National Girl Child Day India 2023 Theme, Significance, Wishes, Images & Quotes

National Girl Child Day India 2023: On the occasion of National Girl Child Day on August 23, 2017, it is important to recognize and celebrate all the incredible women in our society who are paving the way for girls to grow up with a sense of empowerment, self-confidence and hope. From trailblazing politicians and entrepreneurs to inspirational musicians and activists, India has some incredibly powerful women leading the way. But it is also important to recognize the challenges that girls face in our society, including gender inequality, violence against women and discrimination. These issues highlight the need for continued support and activism so that all girls have access to opportunities and resources they deserve.

It is critical that we continue to work toward social justice and equality for all people, no matter their gender or background.On January 24, India observes National Girl Child Day to highlight the significance of girl child education, rights, and health. The day, which was started in 2008 by the Ministry of Women and Child Development, aims to bring attention to the various levels of widespread gender discrimination in India. The Ministry of Women and Child Development has decided to celebrate National Girl Child Week this year from January 24 to 30, and numerous national programs have been planned.

National Girl Child Day India 2023

On January 24, it is observed to raise awareness of the inequalities that girls face in Indian society, as well as the rights of the girl child and the significance of female education, health, and nutrition. The day coincides with the Indian government’s Beti Bachao, Save the Girl Child, and other campaigns and programs.

The celebration of National Girl Child Day aims to offer girls in India support and opportunities. Gender inequality is one of the major issues in India that needs to be addressed, and it exists in a number of areas, including marriage, legal rights, education, and medical care. Female feticide is yet another significant issue that contributes to India’s demographic issues. In addition, the government has started signature campaigns for the protection of girls and children, such as “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao,” plantation drives, awareness camps, and mass oaths. A look at the significance, theme, and history of the day, as well as some wishes and greetings, are provided here.

National Girl Child Day India

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Why is National Girl Child Day is Celebrated?

According to the Women and Child Development Ministry, the purpose of National Girl Child Day is to eliminate gender-based prejudices, protect the nation’s girl children, and fulfill the requirements of the rights that girls have. It also focuses on making the abuses that female children suffer more widely known and trying to convince people that girls should be educated. The ministries say that the main goals are changing people’s perceptions of girls, stopping female fetal homicide, and making people more aware of how the sex ratio is changing.

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National Girl Child Day 2023 History

The Ministry of Women and Child Development was the first organization to promote National Girl Child Day in 2008. This is done primarily to bring attention to the disparities that girls face and to raise awareness about issues like the rights of girl children and the significance of education, health, and nutrition. Gender discrimination is a significant issue that both girls and women face throughout their lives today.

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Significance of National Child Girl Day

National Child Girl Day continues to play a significant role in raising public awareness of girls’ rights. This day emphasizes how important it is to support girls’ emancipation and the accomplishment of their humanitarian law as well as to focus on the difficulties that girls face. The event aims to inspire the nation to fulfill its pledge to help young girls become educated professionals with access to high-quality education, career-based academic options, and equal opportunity in a world without prejudice.

It is known that this day helps girls become respected members of their families, communities, and nations. Given the rise in the number of women employed in the country, it is essential for women to be intelligent, stable, and in good health. As a result, on this particular day, the government attempts to offer every kind of support to a female child from the very beginning of her life.

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National Girl Child Day 2023 Objectives

  • to raise people’s awareness and provide new opportunities for girls to participate in society.
  • to end all of the discrimination against girls.
  • to guarantee that the country will accord the girl child all of its human rights, value, and respect.
  • to combat gender discrimination and inform the public.
  • to combat the declining ratio of boys to girls in India and change people’s perceptions of girls as children.
  • to raise public awareness of the significance and function of the girl child.
  • to improve girls’ lives by giving them rights and opportunities.
  • to inform people about a girl’s nutrition and health.
  • to grant them equal rights and the freedom to relocate anywhere in the nation.

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National Girl Child Day 2023 Rights of a Girl Child in India

The Indian government has mentioned a number of plans to improve the living conditions of girls. The following are some of the schemes:

  • The government has prevented clinics from determining sex during pregnancy.
  • Girl child marriages are now prohibited.
  • The government has launched a plan called “Save the Girl Child” to save a girl child.
  • Girls’ education has improved as a result of free and compulsory education until they are 14 years old.
  • All pregnant women must receive antenatal care in order to combat malnutrition, high illiteracy, poverty, and infant mortality in society.
  • The government has enacted a number of laws, including Anti-Sati and Anti-MTP, to guarantee women employment and equal status.

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National Girl Child Day wishes & greetings

On National Girl Child Day, you can show your daughters, nieces, and sisters that they are just as important and respected as you are. You can also greet your family and coworkers with greetings. For National Girl Child Day, here are some wishes.

“Prosperity, happiness, and glory cannot exist if there is no girl child in the family.” Always love, respect, and care for her. Greetings on National Girl Child Day.”

“Let us swear to work for the growth and safety of the girl child on National Girl Child Day. Best wishes!”

“We must love, protect, and respect the country’s girls and women. National Girl Child Day serves as a call to action to do the same and improve the world for girls.

“Seeing your daughter, sister, or niece burst into laughter is the best feeling in the world. Laughing bunny, Happy National Girl Child Day!

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National Girl Child Day 2023 How is National Girl Child Day celebrated?

To celebrate Girl Child Day, various events are held all over the country to promote education, position, equality, and other issues. in the world. In addition, the Indian government conducts a number of campaigns to raise public awareness of the role that girls play in Indian society. The Government of India brings attention to the disparities and issues affecting girls through this campaign. The message “Save the Girl Child” appears in a number of government advertisements that are broadcast on radio, local newspapers, and television channels. Even non-governmental organizations (NGOs) participate in the celebration and educate the public about the importance of treating girls equally.

National Girl Child Day India FAQ’S

What is the National Girl Child Day in India?

The Ministry of Women & Child Development celebrated the National Girl Child Day on 24th January ,2023. National Girl Child Day is celebrated with a view to promote awareness about the rights of the girl child to bridge the gender divide and to lay emphasis on the importance of girl's education, health and nutrition.

What is the theme of girl child day 2023?

However, the slogan for the National Girl Child Day 2023 is 'Digital Generation, Our Generation'.

Why do we celebrate girls day?

The Beijing Declaration is the first to mention women's rights. Resolution 66/170 was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 19, 2011, to establish October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child to recognize girls' rights and unique challenges.

What is a female child called?

In terms of her parents, a daughter is a girl or woman. Being someone's daughter is referred to as daughterhood. A son is the male equivalent.

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