UAN Card Download 2023 Apply EPFO UAN Card PDF Online

UAN Card Download- The Universal Account Number has made it easier for EPF account holders to view their account information, request an EPF withdrawal, and apply for a loan, among other things. As a result, the employee provident fund office gives employees a card with all of their information for easier access.

If an employee is changing jobs, they must carry this document. Because linking the new employer’s PF account to their previous active UAN number is beneficial. The is accessible from the EPFO site and representatives need to give their qualifications to print. There may be a 12-digit unique account number printed on it with more information about your employment.

UAN Card Download 2023

The EPF UAN Unified portal, which allows you to the and EPF account passbook, had been launched by EPFO. This portal was established by EPFO to simplify the process of using EPFO’s services. Utilizing the EPFO UAN portal, you can obtain an EPF KYC status in addition to downloading the EPF passbook and UAN Card Download . Any and all EPF accounts linked to your UAN number can be viewed.

You can instantly change your registered email address and phone number online by utilizing the UAN EPF portal. People are able to confirm the accuracy of their account entries thanks to the capability of downloading the EPF passbook. Every EPFO employee will receive a unique UAN number, which they must provide in order to download the EPF passbook and Universal Account Number card. The passbook can be downloaded using this.

UAN Card Download

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What is UAN Card for?

A Universal Account Number (UAN) card is issued by the Employee Provident Fund Office (EPFO), granting employees access to their EPF withdrawal, account information, and loan application, among other things. When employees change jobs or organizations, using the UAN card makes it easier to move their PF from one account to another.

The employee had to get a new EPF number each time he changed jobs before the UAN was implemented. This caused a great deal of disarray and confusion. The EPFO issued the UAN (universal account number) to end this ambiguity. Thus, presently with the assistance of this UAN, the worker can move his PF, view his subtleties, check the EPF balance, and so on. The UAN card has made the cycle simpler for the worker.

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What Information Does the UAN Card Include

A UAN card is issued by the Employee Provident Fund Office (EPFO), which contains the employee’s information. When an employee changes jobs, they must show their UAN card because it makes the transition easier. It makes it easier to link the old account to the new EPF account. The following data can be found on the UAN card:

  • Unique Account Number of the employee
  • Employee name
  • Father’s/Husband’s name
  • KYC
  • QR code
  • Date Stamp

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Guideline To Download EPF Passbook Online?

The steps to downloading the EPF passbook are listed below. You can download the EPF passbook by following the steps below. The procedure for downloading the EPF Passbook using the UAN number is listed below. You can download the EPF account passbook online by following the above procedure. Only one mobile device may be register under this e-pass book service. Additionally, you will not be able to download your passbook if your EPF account is either close or inactive. To the UAN card from the Widespread Record Number gateway follow the beneath system.

  1. Check to see if your UAN number is linked to your PF account before downloading the EPF passbook; if not, link it first and then download the passbook.
  2. To begin downloading the EPF passbook, visit the EPFO’s official website first.
  3.  The EPF home page will then appear on the screen at
  4. Select the “Member option” option there.
  5. The login page will then appear on the screen if you click on that.
  6. After that, enter your EPF account login information.
  7. The next option is “download EPF passbook.”
  8. After that, your passbook will be successfully downloaded.

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How To Download UAN Card Download 2023 Online?

The steps to downloading the UAN Card online through the UAN portal are list below.

  • To begin downloading the UAN card, open the EPF UAN portal first.
  • You can directly access the UAN EPF portal by clicking the link below.
  • After that, the screen displays the EPF UAN portal’s home screen at
  • in that you must use your UAN number and password to log in.
  • You can use the direct option to  the UAN card if you want after logging into your account on the page that appears.
  • Or by selecting the view option at the page’s top.
  • After that, select the UAN card option from the drop-down menu.
  • The option to download the will then be present to you;.
  • select the download option, and your  will be .

UAN Card Download 2023 FAQ’S

Can we download UAN card?

You must first enter your UAN number and password into the EPF website. Click on “UAN Card” after looking for the “View” option. The screen will show you your UAN card. Your UAN Card can be easily printed or downloaded.

How can I download eSHRAM UAN card after registration?

First, visit, and then select UPDATE. After entering the UAN card number, birthdate, and captcha, select Generate OTP. Enter the acquired OTP to affirm the versatile number at this point. After that, select “Download eSHRAM Card Download By Mobile Number.”

What is the alternate way to download UAN card?

Utilize your credentials to sign in to the EPFO portal. Click “UAN Card” in the “View” section. The following screen will display your UAN Card. The “Download UAN Card” button can be found in the upper right corner.

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