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Honda Shine 100 Off to a Good Start; Registers 71,000 Sales

Honda Shine 100 Off to a Good Start:- In one of its biggest bets in the passage level cruiser segment, Honda brought its best bike brand Shine in the 100 cc segment – overtaking the legend Wonder, the country’s best selling bike. The Shine 100 was launched in India in the spring and began shipping in batches in May. This implies that Honda has registered total wholesale sales of 71,961 units in just three months – an average of around 24,000 units per month. Very few, but these are really good numbers. Also, as per the best of our information, the cruiser is still not available in India.

Honda is completely focusing on the child Shine and truth be told to such an extent that it has still not refreshed its other 110cc bikes – the Fantasy CD110 and the Livo. Not a single 110 model has been shipped since April 2024 when OBD2 compatibility became mandatory (the Shine 100 shipped as an OBD2 compatible model). Apparently Honda has made the Shine 100 everywhere – so it enters the Lookout – and there’s no stopping it – even from its own model.

Honda Shine 100 Off to a Good Start 2024

Honda is serious about the elegance of the Shine and surprisingly, after offering it at a very attractive price, it has started offering it in some states as low as Rs 62,990 – Uttar Pradesh being the most notable among them . The Shine 100’s initial several month numbers are higher than what Honda dealt in the 100-110 cc segment during the same period last year. This should be encouraging for the brand and when the 110 joins the portfolio, Honda would expect a big jump in the consolidated numbers.

This means that Honda has registered total wholesale sales of 71,961 units in just three months – an average of around 24,000 units per month. Very few, but these are really good numbers. Also, as per the best of our information, the cruiser is still not available in India. Honda Shine 100 is a bike which is available in only 1 variant and 5 tones. Shine 100 price starts at Rs. 78,637 in India. The Shine 100 bike weighs 99 kg and has a gas tank capacity of 9 litres.

Honda Shine 100

Honda Shine 100 Off to a Good Start Details 2024

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Honda Shine 100 Feature

The styling and design of the Shine 100 is complimented by its senior sibling the Shine 100. It typically features dark composite Hegel aluminum gate rails. Honda has made the Shine 100 available in five dual tone colours: Dark with Red Stripes, Dark with Blue Stripes, Dark with Green Stripes, Dark with Gold Stripes and Dark with Dim Stripes. Since it is a 100 cc labor bike , the Honda Shine 100 gets overwhelmed with exceptional highlights and manages with halogen front lamps and simple double case instrument console for basic readouts like speedometer, fuel gauge and necessary clear illumination. Additional elements include a side-stand motor cut-off capability, a programmed gag framework and a fuel siphon located on the outside for easy maintenance.

The Honda Shine 100 features a 786mm x 677mm saddle seat that allows easy contact with the ground for medium-level Indian riders. It also gets a ground clearance of 168 mm to handle the dreadful roads of our country. It also highlights the old school styling, twin simple dials in the instrument bunch and a side stand motor cut off. The new motor is compliant with the new OBD2 emission standards and can also run on the upcoming E20 (20% ethanol) blended fuel. Honda fitted a solenoid valve to the Shine 100 that acts as a programmed gag mechanism for the suburban bike to help it start faster regardless of the weather. The Shine 100 also features an external fuel siphon which Honda claims reduces maintenance time and cost.

Honda Shine 100

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Honda Shine 100 Engine And Chassis

As the name suggests, the Honda Shine 100 is powered by an all-new 100cc motor that produces 7.5bhp and 8.05Nm. This motor is OBD2 compatible and Honda has made it as light as possible to aid in performance and eco-friendliness. Although the brand is yet to reveal any details about the same, it has been claimed that the Shine 100 will offer top-notch eco-friendliness. Honda has fitted the Shine 100 with a 100cc single-chamber air-cooled engine that produces 7.61bhp and 8.05Nm and is mated to a four-speed gearbox.

