Norton 360 Antivirus Review Check Complete Guide Step By Step Guide

The Norton 360 security suite is widely regarded as one of the top antivirus programs in 2023. It boasts outstanding rates of malware detection, provides strong real-time protection, and is perhaps the most feature-packed antivirus application available. However, one might wonder what security features are included in Norton’s security suite. Norton’s security suite relies on machine learning for its protection, which contributes to its exceptional ability to detect malware. In our testing, both the virus scan and real-time protection successfully identified all malware threats that we attempted to download. Furthermore, Norton offers several impressive additional features such as a VPN, password manager, and tools for safeguarding against identity theft.

Norton 360 Antivirus Review

Norton 360 Antivirus Review

Norton 360 is a comprehensive antivirus program that offers top-notch protection against malware, viruses, and other online threats. With its advanced security features and intuitive user interface, Norton 360 provides users with peace of mind knowing that their devices are safeguarded from potential cyberattacks. The software not only detects and removes existing threats but also proactively prevents new ones from infecting your system. In addition to its powerful antivirus capabilities, Norton 360 also includes a range of useful tools such as a password manager, secure VPN, and cloud backup to further enhance your digital security. With its excellent performance and robust protection, Norton 360 is undoubtedly a reliable choice for anyone looking to keep their devices safe in an increasingly connected world.

Norton 360 antivirus Hit & Miss

  • 100% protection against all forms of malware
  • Excellent independent test results
  • Excellent security features
  • Secure VPN and password manager included
  • Identity theft protection tools
  • Excellent mobile app
  • Parental control features
  • No free version
  • Pricier antivirus suite
  • Some features require additional apps

Norton External Applications Security

Although Norton 360 is a superb antivirus, it does come with a few disadvantages. It can be perplexing to discover that certain features of Norton open in external applications, which may cause some confusion for those who are new to it. In this review of Norton antivirus, we will not only extensively evaluate its protection capabilities but also assess how it distinguishes itself from other popular antivirus software in the market. Even better, you can try out Norton antivirus without any risk thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Key Ranking

🥇 Overall rank: #2 out of #25
💵 Price: From $19.99/year
✂️ Free version: No
🖥️ Platforms: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android
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Norton 360 Threats Protection

Norton antivirus is not only secure, but it also boasts an extensive track record of achieving impeccable (or nearly perfect) virus detection outcomes. Even in the most recent independent AV-test evaluation, it attained a maximum score of 6 points for protection, performance, and usability. Simply put, Norton’s virus protection capabilities successfully detected all zero-day malware with a 100% success rate, identified no false positives, and had a lesser impact on computer speed compared to numerous other antivirus software programs. This unequivocally establishes their malware protection as unbeatable.

Norton 360 Termination

Additional independent experts have also disclosed that Norton 360 continues to operate even after the removal of certain files, termination of the application’s processes, and unloading of drivers. Furthermore, Norton successfully detected a custom-made ransomware attack within seconds during a test.

Norton 360 Additional Security & Advanced Firewall Features

When it comes to antivirus software, the primary concern for people is the security features it provides. Fortunately, Norton 360 stands out in the market with its exceptional security suite. It includes real-time threat protection, an advanced firewall, and access to Norton’s VPN. However, there is more to Norton’s security suite than just these features. Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of the security features offered by Norton 360.

Multiple Protection & Online Security

  1. . Multiple system scans are available to provide protection against malware infections.
  2. It has the ability to detect and safeguard against common online threats such as viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.
  3. The two-way silent firewall functions by monitoring both incoming and outgoing network traffic on your computer.
  4. It offers convenient secure remote cloud storage, which helps save space on your personal device.
  5. There is a special feature that allows you to create rules for minors under your care, blocking specific websites and tracking their online behavior.
  6. This tool is useful for keeping your passwords secure and organized in one place.
  7. It hides your IP address and encrypts your online activities to enhance privacy protection.
  8. In addition, it cleans your device by removing duplicated, old, and broken files, optimizing its performance.

