SBI New Passbook 2023 How to Get SBI Passbook Online and Offline?

SBI New Passbook 2023: The SBI Bank passbook is a legal banking document that is given out when an account is opened. The passbook is one of the items in the State Bank of India’s welcome package for new customers. To meet customers’ requirements, SBI, India’s most well-known and prominent bank, provides a variety of offline and online banking options. A passbook service is provided by the bank to ensure that customers are properly followed up on their transactions. Passbooks had to be filled out by hand in the past, so customers had to go to the bank often. Customers of SBI Bank can now access their passbooks online thanks to cutting-edge technology platforms.

The bank marks the web-based passbook as mPassbook some e-passbook, all importance they are advanced offices. The user can use either online platforms or manual procedures to apply for a new passbook. A new passbook may be requested for a number of reasons, including a lost, damaged, or full passbook. The user must provide a reason for requesting a new passbook during the offline procedure.

SBI New Passbook 2023

State Bank of India, SBI, State Bank of India Passbook, SBI New Bank Passbook, SBI Passbook On the web, how to give another passbook in State Bank of India On the web, SBI New Bank Passbook Charges, SBI New Passbook: As we probably are aware, State Bank of India is one of the biggest financial areas across India. It is one of the biggest and greatest banks in the whole country. There are a large number of individuals who have made a ledger with SBI.

SBI furnishes a few different advantages alongside the financial area. Here in this article, we will examine all essential data connected with SBI New Passbook, for example, the methodology to apply online for State Bank of India New Passbook, about State Bank of India, the SBI New Bank Passbook Charges, significant focuses, and a lot more different subtleties. If you are living in India and need to utilize these Bank Offices, then read this article cautiously. We will attempt to share everything about to the State Bank of India New Passbook as per the bit by bit strategy. In this way, kindly read our article until the end.

SBI New Passbook

Bank Passbook in State Bank of India Overview

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Lost State Bank of India Passbook Somewhere

The Lost State Bank of India Passbook is a mysterious document that has captured the imagination of many over the years. It is said to be a passbook from the bank, though no one knows where it originated or why it disappeared. Some people believe it to be a coded message from aliens, while others believe it could be a forgotten chapter from the history of banking. Whatever its true origins, we can all agree that this mysterious passbook deserves to be found and studied by an enterprising historian.

Don’t worry at all if you lose your bank passbook anywhere. Because the State Bank of India now allows anyone to apply for a new bank passbook. If you or someone you know has lost, misplaced, or been damaged, you can apply to SBI for a new bank passbook. When you get a new State Bank of India bank passbook after losing your old one, there may be some fees associated with this.

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Steps to Apply for New Passbook For SBI:-

If you are a citizen of India, or have an Indian passport, and you wish to apply for a new passbook from your local branch of the State Bank of India (SBI), you can do so by visiting your local branch and presenting the required documents. These may include your identity card or passport, a utility bill, or other official document proving your address, as well as your old passbook if you have one. You may also need to provide proof of your income and financial status.

We will go over the steps that need to be taken to get a new passbook in this section. The procedure is as follows:

  • Send an application letter to the manager of your bank’s branch and request a second copy of your bank passbook. When submitting a request for a new or duplicate bank
  • passbook, always include the appropriate justification.
  • You will receive a new State Bank of India Bank Passbook from the bank if anyone consumes all of the pages.
  • If you misplaced your bank passbook, you must first pay for it and any applicable GST fees.
  • You will be able to submit an application for a new SBI Bank Passbook in this manner.

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Can We Apply for New Passbook State Bank of India Online?

The State Bank of India (SBI) is a major financial institution in India. It offers a wide range of products and services, including personal banking, business banking, insurance, and investment products. The bank is known for its commitment to customer service and its focus on providing high-quality products and services at fair prices. So if you want to apply for a new Passbook account at SBI, you can do so online. And if you’re already an SBI customer, you can easily manage your finances and make payments from anywhere with the convenience of using a digital platform. So no matter why you’re looking to open a new Passbook account with SBI, it’s worth considering this top-notch financial institution.

Here we will examine the means that ought to be applied for getting another SBI Passbook On the web. There are a few sites that let you know that you can’t matter for SBI Passbook On the web.

The following are the steps, according to the websites:

  • To accomplish this, go to the State Bank of India’s (SBI Online) official website and enter your username and password there.
  • Tap the Enquiries and Request button next.
  • Now, select the More option from the drop-down menu by tapping it.
  • Choose the Apply option for the new passbook.
  • Candidates will be able to submit an online application for a new passbook in this manner.

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How To Apply for New Bank Passbook in State Bank of India?

We will go over the steps required to apply for a new SBI Bank Passbook in this section. We are aware that using Internet Banking to apply a new bank passbook in SBI is the only option. However, we can apply for the New Bank Passbook in person at any State Bank of India branch closest to us. The procedure is as follows:

  • Find a State Bank of India Bank branch in your area.
  • Send a letter to the manager of the branch about the lost or damaged State Bank of India Bank Passbook. After that, you should request a new one from them.
  • Always provide a valid justification. like why and when.
  • Make a copy of any document that serves as proof of identity or address.
  • Now, include a photocopy of the documents in your letter of application.
  • Make self-attested copies of your copies. because the bank won’t be able to check them without your signature.
  • Now, go to the bank’s home branch and give the people in charge of the bank your application letter.
  • Every Indian citizen will be able to apply for a new bank passbook through the State Bank of India in this manner.

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Important Points

  • When you send in your application or letter to the bank, they will check your documents and then move on to the next step.
  • They will give you a new bank passbook once the documents and signature have been verified successfully.
  • On the bank passbook, always remember to add a barcode sticker with your bank account number.


The SBI New Passbook is a useful tool for keeping your finances in check. It is a monthly statement that allows you to track your spending and income, making it easier to manage your finances. The passbook also provides valuable information on how you are financially doing, such as how much money you have in different accounts and how much debt you have. Overall, the SBI New Passbook is an effective way of managing your finances and staying on top of your financial health.

SBI New Passbook FAQ’S

How can I get new SBI passbook?

To acquire a new passbook, the SBI customer should write a request letter to SBI bank. The user must attach their identity documents and pay Rs. 100 plus GST charges. For lost and damaged passbooks, the charges are the same.

Can I get SBI passbook immediately?

The cheque book will be delivered to the address registered with the Bank. If you do not get the cheque book within 5 days please contact your branch.

Can I print SBI passbook in any branch?

Non home branches refer to any branch other than the one where the customer has his account. The service is free only in the home branch and every other branch will charge Rs 10 every time the service is availed.

Is it mandatory to print bank passbook?

In a bank passbook, everything is precisely printed. However, a user must have the transaction printed on the bank passbook every time he or she visits the bank to keep it up to date.

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