National Games 2024 Medal Tally: Check the Complete List of Winners

National Games 2024- The 37th National Games for 2024 are taking place in Goa right now, including five cities: Mapusa, Vasco, Ponda, Panjim, and Margao. Every tournament is staged in Goa, with the exception of two sporting events that will take place in New Delhi. The 37th National Games’ official start date was October 25, however certain events, including basketball, badminton, netball, and gymnastics, got underway earlier. November 9 is when the 2024 National Games come to an end. In 48 different sports, around 10,000 athletes from 28 different states in India, eight Union Territories, and the Services team are competing for medals.

The following is a full list of all the sports that will be played in the 2024 National Games in Goa: Athletics, badminton, basketball, beach volleyball, beach handball, beach football, billiards and snooker, boxing, canoeing, cycling, fencing, football, gatka, golf, gymnastics, handball, hockey, judo, kabaddi, kalaripayattu, kho-kho, lagori, lawn bowls, lawn tennis, mallakhamb, mini golf, modern pentathlon, netball, pencak silat, roll ball, rowing, rugby, sepaktakraw, shooting, squay martial arts, squash, table tennis, taekwondo, triathlon, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, wushu, yachting, yogasana.

National Games 2024

The focus of interest for sports fans across the country is now the 2024 Indian National Games. This competition, which features exciting matches and outstanding performances, is a showcase for the exceptional athletic potential that can be found across the nation. This post will examine the most recent medal table and offer a thorough overview of all medal winners from the 2024 Indian National Games.

With twelve medals overall, including three gold ones, Maharashtra is in the lead as of the most recent update. They have established a commanding lead in the tournament and demonstrated their supremacy in a number of sports. The Services Sports Control Board, with three gold medals among its four medals, comes in second position, not far behind. They are now considered to be serious competitors in the games because of their outstanding results.

National Games 2023

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New Sports Disciplines

In addition to the medal count, a number of new sports disciplines have been added to the 2024 Indian National Games to up the ante on competition and excitement. Watch exhilarating competitions in sports including golf, beach football, roll ball, sepaktakraw, sqay martial arts, kalliyarapattu, and pencak silat this year.

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37th National Games Medal Tally Table Points 2024

The medal standings for the 2024 National Games in Goa: Continuing information on the gold, silver, and bronze medal tallies from the 37th National Games in Goa will be provided in this page.

Rank State/Union Territories Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Haryana 4 0 1 5
2 Karnataka 3 1 2 6
3 Services 3 1 0 4
4 Maharashtra 1 5 3 9
5 West Bengal 1 2 0 3
6 Telangana 1 1 4 6
7 Assam 1 1 2 4
8 Andhra Pradesh 1 0 2 3
9 Manipur 1 0 0 1
10 Mizoram 1 0 0 1
11 Tamil Nadu 0 1 1 2
12 Uttar Pradesh 0 1 1 2
13 Uttarakhand 0 1 1 2
14 Chhattisgarh 0 1 0 1
15 Kerala 0 1 0 1
16 Madhya Pradesh 0 1 0 1
17 Delhi (UT) 0 0 4 4
18 Odisha 0 0 2 2
19 Arunachal Pradesh 0 0 1 1
20 Jammu and Kashmir (UT) 0 0 1 1
21 Punjab 0 0 1 1
22 Andaman and Nicobar Island (UT) 0 0 0 0
23 Bihar 0 0 0 0
24 Chandigarh (UT) 0 0 0 0
25 Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu (UT) 0 0 0 0
26 Goa 0 0 0 0
27 Gujarat 0 0 0 0
28 Himachal Pradesh 0 0 0 0
29 Jharkhand 0 0 0 0
30 Ladakh (UT) 0 0 0 0
31 Lakshadweep (UT) 0 0 0 0
32 Meghalaya 0 0 0 0
33 Nagaland 0 0 0 0
34 Puducherry (UT) 0 0 0 0
35 Rajasthan 0 0 0 0
36 Sikkim 0 0 0 0
37 Tripura 0 0 0 0
Total 17 17 26 60

