Twitter Rebrand & Renamed To “X” – Musk Decided To Change Twitter Name

Twitter Rebrand & Renamed To “X” – Here are the fundamental updates connected with Twitter Rebrand and Renamed to “X” – Musk Chose to Change Twitter Name. Twitter clients need to express goodbye to the stage’s famous blue bird logo. It’s been a sign of the Twitter stage for north of 10 years. Yet, presently as the proprietor Elon Cover declared on Sunday that the “X” logo will have its spot as a component of an organization rebrand. He added that it will be the “break logo” will make a big appearance on the entrance. The space now prompts Twitter’s entry too.

Elon Musk as of late made sense of why he chose to rebrand Twitter to X and noticed that it’s something other than a name change. All things considered, it addresses his arrangements to make an “everything application.” “Twitter was obtained by X Corp both to guarantee the right to speak freely of discourse and as an enhancement for X, the everything application. This isn’t just an organization renaming itself, yet doing likewise,” Musk made sense of in a post Monday night.

Twitter Rebrand & Renamed To “X”

Twitter was established on 21 Mach 2006 and it has been a long time from that point forward. Twitter’s incredible bird logo has been a characteristic of the Twitter stage for north of 10 years. On Sunday (23 July 2023) Twitter’s proprietor Elon Musk and Chief Linda Yaccarino declared the rebranding of Twitter. Twitter bird logo will be supplanted with an “X” sign and the tweets will be classified “X”. Elon added that the area will prompt Twitter’s site also.

The really thought process behind this is to make X an “everything” application he imagines would hold informing, installment administrations, web-based entertainment everything indistinguishable from China’s WeChat. Twitter clients are not with this choice. Here, we will convey all the fundamental and huge data connected with Twitter Rebrand and Renamed to “X” – Musk Chose to Change Twitter Name. Along these lines, remain tuned and continue to peruse.

Twitter Rebrand & Renamed To “X”

Twitter Rebrand & Renamed To “X” Details 2023

Name of the Platform  Twitter
Founded on  21 March 2006
Available in Multilingual
Rebrand Name  X
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Biz Stone
  • Noah Glass
  • Evan Williams
Chairman  Elon Musk
CEO  Linda Yaccarino
Users  535 M.  MAU (As of June 2023)
Area served  Worldwide (Except Prohibited Countries)
Category Trending
Facebook follow-us-on-facebook-e1684427606882.jpeg
Whatsapp badisoch whatsapp
Telegram unknown.jpg
official Site

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Musk Decided To Change Twitter Name

Elon Musk the proprietor and Executive of Twitter has taken a combative action by changing Twitter’s name and logo to “X”. He says not will prompt This will be the enormous change he has made with the Twitter Brand. He made this declaration through a succession of posts for him that he’s looking to roll out the improvement overall as of Monday. He even posted a picture of a Glinting “X” and when the clients tweeted and asked will the Twitter logo transform, he replayed with a “Yes” and said It ought to have been done quite a while ago.

Musk even tweeted that “And soon we will say farewell to the Twitter brand and, progressively, every one of the birds”. Clients are exceptionally frustrated with Elon this choice and said it required a long time to make the logo and it has a few explicit reasons and difficult work behind it. The Bird logo required three years to get affirmed and the logo. The last logo still up in the air from the 15 circles and the creators made a huge number of birds to make the right shape for Twitter Bird.

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What’s with the letter X?

Musk seems to have a longstanding obsession with the letter X, naming his absolute initially startup ( After a consolidation, the application became PayPal, in spite of the fact that Musk supposedly pushed for it to keep the name X, as per biographer Walter Isaacson.) In the wake of purchasing Twitter, Musk apparently messaged Isaacson that he was “extremely amped up for at long last carrying out as it ought to have been finished, involving Twitter as a catalyst!”

The letter X surfaces all through Musk’s different undertakings too, including his space-investigation adventure SpaceX, his as of late sent off man-made reasoning application xAI and the Model X, one of electric vehicle organization Tesla’s earliest models. Musk even alludes to his child with vocalist Grimes, by the name X.

“It’s simply X, the letter X,” he said on the Joe Rogan Experience as of late, clearing up how for articulate his child X Æ A-XII’s name.

Musk recovered responsibility for quite a while back. He officially changed Twitter’s lawful name to X Corp in April. Over the course of the end of the week, was diverted to, and on Monday a crane started to eliminate Twitter’s famous bird logo from the organization’s San Francisco central command. Nonetheless, police halted the work not long after it started.


The following are the key updates related to Twitter’s rebrand and change of name to “X”: Musk decided to alter his Twitter name. Twitter users must bid farewell to the stage’s iconic blue bird emblem. For more than ten years, it has served as a symbol of the Twitter stage. But as of right now, the company’s owner Elon Cover said on Sunday that a rebranding effort will include a place for the “X” emblem. The “break logo” would be prominently displayed on the entryway, he continued. Twitter’s input is now prompted when typing


What is the name of the owner of Twitter?

Elon Musk is the owner of Twitter.

What is the name of the CEO of Twitter?

Linda Yaccarino is the CEO of Twitter.

What is Twitter’s new name?

Twitter is renamed as “X”.

Is Twitter renamed as “X”?

Yes, Elon Musk the owner of Twitter has announced through his tweet regarding Twitter’s Rebrand & Renamed it to “X”.

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