Malware and Temp File Scans

  • Smart scan is designed to detect malware in common locations such as temporary files, system files, and running processes.
  • Quick scan swiftly checks for privacy concerns with the wifi network and optimizes the system.
  • Full system scan thoroughly examines the entire device system.
  • Custom scan allows you to target specific files, folders, and disk locations for scanning.
  • Norton Insight identifies suspicious files that may require a custom scan.

Smart scan

The smart scan was completed swiftly, taking approximately 30 seconds to scan approximately 10,000 files. Although the scan identified some unnecessary files and problems with the registry, it did not succeed in identifying any of the deliberately placed malware files. The CPU utilization was around 40%.

Quick scan

It took approximately 40 seconds to complete the quick scan of the entire system. In addition, it scanned approximately 10,000 files and did not detect any of the 10 malicious files intentionally placed for research purposes. Throughout the scan, the CPU load varied between 25% and 30%.

Full system scan

The duration of the full system scan was significantly longer compared to the smart and quick scans, taking over 11 minutes. However, it proved to be more effective than the other scans as it successfully detected all 10 malicious files out of the 300k files scanned. The CPU usage ranged from 70% to 100%.

Online Live Smart Threat Protection

Norton 360 utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to effectively monitor a wide range of online threats. This ensures that your devices are safeguarded from viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.

Softwares Protection

The Norton 360 software provides the choice of installing the Norton toolbar along with Norton Safe Web on your web browsers. Upon installation, you will notice an icon next to each search result, indicating its safety level whenever you conduct a web search.

Colour Signals 

  • Green means it’s perfectly safe to click on
  • Grey indicates an unknown URL
  • Yellow is a potential risk
  • Red is a risky site.

Norton Every Website Searches Report

The icons have complete clickability, enabling you to access the complete Norton report for every website you search. Furthermore, this system functions seamlessly in Twitter and Facebook feeds, as well as web-based emails. Despite concerns about potential intrusiveness and cluttering of your feeds with additional icons, the only effect is that any risky links are highlighted in red to ensure your safety without hindering your user experience.

Isolation New Norton Mode

We discovered that the Norton 360 Isolation Mode can be quite useful in other situations. This convenient feature allows you to safely browse a potentially dangerous website without any harm coming to your computer. It achieves this by loading the web page on Norton’s server, removing any hazardous content, and then displaying it to you. Additionally, it prevents you from sharing any sensitive information with the risky site to ensure the security of your data.

Norton Vulnerabilities And Comprehensive

Norton antivirus security is comprehensive and leaves no room for vulnerabilities. Norton 360 takes an extra step to enhance security by enabling Isolation Mode when accessing supported financial websites. It’s important to note that this may make it appear as if you are logging in from a new device when accessing banking sites. Therefore, be prepared with your security answers. Furthermore, Norton 360 provides protection against ransomware by safeguarding your documents from being altered by unknown programs.

Smart Hackers Protection Firewall

The majority of firewalls function by blocking external attacks from entering your computer through your internet connection. However, the Norton Smart Firewall operates as a two-way silent firewall, which means it monitors the network traffic that is both sent and received on your computer whenever you are connected to the internet. In comparison to antivirus programs like Avira or Bitdefender, Norton’s smart firewall offers additional functionalities.

Intrusion Protection

Norton utilizes a two-way silent firewall to provide intrusion protection. This is achieved by constantly monitoring internet traffic and safeguarding against any unwanted communication. By doing so, it ensures that your device remains secure from intrusion attacks. Furthermore, if you choose to disable the firewall, a warning will be issued indicating that your device will no longer be protected.

Weak Passwords Protection 

In addition to this, Norton Smart Firewall includes a vulnerability assessment feature. This feature is designed to identify any potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cybercriminals to target your device. It offers reassurance by protecting against vulnerabilities that may exist in various areas, such as your operating system software, applications, and weak passwords.

Norton’s Complete PC Cloud Store Backup

Norton’s Cloud Backup feature offers a secure and remote storage solution for all your essential documents. The amount of cloud backup space you receive will vary depending on the plan you select. However, regardless of the plan, you choose, you will benefit from a substantial amount of backup space, especially when compared to the competition. Additionally, Norton’s cloud backup is exceptionally convenient as it provides effortless access to your files from your computer, phone, or any other internet-connected device. This means that even in the event of a hardware failure or loss/theft of your machine, your data will remain intact and accessible.

