scholarships to continue in subsequent years: Clear promotion to the next class with a passing grade on all exams on the first try. at least 50% of the total marks from the internal exams. However, MBBS candidates will only be eligible for the internship scholarship if they earn at least 60% of the required grades.

In the event that the result is not announce in terms of grades and marks, these should be at least equal to 50% or higher. A certificate from the principal or head of the institution stating that the awardee’s overall performance is at least 50% would be acceptable in the event that the institution or university does not hold an annual exam following such a class.

The marks or an equivalent Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the end of an academic year will be take into consideration for IITs and other institutions that use the semester system of examinations.

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Eligibility and other Conditions at Second Degree Level Course

An awardee must have passed the final exam for a first-degree course on the first attempt with at least 60% of the marks or an equivalent grade after adding up all of the marks from the university exam for the course over the years.

Only if an awardee earns at least 50% of the grade point average at the end of the first year will they be eligible to receive the scholarship in the second year. A suitable certificate from the institution’s head will be accept in the absence of a university examination or grades.

At this point, if an institution uses a semester-based examination system, the awardee’s marks, grades, or cumulative grade point average (CGPA), as appropriate, will be take into consideration for the scholarship continuation the following year.

At this point, scholarships will also be available for courses leading to a diploma in management or a specific field of medicine or surgery, provided that a degree in the relevant field is require for admission.

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Contingency Grant for PhD work

The supervisor must give the go-ahead for using the grant. All purchases must adhere to the institution’s policies. The grant can be use for equipment, chemicals, books, journals, photostat copies, microfilms, typing, postage, fieldwork, and travel (within India only) necessary for the approved research project with approval from the supervisor and the university where the student works.

The grant cannot be use to pay for examination fees or anything else. The apparatus and other non-consumable items purchase with the contingency grant will become the property of the university or college where the scholar works when the scholarship is terminate. The university may, if desired, allow the student to bring the books purchased with the contingency grant with them.

A certificate from the supervisor stating that the expenditure was made in support of the approve research project is require for each and every expenditure made from the contingency grant. In accordance with the university’s teaching staff policy, travel reimbursement for approve fieldwork and travel relate to the research, including attendance at relevant academic/research conferences and symposia, is allow.

At the conclusion of each scholarship year, the amount that has not been spent will be subtract from the contingency grant that will be due the following year. The year for this purpose begins on the day you join the research. In a similar vein, the NCERT will receive a refund for any portion of the contingency grant that remains unutilized on the scholarship’s termination or expiration date.

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Rates of Scholarship

  • The rates of scholarship at different stages are give as under:
  • For all classes except PhD Rs. 500/- p.m.
  • For PhD degree (four years) As per UGC norms

Mode of Payment

The scholarship will be paid directly to the winners. In the event that neither of them has access to the aforemention e-banking options. The scholarship amount will be sent via bank draft to their joint account.

After receiving the claim bill on a prescribed Performa, signed by the Principal or Head of the Institution. And accompanied by the mark sheet from the previous annual exam, the scholarship will be distribute to the recipients.

The scholarship funds will be distribute to the recipients for a maximum of 12 months during a single academic session. Subject to the limitations of the particular course.

Each year, the amount of the scholarship will be transfer to the recipients by the bank. For a specific academic session, NCERT will pay the scholarship manually from July to June and online from April to March. The applicable leave regulations will govern scholarship payments while on leave.

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Guideline to Leave Rules Applicable to all the Awardees:-

  • Before taking leave, the institution’s or department’s head must give his or her approval. Scholarship will be terminate for any absence from studies or research without leave.
  • In most cases, awardees will not be grante leave with a scholarship unless they need it for medical reasons.
    If a qualify medical authority recommends it, as describe below. Medical leave of up to four months can be take during an academic year.
  • scholarship in full if the absence is less than two months; Half-stipend for an additional two months. There is no scholarship for absences longer than four months.
  • For absences due to maternity, the scholarship will be available at full rate. For married men and women for up to 15 and 135 days, respectively.
  • However, awardees with PhDs may take up to 30 days of casual leave per academic year as part of their scholarship. This leave will be grante by the PhD supervisor.
  • Within two weeks of the illness or confinement, applications for medical leave, including maternity leave, should be submit to the NCERT.

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NTSS Scholarship FAQ’S

How can I get NTS scholarship?

Only students studying in class 10 can apply for the NTSE Scholarship. Should not be more than 18 years of age. Must be studying in a recognized school/board of education. Candidates who are studying under open distance learning are also eligible to apply.

Who can give Ntse 2023?

The candidate must be below 18 years as of July 1, 2023. The candidate should be pursuing class 10 from any government/private school located in India.

Can I get into IIT with NTSE?

This NTSE Scholarship can be your initial step for getting admission to the leading colleges across India. As some seats are reserved for NTSE scholars in renowned colleges like IIT Delhi, IIT Hyderabad, and so on.

Is 3 months enough for NTSE

Yes, you can, but solve the important sections and chapters first with good weights, then move on to the simpler problems from the books.

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