Fastest Growing Economy In The World 2024 List Of Top 10 GDP Latest News

Fastest Growing Economy In The World:- According to each country’s level of World Economy Ranking activities in 2024, the most current list of countries by GDP is $105 trillion. China, which is the second-largest economy and expands more quickly than the US, is followed by the US as having the greatest nominal GDP in the world.

The top five contributors to the global GDP are Japan, Germany, India, the UK, and France. A list of historical, present, and projected GDP figures for every country from 2020 through 2026 shows that the global GDP climbed to 112.6 trillion in 2024 from 103.86 trillion in 2022. These countries will have the highest GDP rankings globally by 2024.

Fastest Growing Economy In The World

The United States, Germany, India, China, and other countries immediately spring to mind when discussing the world’s greatest economy. However, many economies throughout the world are projected to have tremendous growth and stability in the years to come. These nations with the quickest economic growth are making up a major portion of the global economy.

Despite having the greatest economy in the world, the United States’ GDP is not currently expanding at the quickest rate in the world 2024. UAE, India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and numerous more nations top the list of those with the fastest-growing economies. Even if the global economy is slowing down, India’s economy has shown itself to be one of the biggest and fastest-growing in the world, as has been implied several times.

Fastest Growing Economy In The World

Fastest Growing Economy In The World Overview

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Fastest Growing Economy In The World List 2024

The capacity of a country to deal with obstacles, GDP growth rate, inflation rate, debt, population, and many other elements all have a significant role in a country’s growth rate. Due to the pandemic’s impacts, many nations are still finding it difficult to get back on track. However, a number of nations have not only recovered but are also exhibiting encouraging growth rates.

In terms of Real GDP Growth, Macao SAR, Guyana, Libya, Palau, Senegal, Maldives, and Fiji are on the top of the list, whereas in terms of fastest growing economy, India, UAE, Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and China are on the top. Check the list –

  • UAE
  • Egypt
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • China
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Singapore

Despite the fact that these nations presently occupy the top rank, this might alter in the future based on economic developments. Additionally, these nations (apart from Brazil, China, and India) do not necessarily have the biggest economy. Despite having a substantial growth rate, they still have a ways to go before overtaking the greatest economy.

The fastest growth rate, however, reveals their bright future. These nations may start making significant contributions to the global economy in the years to come. In the upcoming years, all of these countries’ noteworthy contributions will rise.

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Best Economy in the World

The greatest GDP in the world, $23.3 trillion, is in the US. The US has maintained its position as a result of its varied economy. The economy has been strengthened by multinational firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. The US economy benefits from sound banking, good infrastructure, and a skilled Labour force. Due to its adaptability and durability, even during the COVID-19 outbreak, the US economy is the strongest in the world.

Fastest Growing Economy In The World Top 10 List With GDP 2024

Numerous eminent and influential organizations throughout the globe take into account many variables and create a list of nations based on their GDP, development rate, etc. IMF, World Bank, and UN are a few of these institutions.

Even though a country’s GDP is anticipated to reach a given level in the upcoming year, it may nevertheless change depending on the status of the economy. As a result, periodically check these sources for current GDP figures.

Check out the Top 10 List of the Fastest Growing Economy in the World 2024-

  • UAE
    • GDP – 498.978 Billion USD
    • Population – 9,525,875
    • By 2024, the GDP of the United Arab Emirates is expected to reach 519.226 Billion USD.
    • The annual Percent Change in UAE’s GDP is around 3.5%.
  • Egypt
    • GDP – 387.110 Billion USD
    • Population – 112,928,036
    • The annual Percent Change in Egypt’s GDP is around 3.7%.
  • Qatar
    • GDP – 219.570 Billion USD
    • Population – 2,718,873
    • The annual Percent Change in Qatar’s GDP is around 2.4%.
    • By 2025, Qatar’s GDP is expected to reach 237.335 Billion USD.
  • Saudi Arabia
    • GDP – 1,061.902 Billion USD
    • Population – 37,010,095
    • The annual Percent Change in Saudi Arabia’s GDP is around 3.1%.
    • By 2026, Saudi Arabia’s GDP is projected to reach 1,161.992 Billion USD.
  • India
    • GDP – 3,736.882 Billion USD
    • Population – 1,430,198,731
    • The annual Percent Change in India’s GDP is around 5.9%.
    • By 2024, India’s GDP is likely to reach 4,062.154 Billion USD.
  • China
    • GDP – 19,373.586 Billion USD
    • Population – 1,425,611,963
    • The annual Percent Change in China’s GDP is around 5.2%.
    • By 2024, China’s GDP is expected to reach 20,881.368 Billion USD.
  • Thailand
    • GDP – 574.231 Billion USD
    • Population – 71,811,462
    • The annual Percent Change in Thailand’s GDP is around 3.4%.
    • By 2024, Thailand’s GDP is expected to reach 616.998 Billion USD.
  • Japan
    • GDP – 4,409.738 Billion USD
    • Population – 123,214,365
    • The annual Percent Change in Japan’s GDP is around 1.3%.
    • By 2024, Japan’s GDP is expected to reach 4,526.480 Billion USD.
  • Brazil
    • GDP – 2,081.235 Billion USD
    • Population – 216,568,485
    • The annual Percent Change in Brazil’s GDP is around 0.9%.
    • By 2024, Brazil’s GDP is expected to reach 2,210.617 Billion USD.
  • Singapore
    • GDP – 515.548 Billion USD
    • Population – 6,019,288
    • The annual Percent Change in Singapore’s GDP is around 1.5 %.

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World Economy Ranking 2024 in Trillion

By the end of this year, the global GDP (World GDP 2024 Ranking) will have topped 105 trillion dollars. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) calculates this number using the world economy’s GDP from the previous year.

World Economy Ranking 2024 IMF

The United States, China, and Japan have the three largest economies in the world by nominal GDP, according to the International Monetary Fund. India’s GDP is anticipated to grow by 6.1% in the fiscal year 2024, which is slower than the rest of the world but still above average, according to the World GDP Ranking 2024 India. India would likely account for 15% of global growth by 2024.


The fastest growing economy in the world is a title that many countries aspire to achieve. It represents not only economic prosperity but also potential for development and improvement in various sectors. Currently, India holds the distinction of being the fastest growing economy in the world. With its vast population and emerging market, India has experienced rapid growth in recent years, fueled by various factors such as increased consumer spending, infrastructure development, and a thriving technology sector. This growth has not only brought economic benefits but has also presented opportunities for foreign investment and global partnerships. As India continues to develop and innovate, its position as the fastest growing economy in the world showcases its potential for future success and makes it an attractive destination for business and trade.

Fastest Growing Economy In The World FAQ’S

Which country is the fastest growing economy in the world?

Guyana has been the fastest growing economy in the world in terms of real GDP since 2018, recording an average economic growth of 27.14% in the last five years – including 62.3% in 2024 according to the IMF.

Is India fastest growing economy?

India is likely to grow at 6.7 per cent for the next three years, retaining its tag as the fastest-growing major economy, said S&P Global Ratings. S&P Global Ratings has said that India will remain the fastest growing economy among Asia Pacific nations.

Is India growing faster than China?

India's birth rate is almost twice that of China. And India has outpaced China in economic growth for the past two years—its GDP grew 6.1 percent last quarter, compared with China's 4.5 percent.

Why India is developing fast?

With the kind of structural reforms and front-loaded growth-oriented policies pursued in recent years in collaboration with the state governments, and local self-governments collectively working their way, India is not only growing big but also faster.

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