Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2024 – Check the Teams’ Standing & About More

Pro Kabaddi Points Table:- The Pro Kabaddi 2024 is running across the country. The tournament began on  December 2, 2023. This is the 2nd most watch game in India so many fans of this tournament are very thrilled for each of the matches of this tournament. All of them are waiting for the PRO Kabaddi Points Table 2024 so that they can know regarding which team is winning and how many matches are play by their favorite team. With the use of this Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2024 Points Table the team name who will play the final match will be distinct. Fans can see the overview of their teams score from the Pro Kabaddi League 2024 Points Table & can track the process of their favorite team under this tournament.

The Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2024 is a useful tool for fans and enthusiasts to keep track of the standings and performance of teams in the tournament. It provides an overview of each team’s wins, losses, and points earned throughout the season. The points table is a reflection of the teams’ performances and can help fans gauge which teams are performing well and which ones may need to step up their game. Additionally, the points table also provides information about the upcoming matches and fixtures, allowing fans to plan ahead and catch their favorite teams in action. Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2024 for all the latest updates on team standings and more.

Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2024

Pro Kabaddi League 2023’s Season 10 will last on 21 February 2024, having begun on December 2, 2023. Kabaddi 2024 Points Table is obtainable and a total of 12 teams will full in 132 matches throughout the season. The Pro Kabaddi League 2023 matches will take location in a city caravan style. It indicates that all twelve of the teams proceeds part in the event will have their match played in their hometowns. Every player taking part has been training hard & is prepared to show off their kabaddi prowess on the mat. The Jaipur Pink Panthers, Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan, Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi KC, Gujarat Giants, Haryana Steelers, Telugu Titans, U Mumba, UP Yoddhas, and Tamil Thalaivas are the 12 teams who are taking part in the event.

It is a useful tool for fans and followers of the sport to keep track of their favorite teams’ performance throughout the season. The points table displays the number of matches played, wins, losses, and ties for each team, as well as their total points and net score difference. It also allows fans to see which teams are currently leading the tournament and which ones are struggling to secure a spot in the playoffs. In addition to the standings, the points table provides additional information about each team, such as their roster, coaching staff, and upcoming matches. Overall, the Pro Kabaddi Points Table is an essential resource for anyone looking to stay updated on the latest happenings in the world of professional kabaddi.

Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2024

Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2024 Overview

Name Of the League Vivo pro Kabaddi League
League Type Professional Kabaddi league
Season 10th
Starting date of Pro Kabaddi League December 2, 2023
Total Matches 137
Last match will be played March, 2024
Hosting city Three
Qualifiers 5
Hosting city name Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore
Total Team will participate 12
Match played by each team 22 match
Each team In home match 11
Live Telecast Star sports
Each team out home match 11
OTT platform Disney + Hotstar
Category Sports
Official website
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Who is the top raider in PKL 2024?

As the In Vivo Pro Kabaddi 2024 Season 10 progresses, Ashu Malik has emerged as the leading raider with a staggering 213 raid points for Dabang Delhi KC. Arjuna Deshwal from Jaipur Pink Panthers is a close second with 202 raid points, making for an exciting competition between the two. With several matches yet to be played, it remains to be seen if Malik can maintain his lead or if Deshwal will overtake him in the coming games.

Kany teams are in PKL 2023 points table

PKL 2024 features a total of 12 teams competing for the championship title. These teams include Bengaluru Bulls, Dabang Delhi KC, Gujarat Giants, Haryana Steelers, Jaipur Pink Panthers, Patna Pirates, Puneri Paltan, Tamil Thalaivas, Telugu Titans, U Mumba, and UP Yoddhas. It is an exciting season with each team bringing their A-game to the arena. Fans eagerly anticipate the matches as they root for their favorite teams to emerge victorious. The competition promises to be intense as each team strives to outperform the others and claim the coveted championship trophy.

How many teams qualify in PKL?

In this particular competition, the top six teams will earn a spot in the playoffs. The two best-performing teams will advance straight to the semi-finals, while the remaining four teams will compete against each other in eliminators for a chance to progress to the next round. This format ensures that every game counts, as even those who finished lower can still make it through to the next stage if they perform well enough in the eliminator rounds. The playoffs are always an exciting time for fans, with high-stakes matches and plenty of drama as teams fight tooth and nail for a place in the final.

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Pro Kabaddi Points Table and Standings

With 41 places, Puneri Paltan is at the highest point of the PKL Focuses Table. They have won 8 and lost 1 of the 8 games they have played thus far. Gujarat Goliaths, who have dominated six matches and lost four, are currently position second in the Master Kabaddi rankings with 34 places. Telugu Titans have just won one of their nine games, putting them at the lower part of the Genius Kabaddi Focuses Table.

Pro Kabaddi League 2024 Playoff Implications

As the association stage arrives at its peak, the center movements to the approaching end of the season games. As teams compete for favorable playoff positions, the Pro Kabaddi League 2024 points table gains significance. Getting a spot in the main four guarantees an immediate passage into the end of the season games, while groups completing fifth and 6th should explore the trump card adjusts.

Groups at the highest point of the focuses table partake in the advantage of picking their rivals in the end of the season games, adding an essential component to the procedures. The fight for the sought after best positions strengthens in the end matches of the association stage, making way for an exhilarating postseason.