Files Encryption Protection Key 

Ransomware can be utilized by hackers to encrypt your files, compelling you to make a payment for the encryption key in order to restore your data. As a result, employing cloud backup is an extremely effective method to protect yourself against this danger. By securely storing your files on Norton’s servers, even if someone manages to gain access to them, you will still have copies stored safely. Similar to the other features offered by Norton, its cloud backup is incredibly simple to set up and utilize. During the setup process, Norton provides you with the option to select which files you would like to back up and how frequently you would like this process to occur. You have the choice of scheduling backups on a weekly or monthly basis. Alternatively, you can opt for the automatic backup feature, which backs up your files whenever your computer is not in use. This reduces the likelihood of losing any data without causing your machine to slow down when you are actively using it.

Parental Main Control

Norton 360 Deluxe and Norton 360 Premium offer a unique feature to parents called Norton Family. It is a separate app that can be downloaded alongside these products, allowing parents to have greater control over their children’s online activities. With Norton Family, parents can monitor their children’s browsing history, block inappropriate content, and set limits on screen time. This feature adds an extra layer of security for families looking to protect their loved ones from the dangers of the internet.

Parent Key DATA

  • Time management – enables monitoring of the amount of time children spend on Android devices and PCs, as well as the ability to schedule specific times and durations for device usage.
  • Video monitoring – provides a list of YouTube videos that children have watched.
  • Mobile app monitoring – allows parents to view the apps downloaded on their children’s phones and choose which ones they can use.
  • Web browsing supervision – allows parents to block certain websites and see which websites their children visit.
  • Search monitoring – enables parents to see what their children are searching for on the internet.
  • Location tracking – displays the location of children’s Android and iOS devices, along with the location history for the past 30 days.
  • School time feature – allows parents to restrict online activity during specific hours by granting access only to approved websites.

Children Use Rules

Norton Family offers the option to choose which devices your children can use and create specific rules for each child. It provides various restriction levels based on different age groups. Additionally, it notifies you when an inappropriate website is accessed. To verify Norton Family’s effectiveness, I activated the software and attempted to access adult-oriented content.

Application Configuration For Prevention

Fortunately, the application prevented me from opening these websites, despite being configured to only issue a warning rather than block access entirely. Moreover, it successfully blocked adult images on Google image results, preventing them from loading. However, I discovered that Norton’s VPN is not entirely compatible with the Parental Control feature. The VPN connection interfered with Parental Control’s ability to block advertisements containing mature content.

Online Accounts Login Security

In addition to the convenience of not having to manually enter your login information every time you want to log into your online accounts, this also enables you to select stronger passwords. Consequently, the likelihood of being hacked is significantly reduced. Essentially, since you don’t need to recall your password, you have the freedom to create a complex and random one.

Autofill & Sensitive Information Protection

  • Generate robust passwords with our password generator.
  • Effortlessly autofill your personal information, such as name and birthday, with our form filling feature.
  • Store and automatically populate your credit and debit card details with our wallet functionality.
  • Ensure the security of all your passwords with our safety dashboard, which offers a comprehensive overview of potential concerns.

Necessary Tasks

I have tested Norton Password Manager and found it to be one of the top non-dedicated password managers. During my testing, I discovered that Norton Password Manager successfully completed all the necessary tasks, such as password replay, web form filling, password capture, and syncing across Windows, Android, and iOS devices. It also evaluates the strength of your passwords and alerts you if they are not strong enough.

Easy Guide For Setup 

Setting up this tool is a breeze, and you can effortlessly add it to other devices by scanning a QR code. It allows for the seamless addition of existing accounts and their management in a single location. Furthermore, whenever you create a new account, the password manager will automatically include your login credentials. The only downside we have with this tool is the absence of two-factor authentication, which would enhance its security even further.

Norton Secure Connection VPN

By subscribing to a Norton 360 package, you will receive the added benefit of having Norton’s Secure VPN included in your plan. For those who may be curious, a VPN (or virtual private network) effectively conceals your IP address, preventing anyone from tracking your location, identity, or online activities. It safeguards your online information by encrypting it, which shields you from hackers and guarantees the confidentiality of your online activities. This feature is especially beneficial when using public Wi-Fi, as it is typically insecure and can expose you to potential hacking threats. Additionally, it serves as an essential resource for individuals who require anonymity or value their online privacy.

