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Who Is Guddu Muslim:- After the murder of Umesh Pal on February 24, 2023, Guddu Bambaj, also known as Guddu Muslim, became a household name. Guddu Muslim is the superb suspect in the Umesh Buddy murder case. An award of Rs. has been made available by the Uttar Pradesh government. 5 lakhs for catching the most needed criminal, Guddu Muslim. Guddu Muslim is a bomb maker who works for Uttar Pradesh’s top mafia. On April 15, 2023, Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were seen discussing Guddu Muslim with the media at the time of their public shooting. Both were shot to death as soon as they heard his name. As a result, it is generally accepted that Guddu Muslim is to blame for the gangster-turned-politician Ashraf Ahmed and Atiq Ahmed’s deaths.

Allow us to let you know that Guddu Muslim is an Indian mobster and outlaw. He has been in the newsflash in light of the fact that Uttar Pradesh police recently captured him after the experience between Atiq Ahmed’s child Asad and his partner Ghulam Mohammad. is between the ages of 40 and 50, but it is unknown when he was born. In this article, we will furnish you with all the data connected with Guddu Muslim Memoir (Wiki) alongside his Genuine Name, Age, Level, Family, Total assets and Criminal Cases exhaustively. Please continue reading further.

Who Is Guddu Muslim

Since his young life, Guddu Muslim has been from a crook foundation. He began killing people when he was 15 in addition to theft. He is a specialist in making bombs. Grenades from have always been imported by Abhay Singh, Dhanjay Singh, and Mukhtar Ansari.  Since the Muslim mafia protected him, his name,  has been kept. is additionally known for partaking in every one of the dark demonstrations that are happening in Uttar Pradesh.

Bambaz Guddu and Guddu Bambaj are other names for. Even while riding a horse as a pillion on a moving motorcycle, he maintains his reputation as a skilled manufacturer of hand grenades. Previous reports from police bases indicated that had a unique method for accumulating bombs and could do so in as little as four to five minutes. have worked for various wears, including Abhay Singh, Dhananjay Singh, Mukhtar Ansari, and so on. Guddu Muslim has been utilized with Atiq Ahmed throughout the previous decade. His name also had something to do with the well-known murder of Peter Gomes in Lucknow.


Who Is Guddu Muslim Details

Real Name Guddu Bombaj
Nick Name Guddu Muslim
Birthplace Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh
Nationality Indian
Religion Muslim
Family Mother: Not Available Father: Not Available Sister: Not Available Brother: Not Available
Marital Status Married
Category Wiki
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Who Is Guddu Muslim: History

Allahabad is where Guddu Muslim was born. He was asked to leave Allahabad and move to Lucknow because of his never-ending crimes. However, Lucknow appears to have encourage his subsequent crimes. He got relate with bigger violations. In 1997, a sad occurrence occurred. Frederick J. Gomes, a teacher at Lucknow’s La Martiniere School, was kill by got capture for this wrongdoing yet because of absence of proof, he was discharge from the court. He was able to do more wrongs because of this. He didn’t stop here. Police were looking for him. left Lucknow and travel to Uttar Pradesh as he turned into the most need criminal from that point forward.

However, he was arrest in 2001 and was unable to escape much. The association between Atiq Ahmed and develop when Atiq Ahmed got Guddu Muslim out of prison. It is repute that in light of the fact that Atiq Ahmed got out of the prison, their bond develop and they began perpetrating wrongdoings together. On 24 February 2023, he toss a bomb at Umesh Buddy and the camera caught his face. Since then, the police have been searching for him and have also announce a Rs. 5 lakhs that will be given to the individual who assists the police in capturing.

Guddu Muslim Age

Although not much of his personal information has been made public, the sources claim that he was born in 1973. Thus, as indicate by it, he may associate with 50 years old. However, his actual birth death has not yet been reveal. Asad and Ghulam are presently dead. This means that Guddu Muslim is now the most want criminal.

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Guddu Muslim News

He began his criminal career as an adolescent by committing robberies and extortions. Bit by bit, he met a couple of lawbreakers who train him to make bombs. His folks got stress and chosen to take him to Lucknow for his future investigations. He attend the University of Lucknow for his education. While contemplating, he met Dhananjay Singh and Abhay Singh (the two most need crooks) and they turn into his accomplices in every one of the violations.

Indian contractor Santosh Singh was murder in 1996 by Guddu. The Uttar Pradesh police have been looking for him ever since. In order to flee the police, he took a flight to Bihar. In 1997, homicide someone else name Frederick J Gomes. Dhananjay Singh was involve alongside Guddu. He was locate and detain by the local police. He was release from jail, however, due to his good fortune, as there was insufficient evidence against him.

Presently, the legislators likewise reach out. They use  assistance to create tender pools for railways and mobile towers. Indian criminal Sriprakash Shukla became  criminal guru. Guddu was aide in committing numerous offenses by Shukla. However, one fine day, police track down Shukla and experience him.

However,  was unaffect. He met Parvez Tada, a Gorakhpur mafia member. He discover Atiq Ahmed, a politician and gangster, while working with Parvez. The police experience Parvez Tada. When  was arrest in connection with the murder of Santosh Singh, Atiq Ahm assist him in getting out of jail.

Guddu Muslim is also said to work for Pakistans ISI, according to rumors. The Pakistani-made weapons were in Guddu’s possession. Shivpujan Yadav, a resign CO of the police dept reveal in a meeting that in the wake of carrying out any wrongdoing, would take cover in Nepal. He would travel to Nepal and remain there for a days to escape from the police.

Criminal Cases of Guddu Muslim

As per police bases, while Guddu Muslim was beforehand include in bad behaviors, including robbery and exaction, it was capability in assembling bombs that cause him to expect after by mobsters. He was once align with artifact sheeter Satyendra Singh, who was kill in 1997.

  1. During the 1997 murder of Frederick Gomes, a physical training coach at La Martiniere College in Lucknow, Guddu’s name was first mention.
  2. was capture however was unconfine on bail for need of sign a couple of days after the fact.
  3. Afterward, he should have recognize his bomb-production helps while utilize for Gorakhpur wear Parvez Tada.
  4. additionally work for wear turn-legislator Mukhtar Ansari prior to joining Atiq, say police.
  5. Along with Atiq and others, Guddu was one of the suspects in the 2005 killing of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLA Raju Buddy. The case has not end.
  6. As indicate by a senior Uttar Pradesh cop, Guddu flung hand bombs at Raju Buddy the same way he would during the killing of Umesh Buddy.
  7. In the Raju Pal case, he play a crucial supporting role. He is believe to have been free from prison by Atiq Ahmad. From that point forward, they became neighboring.
  8. In the case of the murder of Umesh Pal, was brought up once more, and the police award Guddu Muslims Rs 5 lakh in compensation.

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Guddu Muslim’s Net Worth

The source through which Guddu Muslim earn money is not reveal. However, it is estimate that his net worth would be around $1 million. Guddu Muslim would force the officers to give him the tenders. He has work with many underground criminals. He also use to make bombs in just 3 to 4 minutes and export them worldwide.

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