IRFC share price target 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030 Prediction

IRFC share price target: IRFC share price targets 2022, 2023, 2025, and 2030 which we will analyze today as well as for how many rupees target this company can be expected to go in future. Will talk about it in detail. IRFC is a company that raises funds for Indian Railways. Due to this, the company earns a good profit.

Firstly IRFC is a government company. Most of which is with the government. And at the same time, they are running their business as a monopoly in a way. Because there is no other company than it. For this reason, the company seems to be growing well continuously. Ever since the company is listed in the stock market, it has not given the shareholder by earning that good return.

IRFC share price target

Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) provides financial assistance to Indian Railways to raise necessary resources and finance new development programs. It is wholly owned by the Ministry of Railways, Government of India and it is the capital market for providing financial assistance to Indian Railways. Or collects financial resources through the stock market and other types of government bonds, banks, etc.

IRFC was started in 1986 and from the very next year it started raising money from the stock market. The company had also listed itself on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange last year through its Initial Public Offering (IPO).

IRFC share price target

IRFC share price target Overview

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Share of IRFC with regard to future

The business of the company is Monopoly, due to which it is definitely going to be good in future. And at the same time, there is a company of the government, from which the government’s support is always going to be there. Due to this, the risk in the company is very less and the credit rating is always good.

The financial performance of the company has seen growth every year. It has produced good results consistently for the last few years. There is only one reason for this, it is very important to manage the finance company as it is. And the management of IRFC is very experienced. Due to this, it will be seen increasing more rapidly in the coming days.

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Objective of the company

The main objective of the company is to meet the predominant portion of ‘Extra Budgetary Resources’ (EBR) requirement of the Indian Railways through market borrowings at the most competitive rates and terms.

Its aim is to be one of the leading Financial Service Companies in the country, for raising funds from the capital market at competitive cost for augmenting railway plan finances, duly ensuring that the Corporation makes optimum profits from its operations.

The Company’s principal business therefore is to borrow funds from the financial markets to finance the acquisition / creation of assets which are then leased out to the Indian Railways.

IRFC Share Price Target

Since IRFC entered the stock market, this stock has been very much discussed, due to being a penny stock, investors have invested a lot in it, however, despite being quite good fundamentals and finances, the price of the share increases in that proportion. It is not visible and this stock seems to be falling below its real value, but despite all these concerns, investors need not get too disappointed.

IRFC which funds all the new projects of Indian Railways and the Indian Government is also paying special attention to Indian Railways and many new projects are also going to be started to make Indian Railways more hi-tech and faster. New trains running can also be seen very soon.

IRFC is not able to give profits to its investors at present, but it continues to provide dividends on regular basis, however, the promoters’ share in the company is about to 86%, in which OFS or Open For Sale is yet to come, after which it is expected that the company The stocks of K will start running at a fast pace.

Year Target Price (INR)
2022 25
2023 30
2024 35
2025 40
2026 45
2027 50
2030 60
2035 90
2050 250

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IRFC Share price target 2022

It would not be wrong to estimate the IRFC share price target for 2022 from the sentiments of the investors, the kind of situation that is being created, it can be said that its share price can go up to around Rs.25.

Year IRFC share price target
2022 25 INR

IRFC share price target 2023

There are many opportunities to grow the business of the company. The government also keeps on making many announcements on investment in railway infrastructure. Which this company is going to get the most benefit. Because there is only one company to fund it, that is IRFC. Due to this a lot of growth can be seen in the future. IRFC’s share price target 2023 is expected to increase in 2023, still, the promoter’s share in the company is more than 86%, which may be less than 75% if OFS is brought in and it will go up any time this year. If possible, there are full signs of an increase in its share price.

Year IRFC share price target
2023 30 INR

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IRFC share price target 2025

The longer you stay invested in this company, the better dividends you will get along with good returns. The company pays more than 4% dividends to its shareholders every year. Due to this good income is also earned from dividends. The IRFC share price target can be expected to go up to Rs 40 by 2025, which can be almost double its present value.

Year IRFC share price target
2025 40 INR

IRFC share price target 2030

The work of Railway Infrastructure is increasing every year. Slowly, Indian Railways seems to be expanding itself. Many big projects are going to be seen growing rapidly in the coming days. A big investment will be required and only IRFC is going to fund it. Due to this the potential for growth of the company increases greatly in the coming time. IRFC’s share price target for 2030 is 60 INR which is almost three times the current price.

Year IRFC share price target
2030 60 INR

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Is investing in IRFC shares a good option?

The existing IRFC is completely a government organization and unless the percentage of promoters is less in it and private players do not participate in it, it is difficult to increase its value, so it seems appropriate to invest after waiting for some time.

What will be the IRFC share price target in 2050?

As told through this article IRFC’s share price target in 2050 can go up to around 200 to 250.

Risk of IRFC Share

Talking about the biggest risk in the business of IRFC, if any government policy changes in the future and if the government allows Indian Railways to take finance from other private companies, then the monopoly business of IRFC will be completely destroyed. Will be seen ending, due to which the financial performance of the company can also see a corresponding decline.

Talking about the second risk, if Indian Railways is seen to be privatized in the future, then the Government’s interference in the works related to infrastructure will be reduced, due to which the possibility of increasing the NPA of IRFC in the coming time is most likely to increase.

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