International Mountain Day 2023, History, Significance, Ways to Celebrate, Theme, and other Facts.

International Mountain Day:- On December 11th, 2023, is International Mountain Day. This day is intended to increase public awareness of the value of mountains to humanity and to encourage the sustainable development of mountains everywhere. The Sustainable Development Goal aim of “halving the number of people who live in poverty in mountain regions by 2030” is a chance to evaluate the progress made on this day as well.

The purpose of International Mountain Day is also to raise awareness of the various advantages that mountains offer, including fresh water, food, energy, leisure and tourist opportunities, and a haven for numerous plant and animal species. So let’s learn more about the value of mountains and what we can do to conserve them in honour of International Mountain Day. Throughout history, mountains have served as sources of inspiration, adventure, and spiritual connection for people around the world. From towering peaks to serene valleys, these majestic landscapes offer a sense of awe and wonder that cannot be replicated.

International Mountain Day 2023

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN and the UN Environment Programme jointly lead the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030, and this subject was chosen to completely encompass mountains. The Decade presents a chance to mobilize political will, scholarly inquiry, and monetary backing in order to greatly scale up restoration and stop future deterioration of mountain ecosystems.

Mountains make up around 27% of the territory on Earth and are home to about 50% of the world’s biodiversity hotspots. They serve as the water towers of the planet, supplying freshwater to almost half of all people. Mountains are home to a remarkable variety of flora and animals as well as several ethnically and culturally varied populations with their own customs and languages. Mountains are essential to human lives and livelihoods in a variety of ways, including climate management, water provisioning services, soil maintenance, and conservation.

International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day Overview

Name of the Day International Mountain Day
Date 11th December 2023
Category Trending
Day Established by United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)
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Aim To promote sustainable development in Mountain Region

History of International Mountain Day

Many of us may be curious in the origins of International Mountain Day. So, let’s take a quick look at this day’s history. The concept for International Mountain Day was initially put out in 1992 during the Earth Summit, also known as the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED). World leaders convened at the Earth Summit, a sizable international gathering, to talk about environmental preservation and sustainable development.

Delegates from many nations made the suggestion to establish an international day to honour mountains during the summit. The United Nations General Assembly did not declare December 11th International Mountain Day until 2002. Since then, several celebrations and events have been conducted worldwide to celebrate the anniversary.

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Significance of International Mountain Day (IMD)

IMD is one of the most important days recognized by the UN. The United Nations General Assembly created it in 2003 to increase public awareness of the value of mountains and the sustainable development of such areas. The potential and difficulties that mountains present to people and the environment are also highlighted on this day.

Mountains are crucial to the health of both humans and the environment. They offer resources such as food, fresh water, clean air, and electricity. They are a significant source of biodiversity and serve as homes to several plant and animal species. Mountains are significant for tourism, spirituality, and cultural values, among other things.

The importance of protecting mountains is brought up on International Mountain Day. It is a day dedicated to bringing attention to the dangers that climate change, deforestation, and unsustainable development pose to mountain ecosystems. It is also a day to honour the people who reside in and around mountains as well as to recognize the beauty and significance of mountains. We can guarantee that mountains are healthy and continue to give the numerous advantages they bring by observing International Mountain Day.

Ways to Celebrate 

Here are a few ideas for how you could celebrate International Mountain day.

  • Take part in a local mountain-themed event or activity. This can entail a walk, a nature stroll, or an artistic endeavour with a mountain theme.
  • Participate in a virtual gathering regarding the value of mountains, such as a webinar or online debate.
  • Donate to a national or international organisation that strives to preserve alpine ecosystems to support conservation efforts.
  • By posting information about mountains on social media or creating a blog entry, you may raise awareness.

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International Mountain Day 2023 Theme

“Restoring Mountain Ecosystems” is the focus of International Mountain Day in 2023.In order to adequately encompass mountains in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021–2030, this subject was chosen.The UN Environment Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organisation are jointly in charge of this UN decade.

This Decade offers a chance to bring together political backing, scientific study, and financial resources to dramatically expedite restoration and halt future deterioration of mountain ecosystems. Nations, communities, and organizations are allowed to mark IMD with a topic that is more pertinent to them, even if the United Nations has chosen “Restoring mountain ecosystems” as the theme for 2023.

#MountainsMatter hashtag

The United Nations came up with the hashtag #MountainsMatter to raise awareness about how the mountains are being destroyed. Additionally, to demonstrate their collaborative efforts to save the environment, this hashtag has been used in combination with the #Greenpeace hashtag. The hashtag #MountainsMatter has been used in news stories, protests, and even business commercials. You can use this hashtag to post if you have anything further to say about protecting the mountains.

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Interesting Facts about Mountains

Some of the most spectacular and awe-inspiring elements of the natural world are mountains. They are widespread over the globe and, in certain cases, are the highest points in their respective countries. The following are some fascinating facts about mountains.

  • Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak, is an astounding 8,848 metres above sea level.
  • The Andes, which span over 7,000 km over South America, are the world’s largest mountain range.
  • Because they may operate as a barrier to winds and storms and produce their own microclimates, mountains can also have a big influence on the environment and weather.
  • Many distinct species and plants that are exclusively found in high-altitude habitats can be found in mountains.
  • The Marianas Trench is the deepest mountain range.
  • Mount McKinley, which is situated in Alaska, is the tallest peak in the United States.
  • Hydroelectricity is produced from water that originates in the mountains.


International Mountain Day is a celebration of the breathtaking beauty and vital importance of mountains. Throughout history, mountains have served as sources of inspiration, adventure, and spiritual connection for people around the world. From towering peaks to serene valleys, these majestic landscapes offer a sense of awe and wonder that cannot be replicated. On this day, we honor the ecological significance of mountains and recognize the need to protect and preserve them for future generations. By raising awareness about the challenges facing mountain ecosystems, we can work together to ensure their longevity and continue to enjoy their unparalleled beauty.

International Mountain Day FAQ’S

Why is International Mountain Day celebrated?

Every year on December 11th, people all around the globe come together to celebrate International Mountain Day. The primary objective of this important occasion is to raise public consciousness about the value of mountains and their impact on our lives and the environment. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) officially recognized the importance of mountains by designating International Mountain Day.

What is the meaning of International Mountain Day?

Every year, on 11 December, people come together to observe International Mountain Day. This special day aims to raise awareness about the significance of mountains in our lives and to draw attention to the challenges and possibilities related to mountain development. Additionally, it seeks to foster partnerships that can bring about positive transformations for mountain communities and ecosystems worldwide.

Who created Mountain Day?

The United Nations General Assembly designated 11 December International Mountain Day.

How do people celebrate Mountain Day?

Despite some people being unaware of it, the holiday is becoming increasingly popular. Hill-walking is a beloved pastime on this day, especially among older adults. Many individuals opt to visit the mountains as a way to escape the bustling city life.

Which country celebrates Mountain Day?

Mountain Day in Japan is a unique event that provides an opportunity for individuals to show gratitude and admiration towards the mountains, which constitute around 70 percent of the nation's territory. Although there are no specific customary celebrations linked to this day, people enthusiastically venture outside their residences to discover and relish the nearby summits and crests.

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