T20 World Cup Point Table 2023, ICC Group A & B Teams Standings Check

T20 World Cup Point Table: In October and November 2022, Australia will host the eighth edition of the ICC T20 World Cup tournament. Since COVID-19’s fast growth at the time, ICC decided to relocate the event to 2022, rather than 2020 as previously planned.

T20 World Cup Point Table 2023

Australia will host the rescheduled tournament in 2023, according to the ICC’s announcement in August 2020. The T20 World Cup was originally scheduled to be held in Oman and the United Arab Emirates in 2021, but it was subsequently moved to India.

As previously reported, numerous teams have competed, and the 16-team match has been narrowed down to compete in the T20 men’s global cup 2023. Teams from different nations are split into two groups, and several of the matches are played by other teams. There is a long line to play even matches. Now, based on the team’s performance in this tournament, you must look at the ICC’s T20 Men’s World Cup Point Table 2023.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) publishes both Group A and Group B point tables on its official website. The official website now offers the 2023 World Cup Point Table, which anyone may view and earn points by siding according to their placement. Sri Lanka, Ireland, England, New Zealand, and Afghanistan are in Group A; Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are in Group B.

T20 World Cup Points Table 2023

T20 World Cup Point Table 2023 Details

Article Category T20 World Cup 2023
Organized by ICC (International Cricket Council)
No. of teams Participating 12
Group-1 England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
Group-2 India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Namibia, Scotland
Group-1 Commences on 23rd October 2022
Group-1 Concludes on 6th November 2022
Group-2 Commences on 24th October 2022
Group-2 Concludes on 8th November 2022
Semi-Final will be on The first semi-final will be held in Abu Dhabi on 10 November at 6 pm local time. The second semi-final will be hosted by Dubai on 11 November. Both semi-finals have reserve days.
Finals will be on The tournament reaches its conclusion on 14 November at Dubai International Stadium.
Points System Win – Two pointsTie, no result, or abandoned: One point

Loss or forfeit: Zero points

Category Sports

T20 World Cup 2023 Points Table 

Ireland, Scotland, the West Indies, and Zimbabwe were placed in Group B of the T20 World Cup Qualifiers, with Namibia, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, and the UAE in Group A. The four teams that will compete in the T20 World Cup 2023 qualifiers from October 16 to October 21 will face the eight Super12 teams competing for the final four spots. In the Super 12, the top two teams from each group move on to play.


According to the official update, the points table was created group-wise based on matches played and lost between the two teams. As a result, we’ve attached the table and provided you with T20 World Cup 2023 Points Table Group A, which shows your nation’s position in this tournament. This Group A has a fascinating overall performance of the teams that are available.

POS Teams Matches Played Won Lost N/R Tied Net Run Rate Points
1 Sri Lanka 3 2 1 0 0 +0.667 4
2 Netherlands 3 2 1 0 0 -0.162 4
3 Namibia 3 1 2 0 0 +0.730 2
4 United Arab Emirates (UAE) 3 1 2 0 0 -1.235 2


The T20 World Cup 2023 Points Table Group B Rankings determined the placements of teams that competed in this event, and they were awarded points to qualify for the final. We arrived at the moment when Bangladesh and India’s openers started to win this competition, as we saw in the Group B Super 12 stage. On the other hand, this tournament has already begun to slip away from the Netherlands and Pakistan. The ICC has given points based on performance in the most recent played match of the ICC T20 World Cup 2023.

POS Teams Matches Played Won Lost N/R Tied Net Run Rate Points
1 Zimbabwe 3 2 1 0 0 +0.200 4
2 Ireland 3 2 1 0 0 +0.105 4
3 Scotland 3 1 2 0 0 +0.304 2
4 West Indies 3 1 2 0 0 -0.563 2

T20 World Cup 2023 Points Table Rules

Every team competing in the T20 WC 2023 will want to finish in the top two spots in their group’s points table, according to the T20 WC 2023 guidelines. The Super 12 and Round 1 phases are subject to the same regulations.

  • A victory awards a team two points.
  • In the event that a game is abandoned, deadlocked, or ends suddenly with no outcome, each team receives one point.
  • If a team loses, they receive no points.

The T20 World Cup rankings will decide which teams progress to the next round and which teams are eliminated after Round 1 and the Super 12 phase.

T20 World Cup Points Table 2023  – Super 12

In the T20 World Cup Super 12 Points Table, Afghanistan, Australia, England, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands were placed in Group 1; Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, South Africa were listed in Group 2.

Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, and Ireland were among the first-round teams who advanced. The ICC T20 WC 2023 semifinals will be held for the top two teams from each Super 12 group.


From Group A, Sri Lanka and the Netherlands qualified for the Super 12 round of the World Cup. Group 1 will include Sri Lanka, while Group 2 will include the Netherlands.

POS Teams Matches Played Won Lost N/R Tied Net Run Rate Points
1 New Zealand
5 3 1 1 0 +2.113 7
2 England
5 3 1 1 0 +0.473 7
3 Ireland 5 1 3 1 0 -1.615 3
4 Australia 5 3 1 1 0 -0.173 7
5 Sri lanka 5 2 3 0 0 -0.422 4
6 Afghanistan 5 0 3 2 0 -0.571 2


From Group B, Zimbabwe and Ireland qualified for the Super 12 group. The Super 12 will place Zimbabwe in Group 2, while Ireland will compete in Group 1.

POS Teams Matches Played Won Lost N/R Tied Net Run Rate Points
1 India 4 3 1 0 0 +0.730 6
2 South Africa 5 2 2 1 0 +0.874 5
3 Zimbabwe 4 1 2 1 0 -0.313 3
4 Bangladesh 5 2 3 0 0 -1.176 4
5 Pakistan 5 3 2 0 0 +1.028 6
6 Netherlands 5 2 3 0 0 -0.849 4

T20 World Cup 2023 Live Streaming?

If you’re a cricket fan, then you’ll be excited to know that the T20 World Cup is coming your way! The T20 World Cup is a unique and exciting format of cricket that has quickly become popular around the world. Featuring short, high- intensity matches, the T20 World Cup is perfect for fans who want to see their favorite teams in action fast and frequently. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how you can watch the T20 World Cup live online and all the ways in which you can tune in. We’ll also offer tips on how to stay safe while streaming the tournament, so be sure to read all the way to the end

Star Sports holds the official broadcasting rights for India and its subcontinents for the Twenty 20 World Cup 2023, whereas Hotstar+Disney holds the internet streaming rights. Star Sports has collaborated with additional TV broadcasters and internet streaming services to reach viewers in countries where its traditional broadcasters are unable to do so.

FAQ’S Related On T20 World Cup Point Table 2023

Who are the group A group b in T20 world cup anktalika?

The official website now has the 2023 World Cup Point Table Online, which anyone may access and check to see how many points each team gets. Sri Lanka, Ireland, England, New Zealand, and Afghanistan are in Group A, while Zimbabwe, Pakistan, India, the Netherlands Bangladesh are in Group B.

Who are Group A and Group B in T20 World Cup 2022?

England, Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Netherlands, and Sri Lanka are all part of Group A in the T20 World Cup. India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, and Ireland are in Group B.

When 2023 World Cup will start?

The ICC T20 Women's World Cup will begin on February 10, 2023, with South Africa hosting the coveted event for the eighth time.

Who is T20 No 1 ranking?

India is in the top of the points table, according to the latest T20 rankings issued by ICC on February 1, 2023. England comes in second place with a 266 rating. The third position is held by Pakistan, which has a 258 rating.

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