Shine is Backed by 100 Steel Jewel Outline. It features adaptive long-travel forks at the front and dual safety measures at the rear. On the braking front, the Shine 100 gets drum brake setup at both the ends assisted by CBS (combi-stopping mechanism). Honda has also fitted an external fuel siphon on the outside of the gas tank in the Shine to reduce maintenance time. It is OBD-2-compatible (Locally Available Diagnostics) and can continuously check emissions.

Honda Shine 100

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Honda Shine 100 Braking And Suspension

Feature-wise, the Honda Shine 100 gets a simple twin-case console with all the basic readouts like speedometer, odometer, fuel level readout, fairing pointer and check motor light. It rides on simple adjustable front forks and double rear shocks while braking equipment consists of front and rear drum brakes on cast compound wheels. Braking duties of the Honda Shine are handled by drum brakes on two closers, which are assisted by Honda’s combi-stopping mechanism.

Drum brakes (130mm front and 110mm rear) provide satisfactory stopping power, although we really wish the front felt a bit more snappy when locked. Along with the Precious Stone casing, the Shine 100 features a regular adjustable fork and twin safety suspension setup. , the slow motion is dealt with through the drum units on the two finishes with CBS. It rides on 17-inch alloy wheels shod with MRF tyres. Honda Shine 100 is powered by a 98.98cc BS6 motor that produces 7.28 bhp power and 8.05 Nm torque. With both front and rear drum brakes, the Honda Shine 100 features a two-wheel stopping mechanism.

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This road bike is equipped with BS-VI compliant four-stroke air-cooled flash start 100 cc motor that has a single chamber with two-valve operation. It produces 7.61bhp of max power and 8.05 Nm of peak torque to propel the vehicle mated to a four-speed manual transmission system. The Honda Shine 100 has an ARAI-guaranteed mileage of 65 kmpl which may fluctuate with changes in road conditions and riding styles.

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Honda Shine 100 Registers Sales 

The exterior view of this Honda bike shows wide halogen fog lights, basic looking conventional turn pointers, a dim visor, golden reflectors on the front bumper, ‘Honda’ lettering on the gas tank with brand logo, model badge below. Graphical scheme around the board and side body. In addition, it includes a single seat plan, bar for rear seat occupants, wide tail lights and a dark suppressor with tempered steel heat defender. Honda Shine 100 is equipped with a Combi Stopping Mechanism which makes the ride safer by applying deceleration force to both the wheels when the brake switch is down. In addition, it gets a side stand with a motor inhibitor, a simple speedometer, a simple odometer, a low fuel marker, a launch highlight and an external fuel siphon.


Honda is totally concentrating on the kid Shine, in fact to such a degree that the Fantasy CD110 and the Livo, two 110cc bikes, haven’t been updated yet. Since OBD2 compatibility became required in April 2024 (the Shine 100 was the first 110 model to launch), not a single 110 model has been produced. Honda has apparently manufactured the Shine 100 everywhere around, so when it enters the Lookout, nothing can stop it, not even from its own model.

Honda Shine 100 Off to a Good Start FAQ’S

Is the Honda Shine 100cc self start?

As for features, all of them come equipped with a halogen headlight, a side-stand engine cutoff, a combined braking system, a self-starter and alloy wheels.

Which bike has highest mileage?

The bikes with the best gas mileage are the TVS Star City Plus (83 kmpl), Hero Splendor Plus XTEC (83 kmpl), and TVS Radeon (73 kmpl). What type of commuter bike has the best mileage? The Hero Splendor Plus commuter bike has the maximum mileage (83.2 kmpl).

What is the life of Honda Shine?

My Forza runs every day; with 55400 miles on the clock, I just change the oil every 4500 km, the belt after 25 000 km, and now at 50 000 km, the brake pads; otherwise, it still runs flawlessly. I own a 2018 model cb shine 125cc. Even after 45000 kilometers of running, there is no issue. I've always ridden my bike at speeds more than 70 mph.

Is 100 cc bike good for long drive?

People usually believe that a 100cc or 125cc motorcycle or scooter cannot travel far. It is a fallacy that the engine will overheat, seize, and break down. A little engine car may also make it on a very long journey, but how you drive is what matters most.

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