Key Benefits

  • The ad blocker feature effectively prevents the display of pop-ups, banners, or redirects and provides protection against harmful websites.
  • The wifi security feature is accessible on both Android and iOS devices.
  • It automatically establishes a connection with Norton Secure VPN as soon as an insecure connection is identified.
  • Split tunneling is a functionality that permits specific apps to bypass encryption by the VPN. This feature can be utilized on Windows and Android platforms.

Effortless User Experience

Norton Secure VPN offers a seamless and effortless user experience as it is seamlessly integrated with Norton’s security software.  This means that there is no need for an additional app download, as it can be easily accessed directly from your Norton home screen.

Norton’s VPN IP Address Leaks Protection (IP Hide)

Upon activation, the device will promptly establish a connection with the most efficient server located outside of your country. Nonetheless, if you desire to select a specific country to gain access to content restricted by region, you have the option to manually do so. I must mention that Norton’s VPN allowed me to effortlessly access geo-restricted content on Netflix in both the UK and US. This is particularly impressive since not all VPNs possess this capability. Additionally, I was pleased to discover that there were no instances of DNS or IP address leaks while using Norton VPN, ensuring your complete safety. Furthermore, I appreciated that the VPN effectively blocked all advertisements throughout my session.

Norton VPN Sites Online Access

Additionally, Norton Secure VPN is equipped with a kill switch feature. In the event that the VPN connection is lost, Norton will notify you to ensure your real IP address remains concealed. It is important to note that a VPN does not provide protection against malware. Furthermore, it appears that Norton VPN restricts P2P traffic, as our attempt to download an Ubuntu installer using BitTorrent while the VPN was active was unsuccessful.

Norton’s Optimization Process For Your System

  • Disk optimization involves scanning the disk to identify areas of free space and optimizing files stored on it.
  • File clean up entails scanning the temporary files folder and browser temporary files folders to remove duplicate and old files.
  • The startup manager feature enables users to choose which programs start automatically when the device is turned on, thus optimizing the startup time.

Our Personally Conducted Tests Optimization

We personally conducted tests on the optimization feature and found that the distinction between a clean and overloaded device was not very noticeable. This is because our testing PC did not have an excessive amount of unnecessary files. Nonetheless, the system optimization feature effectively eliminated any duplicate or outdated files that were detected. In general, this is a valuable feature to have, particularly if you have been using your PC for an extended period of time and have accumulated a large number of files.

Guide to Download/Install Online Norton Antivirus In MAC & Android

  • Visit the authorized website and select your desired Norton 360 package, currently available at a discounted rate of 66%.
  • Create an account, provide your payment information, and acquire a Norton subscription.
  • Access your personal My Norton portal and proceed to download the software.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard to successfully install the software.
  • Congratulations! You are now ready to use Norton.

Plans And Price Tag

Norton 360 provides an array of exceptional security features. However, the question arises, what is the cost? To answer this query, let’s delve into the three different Norton 360 plans and examine their respective offerings and price points.

Features Data Wise Plans Price

AntiVirus Plus Standard Deluxe
Price $19.99/year $39.99/year $49.99/year
Device coverage 1 3 5
Malware protection
100% virus protection guarantee
Cloud backup 2GB 2GB 50GB
Password manager
SafeCam for PC
Dark web monitoring
Privacy monitor
Parental controls

In general, Norton provides a wide range of plans at highly affordable prices. This is particularly advantageous when compared to other leading antiviruses available in the market, like McAfee or Avira. Additionally, every Norton security plan includes a 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free experience.

Norton 360 Deluxe is the ultimate software solution that provides exceptional value. In addition to encompassing all essential features and accommodating up to 5 devices, it also includes the highly beneficial LifeLock identity theft protection.

