DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 Frequency Channel Wise PDF Download

DD Free Dish Channel List 2023: DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 is wholly owned and controlled by Public Broadcaster Prasar Bharati. Prasar Bharati was started in 2004. DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 is the only Free-to-Air (FTA) Direct-to-Home (DTH) service that does not charge Free Dish customers a monthly subscription fee. Purchasing a Dish Antenna with Set to Box (STB) and complete setup will cost around Rs. 2000/- for the whole setup. DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 is India’s most subscribed service with about 43 million subscribers. Prasar Bharati announced earlier this year that it will introduce new channel numbers.

The Prasar Bharati Department under Ministry of Communications has offered free Tele Broadcasting programmes on all the Dish operators without any cost. So we are here with DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 which you can watch on your TV without any extra recharge on prasarbharati.gov.in. Mostly all types of Regional and National Channels are available under the DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 Frequency. Moreover, DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 MPEG-2 Today are updates which you must check and see which new channels are listed under it now. Apart from this, you will find DD Free Channel List and Number 2023 so that you can directly see the channel you wish to watch.

DD Free Dish Channel

The Prasar Bharati Bureau of the Ministry of Communications is providing free telecast programs to all Dish operators free of charge. Here is the DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 that you can watch on your TV at no extra charge at prasarbharati.gov.in. DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 Frequency offers almost all types of regional and national channels. Additionally, the DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 MPEG-2 Today Updates and you should check out what new channels are currently listed under it.

Apart from that, you must find DD Free Dish Channel List 2023, so you can directly watch the channel you want to watch. Star Utsav and Cartoon Network are also available on the DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 so kids and kids can enjoy seamlessly thanks to the free service from prasarbharati.gov.in. You should know that there are no extra charges and the channel is free for life. All you need to pay is Rs 2000/- a one-time fee for a free set-top box DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 .

DD Free Dish Channel List

DD Free Dish Details

Released by प्रसार भारती
DD Free Dish Launch Year 2004
Release date 1st April 2022
Educational Channels 51 Channels
Doordarshan Channels 91 Channels
Total users 43 Million Users PAN India
Private Channels 76 Channels
Article Category Tech

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DD Free Dish Channel List 2023

Public Service Commission Broadcaster Prasar Bharati released the new DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 earlier this year. In it, people can enjoy around 150 channels without paying monthly or yearly subscription. He installs DD Free Dish once on his set-top box and enjoys free channels. The DD Free Dish set-top box is priced between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,000. Initially there were only 33 channels in total, but now the number of channels has been increased by public service commission broadcaster Prasar Bharati. Read the article to the end to learn more about the DD Free Dish Channel List 2023.

DD Free Dish Channel List PDF 2023

In the table mentioned below, we have given the full list of the DD Free Dish Channels 2023.

DD Free Dish Channel List 2023
Channel Number Name of the Channel
1 DD News
2 DD National
3 DD Retro
4 DD Kisan
6 DD Bangla
7 DD Chandana
8 DD Girnar
9 DD Kashir
10 ABZY Movies
11 DD Arun Prabha
12 B4U Movies
13 Aaj Tak Tez
14 India News
15 Dhinchaak.
16 Big Magic Ganga
19 Manoranjan Grand
20 DD Oriya
21 DD Podhigai
22 DD Punjabi
23 DD Sahyadri
24 DD Yadagiri
25 DD Malayalam
26 Lok Sabha
27 Rajya Sabha
29 Dangal
30 Bhojpuri Cinema
35 DD Kohima/ Nagaland
37 Sony Pal
38 Rishtey Cineplex
39 Movie Plus
40 DD Saptagiri
41 Colors rishtey
42 B4U Bhojpuri
43 Manoranjan TV
44 TV9 Bharatvarsh
45 DD UP
46 Dabangg
47 DD MP
48 Zee Anmol Cinema
49 NDTV India
50 Surya Bhojpuri
51 Enterr10
52 DD North East
53 DD Mizoram
54 DD Chhattisgarh
55 BIG Magic
56 News18 India
57 9XM
58 Maha Movie
59 Zee Hindustan
60 DD Bharati
61 DD Urdu
62 Mastiii
63 B4U Music
64 India TV
65 News Nation
66 News24
67 Republic Bharat
68 Aaj Tak
69 ABP News
70 Zee News
71 DD Uttarakhand
72 Zee Punjabi
73 Manoranjan Movies Punjabi
74 B4U Kadak
75 Sadhana bhakti
76 DD Rajasthan
77 DD Sports
78 DD Bihar
79 DD Jharkhand
80 Test 508
81 Maha Punjabi
82 Test 510
83 Zing
84 DD India International
85 Lord buddha TV
86 MTV Beats
87 Fakt Marathi
88 Shemaroo Marathibana

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DD Free Dish 2023 consists of about 150+ free channels in various categories like education, sports, entertainment and more.

DD Free Dish Channel Frequency

Below is a list of DD Free Dish Channels 2023 and their frequency numbers.

