National Nutrition Week 1 – 7 Sept, 2023 | Importance & Health Tips

National Nutrition Week:- The National Nutrition Week is a worldwide medical care occasion focused on sustenance. In India, it is noticed for the principal seven day stretch of September consistently starting around 1982. During this day, different nearby and worldwide networks accumulate around to advocate the significance of  Nutrition through different occasions and mediums.

A country’s economic prosperity is strongly correlated with the level of food production and the extent to which nutritional gaps are eliminated. By the by, it was found that there are different created and non-industrial nations in which one of the prevailing issues is the pervasiveness of undernutrition.

National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week is noticed consistently from September first to seventh. It is a cooperative drive by the Food and Sustenance Board and the Indian government’s Service of Ladies and Youngster Improvement to not just spread mindfulness around the significance of Nutrition, yet to likewise advance smart dieting.

National Nutrition Week is noticed consistently from September first to seventh. It is a cooperative drive by the Food and Sustenance Board and the Indian government’s Service of Ladies and Youngster Improvement to not just spread mindfulness around the significance of Nutrition, yet to likewise advance smart dieting. Similarly, the Indian economy, which remains one of the emerging markets, has demonstrated the extent of malnutrition not only among the poor but across all socio-economic groups. Steps are being taken to prevent nutritional deficiencies with serious crop diversification.

National Nutrition Week

National Nutrition Week Overview

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History of National Nutrition Week 

It was in 1973 that the American Diabetes Affiliation (ADA) sent off the primary National Nutrition Week crusade. The occasion was driven into people in general with radio help declarations, television commencements, news deliveries and, surprisingly, an official decree. Every one of the plugs and updates highlighted the topic “Put resources into Yourself — Purchase Sustenance.”

ADA pushed its situation as an expert in nourishment alongside the significance of good sustenance. While India has rich terrains, starvations from the English period devastated the country. India has made remarkable changes over decades to fight it. During the freedom period, because of the pervasiveness of different major Nutrition sicknesses like kwashiorkor, keratomalacia, beri, pellagra, and so on., the Green Upset rebuilt cultivating, emphatically diminishing the degree of unhealthiness.

With the overall developing ubiquity of National Nutrition Week, India too arranged its own neighborhood occasions and sent off Public Sustenance Week in 1982 to stop the developing healthful holes.

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National Nutrition Week 2023: Significance

National Nutrition Week expects to instruct individuals about the significance of a sound and nutritious eating routine. In 2022, India positioned 107 out of 121 nations in the Worldwide Appetite File, featuring the seriousness of the issue. Lack of healthy sustenance is a significant reason for kid mortality. To remain solid, it’s critical to embrace nutritious dietary patterns that support our resistant framework and safeguard against infections. Remembering every one of the important supplements for our day to day diet is fundamental for in general wellbeing. Looking for guidance from a nutritionist can be useful.

During National Nutrition Week, the public authority and different offices coordinate contests and projects to bring issues to light. The Indian Government has executed a few plans and projects to battle unhealthiness, which have shown some advancement lately. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of work to be finished in such manner.

2023 – The International Year of Millets

The Green Upheaval drove off starvation and lack of healthy sustenance with broad development of rice and wheat. The decision of Indian ranchers to use high-yielding assortments of wheat, oat and rice correspondingly with weighty synthetic manures brought about the quick topping off stomachs and storehouses. The intensified cultivation quickly depleted soil fertility, robbing the essential micronutrients and compromising the nutritional quality, despite the fact that the Green Revolution pressed for cereal-centric agricultural yield and addressed the nation’s malnutrition.

This issue can be constrained by crop broadening. By developing and consuming different kinds of yields, any sicknesses happening with unhealthiness can be obstructed. The assortment in nourishment got by variety food is empowered exclusively by serious yield expansion.

Considering thought the steadily developing worldwide populace and the commitment of millets as a nutritious and reasonable choice, the Food and Horticulture Association of the Unified Countries acknowledged India’s proposition and reported for this present year, 2023, as the Global Year of Millets 2023.