Norton AntiVirus Plus Plan

The Norton AntiVirus Plus is Norton 360’s most essential plan, offering coverage for just one device at a price of $19.99 for the first year. While it may be cheaper compared to other plans, it may not be the optimal choice if your goal is to ensure the safety of all your devices. However, it does come with some added benefits such as a password manager, smart firewall, and a 2GB cloud backup. Unfortunately, one notable feature that is missing is parental control. What sets Norton apart is that even with their most affordable plan, they do not compromise on quality. They guarantee 100% real-time protection against viruses and other threats.

Norton 360 Standard Plan

The initial cost of Norton 360 Standard, also referred to as Norton AntiVirus Plus in certain areas, is $39.99 for the first year. This subscription allows users to utilize it on three devices and provides a majority of the security features found in the Deluxe and Premium options. Moreover, it comes with all the other security features offered by Norton, such as a PC cloud backup with a capacity of up to 10GB. Additionally, customers can benefit from Norton’s 100% Virus Protection Promise. This means that if Norton is unable to resolve your virus-related problem, you will receive a refund.

Norton 360 Deluxe Plan

Priced at $49.99 for the first year, there is little reason to not opt for Norton 360 Deluxe over its basic offering. For nearly the same cost as the standard plan, you can safeguard up to 5 devices, providing you with greater flexibility. Additionally, you will receive 25GB of PC cloud backup, allowing you to protect five times more files compared to Norton Antivirus Plus. Moreover, Norton’s parental controls will be accessible to you, which can prove incredibly valuable if you have children. Lastly, it is worth noting that with Norton 360 Deluxe, you will also avail yourself of the complete range of security features offered by the suite.

Norton Antivirus Simple In Use

Norton 360 provides a security suite that is highly comprehensive, as per our testing. Additionally, considering the level of protection it offers, it is reasonably priced. However, the question remains: is it user-friendly? Let’s discover the answer.

Norton 360 Steps For Installation According To Devices

Downloading and installing Norton 360 is a straightforward process. During our test, the installation did not take much time and we were able to start using it within a few minutes. It is important to note that your machine will need to be restarted as part of the installation. When I installed Norton 360 on my Mac, I encountered some initial issues concerning permissions. Fortunately, Norton prompted my Mac to open the appropriate window and provided instructions on how to grant the necessary permissions. As a final step, Norton will provide a guided tour of the software so that you can familiarize yourself with its features and functionalities. If you ever forget something, you can easily access this information by clicking on the cog icon on the home page.

Norton 360 Easy interface

Norton’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate, displaying all the main features on the welcome screen. Although there are a few too many aspirational images on the main panel, the home screen remains highly functional, offering various convenient options on the right-hand toolbar. It is important to note that many of Norton’s features open in external webpages. This means that when you want to access Dark Web Monitoring or add parental controls, you will be redirected to a webpage providing more information. Having a separate tab for each function may not be ideal. Nevertheless, the interface is designed with the users in mind. It is not cluttered and allows for easy access to all primary functionalities with just one click.

Norton 360 Mobile Security & Scanning For Apps

The Norton Mobile Security app brings the top security features from Norton to your phone. Setting up and using the app is extremely simple, and the design is consistent on both Android and iOS devices. The interface has a beautifully minimalistic design, with all the main features conveniently located on the homepage. Additionally, it initiates quick scans automatically, eliminating the need for manual activation to monitor privacy and identify potential threats. One drawback we found with Norton’s mobile app is similar to our main complaint about the desktop version.

Key Uses

While the desktop app requires users to open various features in different tabs, there are several features on Norton Mobile Security that can only be accessed by downloading separate apps.

  • Password Manager
  • Secure VPN
  • Parental Control

24*7 Always Customer Support

Norton provides a comprehensive customer support system that includes various options to assist users in resolving any issues they may encounter. The available options include live chat, a 24/7 helpline, a community blog, and an extensive knowledge base. The live chat option allows users to connect with a support representative in real-time for prompt assistance. The 24/7 helpline is available around the clock for those who prefer to speak with someone directly. The community blog contains helpful articles and answers to frequently asked questions, while the knowledge base offers detailed guides and tutorials for troubleshooting common problems. Overall, Norton’s customer support options ensure that users can receive timely and effective assistance whenever they need it.

