Top 5 New Latest Upcoming Cars Lunch Date , Price and With Full Review

Hello Guy’s Now Today We are going to talk about Top 5 New Upcoming Cars Lunch Date , Price and With Full Review →

Top 5 New Latest Upcoming Cars List →

1 Lotus Emira →  It is a sports car manufactured by British automobile manufacturer Lotus Cars.
2 BMW M3 Touring → The M3 is very well-known for its handling
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3 Citroen C5X → The new Citroen C5X is the French carmakers unconventional new flagship model blending styling elements from SUVs, estates and sedans.
4 Ferrari 296 GTB →  It introduces the new 120° V6 engine coupled with a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor capable of delivering up to 830 cv.
5 Toyota GR86 → The redesigned 2022 Toyota GR86 is a fantastic sports car, and it’s a marked improvement over its predecessor.

1 Lotus Emira Upcoming Cars →

Top 5 New Latest Upcoming Cars Lunch Date , Price and With Full Review


The final petrol-powered Lotus launches this year – but it promises to send pistons out with, well, a bang. The Emira is a supercar lookalike for sports car money, and is off to a flier by being so much prettier than Porsche’s ageing Cayman. Then there are the powertrain choices: first up a supercharged V6 manual, to be followed by an AMG-spec four-cylinder turbo.

Lotus Emira Full Overview →

Car Name Lotus Emira
Fuel Type petrol
Car Type Sports Car
Engine configuration 3,456cc / V6
Engine model Toyota 2GR-FE
Power 400hp / 298kW

Lotus is on course for a massive 2022, with the new Emira being bolstered by the delivery of the Evija electric hypercar and progress being made on the company’s first foray into crossover SUVs. If it can turn the family Lotus into a cash-printer like Lamborghini did with the Urus, the future of one of the all-time great British car marques could be secure at last.

2 BMW M3 Touring Upcoming Cars →



The M3 is very well-known for its handling . At bloody last, BMW’s going to build an M3 with a big boot. And like the trolls they are, BMW has only got around to doing it with the most controversial generation of M3 ever. Those grilles. The automatic gearbox.

BMW M3 Touring Full Overview →

Car Name BMW M3 Touring
Fuel Type Premium Unleaded Petrol fuel
Car Type Sports Car
Engine configuration 10-cylinder engine
Engine model BMW’s S58 twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-six
Power 246.1 kw / 330 bhp @ 6500 rpm

In the UK, the Touring is likely to be xDrive AWD only, and with the bigger tail-end, perilously close to the wrong side of two tonnes. But with 503bhp, it’ll still have the poke to terrify your pure-bred pedigree pet.

3 Citroen C5X →



Not every interesting car inbound this year is A Fast One. Look: comfy big Citroens are back!

Welcome to the only crossover Top Gear is mildly bothered about in 2022: the C5X. Instead of going retro to reinvent the likes of the DS or the SM, Citroen’s new flagship is a sort of high-riding estate available with plug-in hybrid power and seats said to be as squishy as a posh mattress.

Citroen C5X Full Overview →

Car Name

Citroen C5X

Fuel Type petrol
Car Type 5 seater SUV Simple car
Engine configuration turbocharged petrol engine is paired with a gearbox-mounted electric motor
Transmission Automatic

We’ll report back when we’ve had a drive – and a nap – later in the year.

4 Ferrari 296 GTB →



New Ferraris come thick and fast at the moment. We’ll save the more controversial one for later in this dossier, and concentrate right now on the plug-in hybrid 296.

Ferrari 296 GTB Full Overview →

Car Name Ferrari 296 GTB
Fuel Type petrol / electricity
Car Type hybrid sports car
Engine configuration 2,992 cc (3.0 L) twin-turbo 120° V6 engine
Speed Acceleration 0 – 100 km/h in 2.9 sec
Horse Power 818 hp
Transmission 8-speed dual-clutch

Ferrari’s downsizing to V6 power for its heartland mid-engined Berlinetta, but thanks to electro-boost, 819bhp is the sensational result. It’s also, to our eyes at least, a bit gorgeous. This or a McLaren Artura?

5 Toyota GR86 →


At long last, the successor to the Toyota GT86 goes on UK sale in 2022. The subtle name change reflects that this car has been developed a lot more by Toyota’s Gazoo Racing division – the people who brought you the fabulous GR Yaris – than the old version was by Subaru.

Toyota GR86 Full Overview →

Car Name Toyota GR86
Fuel Type Premium Gasoline
Car Type Sports car
Engine configuration 2.4-liter flat-four Boxer engine
Speed 145mph top speed
Horse Power 228@7,000
Transmission six-speed automatic

The recipe’s pretty familiar but a useful slug more power and torque means Toyota’s affordable RWD hero should have the muscle to unlock more giggles from its chassis. We’ve already tested a prototype, and this thing’s set to be a TG hero all over again.

Price List of Top 5 New Latest Upcoming Cars →

1 Lotus Emira →   £64,995 (€81,995 in Germany, $82,900 in USA).
2 BMW M3 Touring → Rs. 65.00 Lakh.
3 Citroen C5X → starts at Rs. 32.24 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 33.78 Lakh.
4 Ferrari 296 GTB → expected to be Rs 5.7 crore
5 Toyota GR86 → GR86 manual starts at $30,300 while the GR86 automatic begins at $31,800

Conclusion About these Upcoming Cars

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