Free Fire Max Level Up Pass: What is it and How to Get up to 800 Diamonds Using it

Free Fire Max Level Up Pass– In India, Free Fire Max is one of the most played games. Diamonds, the game’s own currency, start at Rs 80 for 100 Diamonds and go up to Rs 4,000 for 5,600 Diamonds. Free Fire Max has created a Level Up Pass that gives you Diamonds for a reasonable price in order to provide better value for its currency.

It is a one-time subscription that awards diamonds for each level completed. We’ll explain what a Level Up Pass is and how to get one in this article. Free Fire sweethearts, we have a reward point for you toward the finish of this article that offers you another incentive for-cash Precious stone buy. Let’s get started now without further ado.

Free Fire Max Level Up Pass

Free Fire Max is one of the renowned games in India. Diamonds, the game’s own currency, can be purchased for as little as 80 rupees for 100 diamonds or as much as 4,000 rupees for 5,600 diamonds. A low-cost Level Up Pass for F F Max will present you with Diamonds. You only need to sign up once, and as you progress through the game, you’ll earn diamonds. How Can I Purchase a F F Max Level Up Pass?

Free Fire Max Level Up Pass

Free Fire Max Level Up Pass Details

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Free Fire Max Level Up Pass Click Here

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What is a Level up Pass in Free Fire Max?

In F F Max, players can use the Level Up Pass to get diamonds whenever they reach a new level. As opposed to burning through cash to purchase precious stones exclusively in the game, clients can purchase a Step Up Pass all things being equal and get jewels when they cross another level. To provide you with a clearer picture, 310 diamonds can be purchased for Rs 240; However, you can obtain 800 diamonds for just Rs 190 with the Level Up Pass, subject to completing the levels. You can find the number of diamonds you get for completing each level in this table.

Levels Number of Diamonds Received
Level 2 200
Level 4 50
Level 6 50
Level 8 50
Level 10 50
Level 13 50
Level 16 50
Level 20 50
Level 25 50
Level 30 200

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Level up Pass in Free Fire Max

When you complete a new level in F F Max, you can use the Level Up Pass to earn diamonds. Gamers can purchase a Level Up Pass rather than spending money on diamonds individually in the game and receive diamonds as soon as they complete a new level. You can get 310 diamonds for Rs 240, which will provide you with a more pleasing image; On the other hand, if you are able to complete all of the levels and earn the Level Up Pass, you will be able to acquire 800 diamonds for just Rs 190.

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How To Purchase Free Fire Max Level Up Pass?

Follow the steps below to purchase a F F Max Level Up Pass directly from the game. Prior to beginning the means, ensure that you have signed in with the record where you wish to acquire precious stones. Click here to download it from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store if you haven’t already.

  1. Open the game F F Max.
  2. Tap the Diamond icon that is located at the top of the game’s homepage.
  3. Tap the Level Up Pass option in the left sidebar.
  4. Tap on the Rs 190 choice on the banner put over the cases.
  5. Use the method of payment you prefer to make the purchase. Your Level up pass will be activated once you finish. Play games, finish levels, and get your free diamonds now.

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How To Get Cheap Diamonds?

We have another way for you to get F F Max Diamonds at a lower price in case you are still open to other options. Compared to standard pricing, these methods will save you a significant amount of money. The game’s weekly and monthly membership options are available to players. A weekly membership costs Rs 159 and grants you access to 450 diamonds in total. You get 100 of these directly, while 350 of them require daily sign-in. Second chance, discount store privilege, a weekly member icon, two Diamond royale vouchers, and one weapon royale voucher are additional benefits.

On the other hand, the monthly membership costs Rs 799 and provides a total of 2600 diamonds. The remaining diamonds can be claimed by daily signing in, while players receive 500 diamonds immediately. In addition, players who sign up for this membership receive a monthly member icon, a discount at the store, five second chances, seven vouchers for Diamond royale and seven vouchers for Weapon royale.

Free Fire Max Level Up Pass FAQ’S

How much is Free Fire Max level up pass?

The Free Fire Max Level Up Pass costs Rs 190.

How do you level up in Free Fire Max?

To level up, you will need to play as many games as possible and win the F F Max.

What is the use of level-up pass in Free Fire Max?

You can get Free Fire Max diamonds at a cheaper cost after buying a level-up pass.

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