Total Supports

24/7 live chat
24-hour phone support
Email support
Social media support ✅ (Facebook and Twitter)
Knowledge database
Community support


Upon clicking on the Customer Support page, you will be directed to Norton’s knowledge base. This extensive resource offers a wide range of highly detailed articles that address the most common issues. Additionally, there is a search bar available to assist you in navigating through the various help guides and frequently asked questions. If you prefer to speak with someone directly, Norton provides both live chat support and a 24/7 helpline. However, it is important to note that contacting the live chat option may involve a longer process. Initially, you will need to engage with an AI assistant, log into your account, and only then will you be able to connect with a live representative. Overall, Norton offers several customer support channels to cater to your needs. Whether you require human assistance or prefer troubleshooting on your own, there are plenty of suitable options available to you.

Is Norton 360 Antivirus Worth For Using?

Investing in Norton antivirus is a wise decision, considering its status as one of the top-notch antivirus software available. It consistently excels in detecting malware and offers an extensive range of security features, along with user-friendly and powerful applications. While there are certainly less expensive options for antivirus packages, very few can match the comprehensive coverage that Norton provides. In fact, it is rare to find another antivirus software that offers such a high level of protection. Additionally, Norton comes bundled with additional features such as access to Norton Secure VPN and a password manager. If you are already satisfied with your current VPN plan and password manager, then Norton may not be the most cost-effective choice for you.

Norton 360 Complete Antivirus Protection

If your main priority is security, Norton 360 is the ideal option for you. It provides complete protection against all forms of malware, ensuring that your devices are secure. Additionally, it offers impressive features such as device security, cloud backup, and parental controls. The mobile app functions exceptionally well, although it may be a slight inconvenience to download separate apps for the VPN, parental controls, or password manager on your phone. However, apart from this minor drawback, Norton 360 is highly efficient, effective, and powerful. In fact, we would confidently state that Norton 360 is one of the best all-in-one antivirus products available in the market today.


Is Norton a good antivirus program?

After extensive testing, we have come to the conclusion that Norton 360 is undoubtedly the top-performing antivirus software. It provides impeccable protection against all forms of malware, ensuring complete security for your devices. Additionally, Norton 360 offers a wide range of features such as parental controls, cloud backup, and access to Norton Secure VPN, making it an incredibly comprehensive package.

Does Norton software include LifeLock?

Norton 360 offers Dark Web Monitoring Powered by LifeLock, which involves the scanning of your personal data on the dark web. By subscribing to a Norton 360 Deluxe or Premium plan, you not only gain access to LifeLock features but also ensure the protection of your sensitive information and safeguard yourself against online fraud.

Is there a free version of Norton antivirus?

No, there is no such thing available. However, you have the option to download a trial version for testing purposes. Please note that you will be required to provide your card information, so it is important to remember to cancel your subscription before any charges are incurred.

Will Norton 360 slow down my computer?

The impact varies. Generally, Norton 360 utilizes approximately 2 to 10% of the CPU, so a majority of users should not encounter any disruptions in speed. Nevertheless, when performing tasks that heavily utilize the CPU, Norton 360 may have an impact on the computer's performance.

Does Norton protect against ransomware?

Indeed, Norton is capable of providing protection against ransomware. In independent tests conducted to detect viruses, Norton 360 demonstrated its ability to swiftly identify this particular type of threat. Additionally, the software allows you to create backups for your important files.

Does Norton protect from hackers?

Certainly. Norton 360 incorporates numerous security measures to safeguard your device against various hackers. One such example is the provision of a firewall, the inclusion of the SafeCam feature, and the availability of a VPN.

Should I trust Norton Antivirus?

Certainly, there is absolutely no justification for distrusting Norton Antivirus. It provides an assurance of achieving a malware protection rate of 100%, which is substantiated by the results from independent laboratory tests. In recent evaluations, it successfully identified all instances of zero-day malware and exhibited no instances of false positives.

How much does Norton cost per month?

The pricing for Norton Antivirus begins at $19.99 per month. The cost depends on the specific plan you choose among the three options available: AntiVirus Plus ($19.99/month), Standard ($39.99/month), or Deluxe ($49.99/month).

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