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Gymnastics Competition

The first day of the gymnastics competition at the 37th National Games, which were held in Goa, was one of the highlights. The Services Sports Promotion Board (SSPB) won first place in the men’s creative team competition. With a total score of 249.35 points, the team—which included Abhijeet Kumar, Anas Ali Shaikh, Gaurav Kumar, Rakesh Kumar Patra, Saif Sadik Tamboli, and Tapeswaranath Das—performed admirably. They did better than the Uttar Pradesh team, which took second place with 242.10 points, and the Haryana squad, which took third place with 240.35 points.

A gymnastics competition is an organized sporting event where gymnasts showcase their skills and abilities in various gymnastics disciplines. These competitions can take place at different levels, from local and regional contests to national and international championships. Here’s an overview of what a typical gymnastics competition entails:

  1. Gymnastics Disciplines: Gymnastics competitions usually involve different disciplines, including artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline, acrobatics, and aerobic gymnastics. The specific disciplines and events within each can vary depending on the competition.
  2. Age and Skill Levels: Competitions are often categorized by age groups and skill levels to ensure fair and competitive matchups. Gymnasts are usually divided into age categories (e.g., junior, senior) and skill levels (e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced).
  3. Scoring: Gymnastics competitions are judged based on a set of rules and scoring criteria. In artistic gymnastics, for example, judges evaluate routines based on difficulty, execution, and artistry. In rhythmic gymnastics, elements like body movements, apparatus handling, and choreography are assessed.
  4. Apparatus: The type of apparatus used in the competition depends on the discipline. In artistic gymnastics, you have apparatus like the balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and floor exercise. In rhythmic gymnastics, gymnasts use various equipment such as ribbons, hoops, and clubs.
  5. Routines: Gymnasts perform routines that consist of a series of movements, tricks, and skills that are choreographed in advance. These routines can be performed individually or in teams, depending on the discipline.
  6. Judges: Competitions are presided over by a panel of judges who assign scores to each routine. Judges typically look for precision, form, execution, and adherence to the rules of the specific discipline.
  7. Awards: At the end of the competition, gymnasts are recognized and awarded based on their scores and rankings. Medals and trophies are often given to the top performers in each category.
  8. Qualification: Some competitions serve as qualifiers for higher-level events. For example, gymnasts may need to perform well at regional competitions to earn a spot at national championships, and from there, they can aim for international competitions and even the Olympics.
  9. Audience: Gymnastics competitions often have an audience that can include family, friends, fans, and supporters who come to watch the gymnasts perform.

Gymnastics competitions are not only a display of incredible physical prowess but also a testament to the dedication and hard work put in by gymnasts and their coaches. These events are exciting to watch and offer a chance for gymnasts to demonstrate their skills and compete on a larger stage.

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Here’s the list of sports at the National Games 2024 Goa organized in a table format:

Beach Football
Beach Handball
Beach Volleyball
Billiards & Snookers
Canoeing & Kayaking
Lawn Bowls
Lawn Tennis
Modern Pentathlon
Pencak Silat
Roller Skating
Sepak Takraw
Soft Tennis
Sqay Martial Arts
Table Tennis

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Live Streaming and Telecast

There are a number of live streaming alternatives available so that fans from all around the country may enjoy the excitement of the 2024 National Games of India. Live coverage will be available on the Prasar Bharati Sports YouTube page, giving fans the chance to see their favourite athletes compete. In addition, a live broadcast of the games will be available on the DD Sports TV channel, allowing viewers to tune in and experience the thrill of these exciting tournaments.

In conclusion, the 2024 Indian National Games have become a stage for exhibiting exceptional talent and fierce competition. The participating regions have performed incredibly well; leading the medal count are the Services Sports Control Board and Maharashtra. The addition of new sports has increased the intensity of the competition and given participants more chances to succeed. Don’t forget to watch the live streaming and webcast of the event to see India’s sporting prowess and competitive spirit in action.