DD Free Dish Channel Frequency 2023
Frequency Name of the Channel
11470 V 29500 DD News
11470 V 29500 DD National
11470 V 29500 DD Retro
11470 V 29500 DD Kisan
11470 V 29500 DD Bangla
11470 V 29500 DD Chandana
11470 V 29500 DD Girnar
11470 V 29500 DD Kashir
11470 V 29500 ABZY Movies
11470 V 29500 DD Arun Prabha
11470 V 29500 B4U Movies
11470 V 29500 Aaj Tak Tez
11470 V 29500 India News
11470 V 29500 Dhinchaak.
11470 V 29500 Big Magic Ganga
11470 V 29500 Manoranjan Grand
11470 V 29500 DD Oriya
11470 V 29500 DD Podhigai
11470 V 29500 DD Punjabi
11470 V 29500 DD Sahyadri
11470 V 29500 DD Yadagiri
11470 V 29500 DD Malayalam
11470 V 29500 Lok Sabha
11470 V 29500 Rajya Sabha
11470 V 29500 Dangal
11470 V 29500 Bhojpuri Cinema
11470 V 29500 DD Kohima/ Nagaland
11470 V 29500 Sony Pal
11470 V 29500 Righty Cineplex
11470 V 29500 Movie Plus
11470 V 29500 DD Saptagiri
11470 V 29500 Colors rishtey
11470 V 29500 B4U Bhojpuri
11470 V 29500 Manoranjan TV
11470 V 29500 TV9 Bharatvarsh
11470 V 29500 DD UP
11470 V 29500 Dabangg
11470 V 29500 DD MP
11470 V 29500 Zee Anmol Cinema
11470 V 29500 NDTV India
11470 V 29500 Surya Bhojpuri
11470 V 29500 Enterr10
11470 V 29500 DD North East
11470 V 29500 DD Mizoram
11470 V 29500 DD Chhattisgarh
11510 V 29500 BIG Magic
11510 V 29500 News18 India
11510 V 29500 9XM
11510 V 29500 Maha Movie
11510 V 29500 Zee Hindustan
11510 V 29500 DD Bharati
11510 V 29500 DD Urdu
11510 V 29500 Mastiii
11510 V 29500 B4U Music
11510 V 29500 India TV
11510 V 29500 News Nation
11510 V 29500 News24
11510 V 29500 Republic Bharat
11510 V 29500 Aaj Tak
11510 V 29500 ABP News
11510 V 29500 Zee News
11510 V 29500 DD Uttarakhand
11510 V 29500 Zee Punjabi
11510 V 29500 Manoranjan Movies Punjabi
11510 V 29500 B4U Kadak
11510 V 29500 Sadhana bhakti
11510 V 29500 DD Rajasthan
11510 V 29500 DD Sports
11510 V 29500 DD Bihar
11510 V 29500 DD Jharkhand
11510 V 29500 Test 508
11510 V 29500 Maha Punjabi
11510 V 29500 Test 510
11510 V 29500 Zing
11510 V 29500 DD India International
11510 V 29500 Lord buddha TV
11510 V 29500 MTV Beats
11510 V 29500 Fakt Marathi
11510 V 29500 SHEMAROO Marathibana

DD Free Dish Channels 2023 offers 16+ MPEG-4/HD TV channels, 50+ Educational TV channels, and 88+ MPEG-2 channels without subscription.

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Upcoming DD Free Dish Channel List 2023

A number of new channels have also been introduced by Prasar Bharati at prasarbharati.gov.in and interactions with many channels are ongoing. According to the information we have, there are plenty of upcoming Doordarshan Free Dish Channels 2023 that can be watched on TV at no extra charge. Prasar Bharati officials have announced that both national television and several other regional channels has informed us that he will be adding 10-20 new channels soon. If you’d like to learn more about these new channels, please continue to visit this page. We will update this information first on this page.

Prasarbharati.gov.in DD Free Channel List 2023 PDF

DD Free Dish Channel List 2023 Check Here
Our Website Badisoch.in

DD Channel Wise PDF Download 2023

The DD Free Dish Channel Wise List 2023 must be download online from the official website. Finally, we provide links to download DD Free Dish Channel Wise List PDF 2023 easily and quickly. DD Free Dish currently has over 43 million users nationwide. People who want to enjoy TV without paying monthly or annual subscription fees can install the DD Free Dish accessory on their set-top box.

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DD Free Dish Channel List FAQ’S

Which channels are coming on DD-free dish?

You can check DD Free dish's latest e-auction updates from here including the upcoming TV channels list in April 2023.

Can we see the paid channel on free dish?

No, you can not add or remove on your demand but still, pay-TV channels are available on the free dish, because lots of broadcasters already added their pay-tv channels on the Doordarshan Free dish platform including Star Utsav Movies, Sony Wah, Zee Anmol Cinema, Rishtey Cineplex, Colors Cineplex Bollywood, etc.

How many channels does Doordarshan Dish TV have?

There is a total of 176 TV channels available on the DD Dish antenna including educational TV channels.

Which channel is available on DD Free Dish?

You can watch Private TV channels which included Entertainment, Movies, Sports, and News. You can also watch International and Doordarshan National and Regional TV channels.

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