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The various cereals millet family encompass are: 

  • Pearl millet is rich in essential amino acids and fiber.
  • Proso millet – a sans gluten sustenance plentiful in minerals, dietary fiber, polyphenols and nutrients
  • Foxtail millet – could improve glycaemic control in type 2 diabetics
  • Farm millet – has higher measures of proteins, filaments, and most micronutrients than other significant cereals
  • Kodo millet – has higher polyphenol content and can be utilized to counter heftiness.
  • Finger millet – has higher polyphenol content and can be utilized to counter weight.
  • Little millet – a rich wellspring of sulfur-containing amino acids
  • Sorghum millet – high in riboflavin, thiamine, niacin, and folic corrosive nutrients
  • Teff millet – rich in vitamin E and B

National Nutrition Week 2023: Theme

Public Sustenance Week doesn’t have a decent topic, yet for National Nutrition Month 2023, the subject is “Solid Eating routine Going Reasonable for All.” This subject underscores the basic objective of making nutritious food available to everybody, no matter what their monetary circumstance. It highlights that a solid eating routine ought not be an honor for a chosen handful yet a basic ideal for all citizenry. Better public health and a reduction in nutritional disparities can be significantly aided by ensuring that nutritious food is affordable and readily available. It’s a source of inspiration for both policymakers and people to pursue a more impartial and quality food climate.

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Few tips for healthy eating

Here are a few healthy eating tips to help you make better food choices.

A solid eating routine contains ingesting pretty much the specific measures of calories in the wake of understanding the normal utilization of calories an individual consumes.

With extra calorific food, matching more than the requirements of the body, it will bring about weight gain with fat amassing. A reasonable eating routine is an unquestionable necessity.

  • Higher fiber dull sugars in the eating regimen – No less than 1/third of food should be of bland carbs like potatoes, bread, rice, cereals, and so on.
    Numerous servings of fruits and vegetables, which can be consumed fresh, juiced, or frozen.
  • As a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, a diet high in piscine (exclusively oily) fish is recommended.
  • Cutting out sugar and saturated fat can lower cholesterol levels in the blood, lowering the risk of heart disease. Sugar decrease can stop the gamble of diabetes and tooth rot. Subsequently spread, cheddar, cakes, bread rolls and so on should be chopped down.
  • Lesser salt: – Each day, something like 6g of salt should be consumed. It can stop hypertension.
  • Extinguish your thirst – Liquids should be polished off to keep away from lack of hydration. Alcohol should be avoided.
  • Abstain from skipping breakfast – skipping breakfast to get more fit is a confusion, as a solid breakfast can shape a decent eating routine for a sound life.


National Nutrition Week serves as a reminder of the importance of healthy eating and the impact it can have on our overall well-being. Throughout the week, we have explored various aspects of nutrition, from understanding food labels to incorporating more fruits and vegetables into our diets. It is clear that making informed choices about what we eat is crucial for maintaining good health and preventing chronic diseases. National Nutrition Week has provided us with valuable information and practical tips to help us make better food choices and take control of our health. As the week comes to a close, let us carry forward this knowledge and continue to prioritize nutrition in our daily lives. Remember, small changes in our eating habits can lead to big improvements in our overall health. Here’s to a future filled with nourishing meals and a healthier nation!

National Nutrition Week FAQ’S

What is the theme for National nutrition Week 2023?

The theme of Nutrition Month 2023, according to UNICEF, is Healthy Diet Going Affordable for All.

Why is National nutrition Week celebrated?

In 1982, the central Indian government launched the celebration of National Nutrition Week. The campaign was launched to educate citizens about the importance of nutrition and encourage them to adopt a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Why is National nutrition Week celebrated in India?

National Nutrition Week was first recognised in India in 1982, when government launched several initiatives to motivate, aware, and educate people about the healthy nutrition and its association with good health and longevity.

Why is nutrition important?

Nutrition is a critical part of health and development. Better nutrition is related to improved infant, child and maternal health, stronger immune systems, safer pregnancy and childbirth, lower risk of non-communicable diseases (such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease), and longevity.

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