JIO Esim 2023 How to Activate JIO Esim in Iphone, Samsung, Google Phones

JIO Esim 2023: Jio is one of the nation’s largest carriers and is known for its aggressive plans and offers. The telecommunications company, which offers various offers and benefits to its subscribers and is steadily expanding its presence in the broadband sector, will soon launch its first-ever JioPhone Next, an affordable smartphone for everyone. is scheduled to be released. But I’m not going to talk about all of that here. Reliance Jio also offers an eSIM feature that allows users to use dual SIM on smartphones that do not support dual SIM. eSIM support allows smartphone manufacturers to save space in their phones. An eSIM can perform all tasks like a physical SIM. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to enable Jio eSIM on Apple, Google and Samsung smartphones.

India’s dominant and well-known telecom provider Jio embraces technological advancements. The company is one of the first in the telecom industry to offer the eSim service to all loyal Jio customers. Jio provides a wide range of services, including Jio Fiber broadband, prepaid and postpaid services, and more. Before continuing, please note that the eSIM feature is supported on iOS versions 12.1 and above. Make sure your iPhone is updated and ready for eSIM functionality. Here is a list of Apple iPhone models that support eSIM:

JIO Esim 2023

The Jio Esim 2023 is a comprehensive tool for managing and automating the operations of your business. It helps you streamline processes, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. The Jio Esim 2023 includes automated tools that allow you to manage your finances, communicate with customers and partners, and operate your business more efficiently.

The Jio Esim 2023 also allows you to monitor key information such as customer interactions, sales data, and inventory levels in real time. This helps you make informed business decisions and adjust operations accordingly. In addition to its powerful automation features, the Jio Esim 2023 also provides a complete set of reporting and analytics tools that can help you analyze your data and identify opportunities for improvement. Overall, the Jio Esim 2023 is a comprehensive tool that can help you automate and manage your business operations more efficiently and effectively.

The new eSim service is now available to Jio customers. Through an online call request, users can access all network operators through the technical facility. To function, the service does not require a physical SIM card. All operating systems, including Android and iOS, can use the e-SIM service. However, the eSim service is not available on all smartphones. Cell phone clients ought to guarantee their gadgets are eSim empowered to continue with the assistance.

JIO Esim

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How to activate an eSIM on an iPhone?

If you have an eSIM on your iPhone and want to use it, you will need to follow a few steps. First, you will need to make sure that you have the latest version of the iOS operating system installed on your device. If not, go to Settings > General > Software Update and install any new updates. Next, you will need to connect your iPhone to a Wi-fi network or cellular data network and select the eSIM option in Settings > Cellular. You will then be asked to enter an activation code. This code can be found on the packaging or website where you purchased the e SIM card for your device. Once entered, your eSIM should be active and ready for use.

By submitting KYC documents, one can obtain an eSIM from a telecom service provider.

On an iPhone, simply turn it on and follow the on-screen instructions to activate an eSIM.

On an iPhone, converting a physical SIM into an eSIM requires a different procedure. We’ve talked about Jio eSIM in this article, but the same process can be used for Airtel and Vi as well.

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Jio eSIM process on an iPhone

  • From a phone that has an active Jio Physical SIM, send an SMS containing the 32-digit EID and the 15-digit IMEI to 199. You will be provided with a 19-digit eSIM code.
  • Now, SMS, SIMCHG, and a 199-digit eSIM number. You will receive messages and mail requesting your consent to the eSIM conversion during the two-hour processing period.
  • Send “1” to 183 to indicate your acceptance of the conversion. You will now see the message “Jio Data Plan is ready to be installed” on your phone. Clear the notification and do nothing to it. That is enough.
  • On the IVR call you will receive, share your 19-digit eSIM number. To express consent, press 1. You will now receive an SMS with the message “Your new eSIM number has been upgraded.” Your physical SIM will no longer function, and the status bar will not display a network icon.
  • You must click the notification that the Jio Data Plan is now ready to be installed. The device will guide you through the process of adding a new data plan. By going to iOS Settings Mobile Data Add data plan, one can manually do this.

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How to activate eSIM on Apple Watch?

You can easily activate eSIM on your Apple Watch by following the steps below.
First, you will need to install the latest version of the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or iPad. You can find this by going to the App Store on your device and searching for ‘Apple Watch.’ Once you’ve installed the app, follow these steps to activate eSIM on your Apple Watch:

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone or iPad Tap My Watch in the upper left corner Select General from the menu at the top Select About in the lower-right corner Scroll down to find and tap on ‘Build number’ until you see a message that says ‘You are now an official developer! (Eagerly anticipating some new watchOS features…)’ Keep tapping until you see a message that says ‘Now it’s time to activate eSIM!’ Follow the instructions to complete activation

  • Select the Mobile Data/Cellular option from the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Select the option to “Set up cellular.”
  • Connect to your telecom connection or your Jio account.
  • Your Apple Watch cellular plan request will be submitted after the Jio Everywhere Connect process is completed.
  • You will be able to use the same Jio number on both your iPhone and Apple Watch after the activation process, which will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes. Your Apple smartwatch will now be connect via eSIM.

