Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success, Soft Landing, Videos Coming

Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success-  Tell us Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success, Delicate Landing, Recordings Coming, and more data from here. Because Chandrayaan 2 didn’t work, ISRO scientists and Indian citizens have to deal with bullying from Pakistan. Now, we’re waiting to hear how Pakistan will react to Chandrayaan 3’s success!

The failure of Chandrayaan 3 provided Pakistanis with an opportunity to bomb India with criticism. They were demoralizing ISRO scientists by posting videos, memes, and comments on public posts.

Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success

What happens next? There are no words left by individuals after the outcome of Chandrayaan 3. Pakistan’s reaction to Chandrayaan 3’s success is neutral; as of right now, they will have no choice but to express their gratitude to India for its victory. They are valuing endeavors made by the researchers. And why not? India is the first nation to have walked on the moon! We have a right to be treated with respect and pride. Beating Luna 25 and any remaining wanderers that were shipped off the Moon stayed away forever.

Certain individuals rate valuing their endeavors. They also express their opinions on SUPARCO, which states that Pakistan’s financial stability makes it difficult to carry out outer space missions like Chandrayaan 3. India also appreciates Pakistani critics’ harsh responses.

Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success

Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success Details 2023

Article Title Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success
Mission Lunar Mission
Rover Name Chandrayaan 3
Built By Indian Space Research Organisation
Countries to Reach on the Moon US, China, Soviet Union, and India
Pakistan’s Space Agency The Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
SUPARCO’s Failure Less Funding & No Upgradation in Technology
Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success Pakistanis are appreciating the efforts of India & ISRO for the Lunar Mission
Fawad Chaudhry’s Statement He said that it is a great moment for India & ISRO and shared greetings
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Congratulations India On Chandrayaan 3 Success

The victory of ISRO’s Chandrayaan 3 is attracting wishes from all over the world, not just from Indians. Such countless tests were performed, and the days were changed into the most obscure of evenings by the researchers to achieve the mission. There was a great deal of strain, and it expanded when Luna 25 crashed. The spaceship was built by ROSCOSMOS, one of the powerful space agencies, with approximately 1600 crore Indian rupees. The modules and the gear were of top notch.

LUNA 25 was sent off on eleventh August 2023 at 4:40 AM IST and crashed at 11:57 AM UTC on nineteenth August 2023. The normal arrival date on the Moon’s South pole, in contrast to India, was 21st August 2023, only 2 days before the normal arrival of Chandrayaan 3. In any case, the conviction of ISRO and the difficult work were a piece of adding to the general achievement.

Chandrayaan 3 Soft Landing

The soft landing would be delayed from August 23 to August 27 in 2023, according to widespread reports. This was because of the specialized contemplations of the ISRO Researchers. In order to ensure Vikram’s safe landing, they typically employed more logical and strategic thinking. Nilesh M. Desai who is the Overseer of the Space Applications Center shared the delayed news on Twitter. Be that as it may, On account of God Vikram Lander needed to confronted no issues, and it effectively finished the mission for which the researchers were enthusiastically standing by to achieve from the previous years.

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Pakistan Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Videos Coming

After Vikram’s soft landing on the South Pole of the Moon’s surface, there are a few videos online. The LIVE Broadcast was made by ISRO on its true site, and numerous others have likewise shared the immediate broadcast of the brilliant second. After watching the exotic video, Pakistanis have no words left in their mouths. Pakistanis are accepting that India has made a commitment and intends to fulfill it.

The assertion shows the counter-intuitive reasoning of Pakistan. He now speaks highly of India and ISRO’s achievements. He has posted a Tweet that we have shared underneath in the picture. This tweet was shared in somewhere around 5 minutes when Vikram arrived on the Moon. His harsh remarks about Chandrayaan 2’s failure necessitated this response.


The success of Chandrayaan 3 India’s lunar mission, has garnered significant attention and praise from around the world, including Pakistan. The achievement is seen as a testament to India’s advancements in space technology and scientific exploration. While there may be geopolitical tensions between the two countries, the success of Chandrayaan 3 is recognized as a remarkable milestone in space exploration. It serves as a reminder that scientific achievements have the power to transcend borders and foster a sense of admiration and respect among nations. Pakistan acknowledges India’s accomplishment and hopes for continued progress and success in its future space endeavors.


What is Pakistan reaction on Chandrayaan 3?

Pakistan's Reaction On Chandrayaan 3 Success is neutral, and as of now, without any will, they will have to congratulate India for its win.

Was Chandrayaan-2 unsuccessful?

Former ISRO Chairman K Sivan has revealed that a small error during the Chandrayaan-2 mission in 2019 led to its failure.

Is Chandrayaan-3 success or failure?

Chandrayaan 3, India's third lunar mission, achieved a historic milestone by successfully landing on the moon's far side after a month-long journey through space.

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