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Shaala Siddhi 2023: An appropriate and efficient educational system are essential components of quality education. The Indian education department aims to streamline, improve, and offer a higher-quality education to all Indian students. The country’s education system is monitored and evaluated by the National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation, or NPSSE. To the benefit of all students, the NPSSE provides comprehensive and inclusive school evaluation programs.

Shaala siddhi is another name for the National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation, or NPSSE. It is a project designed to enhance education and schools in India. The National Institute of Education Planning and Administration, or NIEPA, came up with the NPSSE. The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development also provides assistance to the department.

Shaala Siddhi 2023

The elementary and secondary levels of education are served by the shaala siddhi program. The sole objective is to provide high-quality facilities to enhance education. Over 1.62 million schools have been established as a result of the program. To assist in resolving issues related to school development, the project will involve all education stakeholders. A program designed to assist in the implementation of school evaluations and enhance performance has been introduced by the NPSSE as the SSEF (School Standard and Evaluation Framework). Stakeholders and schools benefit from the SSEF’s assistance with external and self-evaluation.

Several features, such as e-Samiksha (School Evaluation Dashboard e-Samiksha), have been developed by the National Programme on School Standards and Evaluation (NPSSE). Schools can use the dashboard to provide evaluation details. To provide all evaluation data, eligible NPSSE participants—stakeholders and schools—must log in to the NPSSE website portal. The information is arranged by level, including block, cluster, district, state, and national.

Shaala Siddhi 2023 Login

NPSSE Shaala Siddhi Login Registration Overview

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Shaala Siddhi By National Programme on School Standards and Self Evaluation
Shaala Siddhi Under Ministry of Human Resource Development
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Shaala Siddhi For Comprehensive System of School Evaluation
Shaala Siddhi Run By National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA)
Number of Schools 1.5 Million Schools (all Over the Country)
Must Check Shaala Siddhi Login, Evaluation Report Update, etc.
Shaala Siddhi Official Website

Objective Of Shaala Siddhi

Shaala Siddhi is the final objective of all Shaalas. It is the culmination of all their efforts and a sign of their success. In Vedic astrology, a Shaala is defined as a sequence of three or more transits or aspects that come in a particular order and have particular meanings or significance. A Shaala can be thought of as a puzzle or mystery to be solved. Its purpose is to reveal important insights about the individual’s life and the future course of events.

The Shaala provides an opportunity for growth and change as we prepare for the new phase of our lives. It can serve as a reminder that we are not alone in our journey and that there is support and guidance available to us if we choose to seek it out. Objective Of Shaala Siddhi means that each person has his or her own path to follow, and finding our way along it will provide us with valuable lessons and opportunities that can help us grow and develop into the person we were meant to be.

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Benefits Of Shaala Siddhi Ministry of Human Resource Development

Shaala Siddhi is a divine channel of divine energy that awakens the potential in individuals and transforms them into powerful leaders. It helps individuals to discover their purpose and shine brightly in life. Shaala Siddhi can help individuals overcome obstacles, take courageous decisions, and achieve their goals. It also provides clarity, balance, and harmony in life. By engaging in Shaala Siddhi’s ministry, individuals are able to grow and develop into confident and skilled leaders. The benefits of engaging in the Shaala Siddhi ministry are numerous and can have a lasting impact on individuals’ lives.

The following are the advantages of this portal:

  • This portable aids in the improvement of nationwide schools.
  • Additionally, it will assist in establishing a high-quality educational system throughout the nation.
  • Shaala Siddhi is a significant step toward improving the quality of education in India through school evaluation.
  • It was started by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development and the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration.
  • Its objective is to continuously evaluate each school and its performance.
  • The primary goal of this portal is to bring a technically sound conceptual framework, methodology instrument, and evolution process to school education.
  • Shaala Siddhi is designed to make it easier for every school to provide the most recent evaluation report for improvement in a print and digital format. It will assist in evaluating the school’s performance against well-defined criteria.
  • It has been of great assistance to each and every Indian state.

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How to Make For Shaala Siddhi Portal Login?

  • Go to the official Shaala Siddhi National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) website at and select the Login option on the home page.
  • The Login Page will open in the new tab.
  • Enter your password and user name.
  • Select “Submit.”

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Shaala Siddhi New Registration 2023 Apply Online

  • Go to the official Shaala Siddhi NIEPA website at and select the Login option on the home page.
  • Now, below the login box, select New Registration.
  • The Shaala Siddhi New Registration Page will open in the tab.
  • Select School Level, Name, Last Name, UDISE Code, Versatile Number, and Email ID.
  • Select “Get OTP” and “Submit OTP Right Now.”
  • Now enter the information and choose a password.
  • One can finish the Shaala Siddhi registration in this way.

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How to Upload Shaala Siddhi Self Evaluation Report?

  • Check Shaala Siddhi Portal Login by Following the Steps Below on the Shaala Siddhi National Institute of
  • Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) Official Website at
  • Now, select either the link for the self-evaluation application or the external evaluation report submission link.
  • Make an OTP submission now by entering your mobile phone number.
  • Now, submit Shaala Siddhi’s report as soon as it is available in PDF format.
  • Select either “Submit” or “Upload Last.”
  • Uploading a Shaala Siddhi Self-Evaluation Report is possible in this manner.

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Ministry of Human Resource Development Generating Reports

Navigate to the Reports tab and select the report type shown below.

  • Composite evaluation matrix for schools.
  • The dashboard for the school evaluation report
  • The composite matrix status report

Shaala Siddhi Login FAQ’S

What is school evaluation dashboard?

The School Evaluation Dashboard facilitate each school to provide consolidated self-evaluation report in key performance domains and core standards, including action for improvement.

What is the importance of Shaala Siddhi?

Developed by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), it aims to enable schools to evaluate their performance in a more focused and strategic manner and facilitate them to make professional judgments for improvement.

What are the aims of Shaala Siddhi?

The major objective for creating the Shaala Siddhi programme is to establish and refer to an agreed set of standards and processes which all schools must strive to achieve in a sustainable manner. It visualizes 'School Evaluation' as the means and 'School Improvement' as the goal.

What is my Diksha password?

You can recover your DIKSHA account, if you have forgotten the password. To recover your password you must enter your email address and the user name that you provided while signing on DIKSHA. You will receive an OTP to reset your password and recover your account.

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