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Guidelines To Activate Jio eSim on Samsung devices:-

io eSIM is a SIM card that can be activated on select Samsung devices. The Jio eSim is a type of SIM card that is compatible with select Samsung devices. This allows users to seamlessly switch between networks, making it easy to travel and stay connected. To activate Jio eSim on your Samsung device, you will need to visit a service provider or retailer that sells SIM cards for Samsung devices.

Once you have purchased a SIM card, you will need to insert it into your device and follow the activation process to complete the setup process. You will need to provide your mobile number and network provider login details during the activation process. Once activated, the Jio eSIM allows you to connect to multiple networks and enjoy the best coverage wherever you are in the world.

Only certain Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy Z Fold, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Note 20 series, and Galaxy S21 series, are compatible with the Jio eSIM feature. To activate the SIM, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Samsung phone’s Settings.
2. An IMEI number can be found in the About section.
3. The EID number can be obtain by clicking on Status information.
4. An SMS GETESIM message will be sent to the number 199, followed by the EID and IMEI numbers.
5. Next you will get a 32-digit enactment code and a 19-digit eSIM numerals and eSIM profile subtleties.
6. After that, go to Settings and select Connections to configure the eSIM.
7. After that, select the SIM card manager.
8. Tap “Scan carrier QR code” after clicking “Add mobile plan” under the eSIM.
9. Then, on the following screen, select Enter code.
10. After the procedure is finish, you will receive an SMS with a 32-digit activation code.
11. After that, you’ll need to click “Connect” and then wait for your Jio eSIM to be activated.

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Follow these steps on How to activate Jio eSIM For Google phones:-

To activate the Jio eSIM for Google phones, you need to follow certain steps. First, you need to make sure that your smartphone is compatible with the Jio eSIM. Some Google phones will work with the eSIM while others may not. You can check this by going to Settings and checking if your phone has an option for activating a SIM card. If you have a Google Pixel 2 or Google Pixel 2 XL, for example, you can use the eSIM to get access to Jio’s network coverage in India.

You can also check your phone’s compatibility with the Jio eSIM by visiting the manufacturer’s website or contacting support directly. After you have verified that your phone is compatible with the Jio eSIM, you must activate it on your existing mobile network provider. This process may vary depending on your existing network provider, but it typically involves entering a code sent to your phone via text message or via an app. Once activated, the Jio eSIM will allow you to use all of the benefits of Jio’s 4G LTE network no matter where you are in India.

A few Google Pixel phones, including the Pixel 3 series and Pixel 4a, support Jio eSim.  For each phone, the first nine steps remain the same.

  • First, you need to go to your phone’s Settings and tap Network & Internet.
  • Then select Mobile Networks and tap the Download SIM option.
  • Tap Next and manually enter your activation code
  • Enter your activation code in the following format
  • LPA:1$$ followed by the 32 digit activation code you receive via SMS
  • You must select Enable and tap Done
  • Jio eSIM will be activate.

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Jio sim is an excellent tool for those who need to make international calls or send text messages at a low cost. The service is provided by Reliance Jio, the telecom operator owned by Reliance Industries Limited. Jio sim comes with a number of benefits, such as unlimited voice and data usage, no extra charges for using internet, and free calls to select countries. Besides, Jio sim can be topped up using other services like Jio cash and Jio apps. Overall, Jio esim is a convenient and cost-effective way to make international calls and send text messages.

JIO, Esim is a leading online learning platform with a large user base and a wide array of courses on various topics. It offers a variety of courses that cater to different levels of knowledge and interests, and students can choose from over 100+ courses in different disciplines, including technology, business, health and wellness, science, and more.


How long does it take to activate eSIM in Jio?

If done via Store: eSIM services will be activated immediately and confirmation for the same will be received via SMS or email at your end.

Can I use Jio eSIM and physical SIM at the same time?

After you've installed the eSIM, you may still utilize your SIM card, and you may even utilize both cards at the same time for calls while messages while surfing on the Internet.

What if I accidentally deleted my eSIM Jio?

Contact your local Jio Store, Reliance Digital, or Jio retailer with identification and a photograph for the SIM swap procedure if it is either accidentally or unintentionally removed. The Activation Code, which is valid only once per device, is unique.

Does eSIM activate automatically?

When you activate your iPhone over Wi-Fi or cellular, eSIMs are automatically installed if your cellular provider supports eSIM Carrier Activation. There is no need to use MDM to install eSIMs during initial device setup because eSIMs are installed automatically using eSIM Carrier Activation during device activation.

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