150+ Positive Affirmations For Kids and their Well Being 2023

Positive Affirmations For Kids:- When I was in my late teens, I learned about positive affirmations. Since then, they have helped me improve my self-esteem, deal with negative thoughts, and be a better friend to myself. I wish I had discovered them sooner. To ensure that children receive something that can lay a firm and empowering foundation for the rest of their lives, here is a list of 150 positive affirmations for children. Every day, students listen to guided affirmation audio sessions on a variety of topics, including self-love, confidence, self-acceptance, and self-worth.

Positive Affirmations For Kids

Positive statements that you repeat to either yourself or your child each day are known as affirmations. This insignificant investment in positive thinking can have a significant positive impact on one’s well-being, and it is especially beneficial for children as they develop their self-image and learn to manage their emotions. According to Dr. Cook, “research has demonstrated that as humans, we believe what we are told.” In other words, “if you tell your kids they are rotten, it is highly likely that they will act in that manner.” Naturally, the opposite is also true: children who receive affirming remarks from both themselves and others are more likely to act in a manner that serves to bolster those beliefs.

Positive affirmations can be a powerful tool for both children and adults alike. They help to change the way we think and feel, which can have a positive impact on our lives. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most popular positive affirmations for kids and provide tips on how to use them. We’ll also provide some samples so you can get started right away!

150+ Positive Affirmations For Kids

Positive Affirmations For Kids Overview

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About Positive Affirmations For Kids

Feel free to suggest an affirmation if your child is having trouble choosing one, or if there is something specific that you think your child really needs to hear that day; According to Dr. Cook, affirmations that are relevant to your child’s life tend to be more meaningful. For instance, if you are going through a divorce, you might suggest that your child say, “Both of my parents love me even though they no longer live together.” Here is a list of positive affirmations to help you and your child get started now that you know what to do.

How to Apply Positive Affirmations For Kids?

  • Put post-it notes on your fridge and tell your child to look at them often.
  • Positive affirmations can be written on notes to be left in their lunchbox.
  • Instruct them to draw these affirmations during painting sessions. It should be framed and hung on a wall where the child spends a lot of time.
  • Ask them to write these affirmations down in a journal, and do the same for yourself.
  • Spend five minutes a day together, seated, and repeating these affirmations. You can also write, record, and play your affirmations using our Gratitude app.
  • In relevant situations, remind them of these affirmations so that they become accustomed to practicing them.

Positive Affirmations For Kids

Do you want your child to be happy and successful? If so, you should start teaching them positive affirmations early on. Affirmations are words or phrases that children repeat to themselves to help them feel good about themselves. They can be used in a number of situations, from dealing with negative thoughts to improving academic performance. Here are five positive affirmation exercises that will help your child reach their goals.

  • Everything runs smoothly.
  • My voice counts.
  • I am content with who I am.
  • I am planning for the future.
  • I choose to be optimistic.
  • My happiness depends on me.
  • I begin with a positive outlook.
  • You can do anything.
  • I exude positive vibes.
  • I will experience wonderful events.
  • I can take in a lot of air.
  • With each breath, I feel more grounded.
  • I only look at myself in the mirror.
  • I’m capable of anything.
  • Just doing my best is sufficient.
  • Anything I want to be I can be.
  • I’m OK with who I am.
  • I have faith in myself.
  • I’m pleased with myself.
  • I ought to be content.
  • I can choose how I want to.
  • I should be loved.
  • I can have an impact.
  • I am a leader today.
  • I am sorry for my mistakes.
  • My difficulties help me develop.
  • I am flawless just as I am.
  • My failures aid in my development.
  • Every day, I get better.
  • I am a remarkable person.
  • My feelings and thoughts matter.
  • I can tell good from bad.
  • Anything I put my mind to, I can learn.
  • To encourage others, I do small acts of kindness.
  • I’m a big person.
  • My life is wonderful.
  • I love others as much as I love myself.
  • I’m safe and taken care of.
  • I can request assistance.
  • I have control over my responses to other people, but not over them.
  • I’m looking forward to a lot of exciting experiences.
  • I’m able to find humor in the mundane.
  • I’m good at listening.
  • When I’m sad, I can get a hug.
  • I’d like to be your friend.
  • I can take my time to comprehend my emotions.
  • I don’t care if I cry.
  • In point of fact, I have nothing to be ashamed of.
  • I can decide to surround myself with people who value me for who I am.

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Affirmations For Kids For Confidence

Do you want your child to be confident in every situation? Whether they’re facing a tough academic challenge, a difficult social interaction, or just feeling down in the dumps, there are plenty of positive affirmations that can help. Here are five of the most effective affirmations for kids for confidence, and we’ll explain how they work. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your child will start to feel more confident in every situation!

  • I have faith in myself.
  • I’m happy and healthy.
  • I am smart and excel academically.
  • I have a lot of great thoughts and ideas.
  • I am capable of making anything I want.
  • I’m creative, fun, and playful.
  • I stand out and are special.
  • I can be myself with confidence.
  • My life is enjoyable and full of happiness.
  • The person I am becoming makes me proud.
  • I’m protected, secured, and cherished.
  • I enjoy meeting new people.
  • I ought to have good things happen to me in my life.
  • I can learn quickly.
  • I enjoy discovering new things.
  • I make learning creative and enjoyable.
  • My memory is sharp and my focus is strong.
  • Anything I put my mind to can happen.
  • I quickly absorb new information.
  • I can do anything I put my mind to.
  • I have a lot of skills.
  • I can do amazing things.
  • Anything I set my mind to, I can accomplish.
  • I am amazing just the way I am.
  • I’m happy and looking forward to trying new things.

Positive Affirmations for Kids for Every Situation

Whenever you find yourself feeling down, try a few positive affirmations for kids to help boost your mood. These statements will help instill good habits and encourage you to stay positive in the face of difficult situations. Whether you’re feeling grumpy in the morning, or overwhelmed by homework, these simple words will help put things into perspective and help you feel better. So what are you waiting for? Bust out your affirmations list and start feeling better today!

  • I have a lot of potential.
  • I can make an effort.
  • I can find the good in any circumstance.
  • I’m always learning and expanding my knowledge.
  • My intelligence is diverse.
  • I have overcome obstacles in the past and can do it again.
  • In order to improve my skills, I practice.
  • It is alright to not be great at everything!
  • I have the skills needed.
  • I’m strong.

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Positive Affirmations to Say to Your Child

As a parent, you have a huge impact on your child’s life. One of the most important things you can do is to provide them with positive affirmations. These positive statements will help to build their self-esteem, encourage them to do their best, and help to create a strong foundation for their future. Here are five positive affirmations that you can say to your child to help them grow into the person they want to be.

  • You can constantly feel open to sharing your contemplations, thoughts, and sentiments.
  • You are loved and accepted as you are.
  • The best things in the world are due to you.
  • You are loved, safe, and protected.
  • In order to accomplish your objectives and realize your dreams, you will always have support.
  • The world will benefit from what you do.
  • People around you are fortunate to have you in their lives because you are such a wonderful person.
  • You are destined to win.
  • There are no end of possibilities in the world.
  • Your voice is constantly heard with deference and equivalent worth.


Kids are full of energy and potential, and it’s important to help them nurture that potential by providing them with positive affirmations. Affirmations are statements that help kids to focus on their positive qualities, and they can be used in a variety of contexts – at home, at school, during times of stress, or even when dealing with difficult situations. Here are five positive affirmations that will help kids to thrive in any situation.

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