Live streaming and telecasting gymnastics competitions are essential for bringing the sport to a wider audience and allowing fans to follow the events in real-time. Here’s how live streaming and telecast work for gymnastics competitions:

Live Streaming:

  1. Online Platforms: Many gymnastics competitions are live-streamed on various online platforms. This can include official websites of gymnastics organizations, sports networks, or dedicated streaming services. Social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook may also be used for live streaming.
  2. Camera Setup: Multiple cameras are strategically placed around the competition venue to capture different angles and perspectives of the gymnasts’ performances. This allows viewers to see the routines from various viewpoints.
  3. Commentary: Live streaming often includes commentary by knowledgeable experts and former gymnasts who provide insights, analysis, and background information on the athletes and routines. This commentary enhances the viewer’s understanding and enjoyment of the competition.
  4. Real-Time Interaction: Some live streams enable real-time interaction between viewers through comments and social media, allowing fans to discuss the competition, ask questions, and share their thoughts.
  5. On-Demand Viewing: In addition to live streaming, recorded footage of the competition is usually available for on-demand viewing, so fans who miss the live event can still watch it later.
  6. Accessibility: Live streams are often made accessible to a global audience, reaching gymnastics enthusiasts from around the world.


  1. Broadcast Networks: Major gymnastics events, especially at the national and international levels, are often telecast on broadcast and cable television networks. These networks secure the rights to air the competitions.
  2. Production Value: Televised broadcasts usually offer high production value, with multiple camera angles, replays, slow-motion shots, and in-depth analysis by expert commentators.
  3. Schedule: Televised gymnastics events are scheduled in advance and are part of the network’s programming, attracting a broader audience, including casual viewers who may come across the event while channel-surfing.
  4. Commercials: Television broadcasts often include commercial breaks, which are used for advertising and revenue generation. These commercial breaks can be a source of income for the networks and organizers.
  5. Live Telecast: Major gymnastics competitions may be aired live, allowing viewers to watch the action as it happens. For international events, time zone differences may affect when these broadcasts are available.
  6. Post-Event Coverage: Television networks may also provide post-event coverage, including highlights, interviews with athletes, and analysis after the competition has concluded.

Both live streaming and telecast play crucial roles in making gymnastics competitions accessible to a global audience and promoting the sport. They offer fans the opportunity to follow their favorite gymnasts, teams, and events, whether through online platforms or traditional television broadcasts.


The National Games 2024 is an eagerly anticipated event that will bring together athletes from across the country to compete in a wide range of sports. As one of the largest multi-sport events in the nation, it serves as a platform for showcasing the talent and dedication of athletes in various disciplines. The National Games not only provide a competitive environment for athletes to showcase their skills but also promote unity and camaraderie among participants and spectators alike. With its rich history and tradition, the National Games are sure to captivate sports enthusiasts and create lasting memories for all involved. Whether you are a fan cheering from the stands or an athlete striving for victory, the National Games 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience celebrating the spirit of sport in our great nation.

National Games FAQ’S

What is 37th National Games?

Officials from the government and Olympic officials have announced that the 37th National Games would kick place on October 25, 2024. On November 9, 2024, the 16 days of thrilling sports and activities will come to a close. The National Games will be held in the five Goan cities of Mapusa, Margao, Panjim, Ponda, and Vasco.

Where is the National Games 2024 held?

The 37th National Games of India, often referred to as Goa 2024 and slated for October 25–November 9, 2024, in the state of Goa, is the official name of the 2024 National Games of India.

Where is National Games held in Goa?

The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, South Goa, is the venue for the games. Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant presented the PM with a Kunbi shawl, a representation of the state's identity and culture.

Where is the 37th National Games 2024?

On October 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will formally open the 37th National Games at the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, South Goa.

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