Pro Kabaddi League Points Table 2024

The Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) began its 1st leg, which began in Ahmedabad on December 2. This is a historic edition of the league. The competition, which is celebrating its tenth season, will last for two & a half months and end on February 21, 2024.

Team Played – Win – Loss – Tie – Points
Puneri Paltan 9 – 8 – 1 – 0 – 41
Gujarat Giants 10 – 6 – 4 – 0 – 34
Jaipur Pink Panthers 9 – 5 – 2 – 2 – 33
Dabang Delhi KC 9 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 30
Patna Pirates 9 – 5 – 4 – 0 – 27
U Mumba 7 – 5 – 2 – 0 – 26
Haryana Steelers 9 – 5 – 4 – 0 – 26
Bengaluru Bulls 10 – 4 – 6 – 0 – 25
Bengal Warriors 9 – 3 – 4 – 2 – 22
UP Yoddhas 11 – 3 – 7 – 1 – 21
Tamil Thalaivas 9 – 2 – 7 – 0 – 13
Telugu Titans 9 – 1 – 8 – 0 – 8

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Vivo Pro Kabaddi Standing 2024

Team Name Match played Win Loss T SD PTS
Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 10 2 2 54 58
Puneri Paltan 12 10 2 0 156 52
Dabang Delhi KC 13 7 4 2 26 44
Gujarat Giants 13 8 5 0 8 44
Haryana Stelers 13 7 5 1 -26 39
Bengal Warriors 13 6 5 2 5 38
U Mumba 12 6 5 1 12 36
Patna Pirates 13 5 7 1 0 32
Bengaluru Bulls 13 5 8 0 -46 32
Tamil Thalaivaa 13 4 9 0 -14 25
Up Yoddhas 13 3 9 1 -34 22
Telugu Titans 12 1 11 0 -141 10 Season 10 Standing Players list 2024

Player Name Team Name Match played Points
Arjun Deshwal Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 157
Ashu Malik Dabang Delhi KC 13 126
Maninder Singh Bengal Warriors 12 120
Sachin Patna Pirates 13 108
Pawan Sherawat Telugu Titans 11 107
Pradeep Narwal Up Yoddhas 13 106
Guman Singh U Mumba 12 100
Amirmohammad Zafardanesh U Mumba 12 96
Vinay Haryana Stelers 13 94
Bharat Bengaluru Bulls 12 91
Nitin Kumar Bengal Warriors 11 90
Narendra Tamil Thalaivaa 12 87
Surendra Gill Up Yoddhas 10 87
Ajinkya Pawar Tamil Thalaivaa 13 86
Aslam Mustafa Inamdar Puneri Paltan 12 77
Sudhakar M Patna Pirates 12 73
Rakesh Gujarat Giants 12 73
Mohit Goyat Puneri Paltan 12 73
Majneet Patna Pirates 12 73
Naveen Kumar Dabang Delhi KC 6 71

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PKL 2024 Teams Standing Table 2024

Team Name Match played Total Scored Points
Patna Pirates 13 495
Bengal Warriors 13 490
Puneri Paltan 12 481
Jaipur Pink Panthers 14 481
Haryana Stelers 13 468
U Mumba 12 460
Dabang Delhi KC 13 459
Up Yoddhas 13 458
Tamil Thalaivaa 13 448
Gujarat Giants 13 437
Bengaluru Bulls 13 415
Telugu Titans 12 380

How are Pro Kabaddi Points Calculated?

Each team will participate in two competitions. The group that dominates a game procures five focuses, while the horrible side is grant either zero or one point. A group will get one point for a deficiency of seven places or less, and no focuses for a deficiency of in excess of seven places. Since extra focuses are grant all through the association, a more extensive room for error of triumph influences the group’s general rankings. If a team completely outplays the opposition, it will earn two more points.

A player’s crew will likewise get one extra point in the event that the person in question gets a Super Tackle. A player may likewise get one point for specialized focuses for various in-game exercises, including powerful handles, guarded developments, and restorations. Should there be a tie, each group will get three focuses. The group with the more noteworthy score will be put at the high point of the focuses table on the off chance that at least two groups get done with similar measure of focuses.


The Pro Kabaddi Points Table for 2024 is a valuable resource for fans and enthusiasts of the sport. It provides an overview of the teams’ standings and allows fans to track their favorite team’s performance throughout the season. The points table is updated regularly, providing up-to-date information on which teams are leading the pack and which ones are lagging behind. Additionally, the points table also provides insights into each team’s performance, such as the number of matches played, wins, losses, and ties. This information can help fans analyze team strategies and make predictions about future matches. Overall, the Pro Kabaddi Points Table is an essential tool for anyone following the sport and wanting to stay informed about each team’s progress in the tournament.

FAQ About Pro Kabaddi Points Table 2024

When will the final match of this Pro Kabaddi League 2024 be played?

The final match of this Pro Kabaddi League 2024 will be played in March, 2024.

In how many cities will the PKL 2024 be played?

In three cities Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore the PKL 2024 will be played.

Where is vivo Pro Kabaddi 2024?

Mashal Sports, the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) organizers, have announced that the Pro Kabaddi League Season 10 Playoffs and Final will be held at Gachibowli Indoor Stadium (G. M. C. Balayogi Indoor Stadium) in Hyderabad from 26th February to 1st March 2024.

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