World Hepatitis Day 2023 Date, History, Importance, theme & greetings and More Details

World Hepatitis Day:- Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that is the cause of many health problems, the most dangerous of which is liver cancer. World Hepatitis Day (WHD) is observed on 28 July to raise awareness against the global problem of viral hepatitis and to bring about a change in the situation.

People across the globe are urged to come together and take steps towards eradicating this disease. One person dies of a hepatitis-related illness every 30 seconds, and the WHD provided a great opportunity to draw attention to the importance of knowing your hepatitis status and spread the word about treatment.

World Hepatitis Day 2023

Consistently, World Hepatitis Day is commended on July 28 to make mindfulness and teach individuals about the impact of viral hepatitis, which can cause liver irritation prompting extreme liver-related infirmities and liver disease.

A group of experts from the World Health Organization (WHO), highly regarded scientists, and policymakers from a few nations are currently dealing with an increase in anonymous acute hepatitis and working to comprehend the infection’s root cause, which primarily affects children. There are signs that this contamination isn’t because of the current five known hepatitis infections (A, B, C, D and E).

World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day Overview

Article Name World Hepatitis Day 2023 Date, History, Importance, theme & greetings and More Details
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Importance and Significance of World Hepatitis Day

World Hepatitis Day brings attention to viral hepatitis, an inflammation that leads to liver problems and cancers of the liver. The following are the five main hepatitis virus strains: hepatitis B and C are the most widely recognized reason for death, killing 1.3 million individuals every year.

Together, we can achieve a hepatitis-free future.

  • promotes hepatitis B vaccination and provides at least two booster doses to newborns to prevent infection.
  • putting an end to the transmission from mother to child. Hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis should all be checked on every pregnant woman and treated as necessary.
  • No one should be left behind. Everybody needs admittance to hepatitis avoidance, testing and treatment administrations, including the people who infuse drugs, those in jail, outsiders, and other high-influence individuals.
  • Expand access to treatment and testing. Liver cancer and other severe liver diseases can be avoided by promptly diagnosing and treating viral hepatitis.
  • Keep up with compulsory hepatitis administration during Coronavirus. Hepatitis counteraction and care administrations, for example, newborn child vaccination, hurt decrease administrations, and continuous therapy of ongoing hepatitis B, are likewise fundamental during a pandemic.

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History of World Hepatitis Day

Different European and Center Eastern Patient Gatherings and Child Muriel noticed Worldwide Hepatitis C Appreciation day on October 1, 2004. Hepatitis Day was celebrated by other groups on different days. Taking into account this, the need to notice one single worldwide day for battle against the illness was felt. The first World Hepatitis Day was established in 2008 by the World Hepatitis Alliance and patient advocacy organizations.

Later in May 2010 at the 63rd World Wellbeing Gathering, the Unified Countries reception a goal and July 28 was picked rather than May 19 to be seen as World Hepatitis Day, the day was decided to respect Nobel Laureate Baruch Samuel Blumberg, pioneer of the hepatitis B infection, which was likewise his birthday. Starting around 2011, each 28 July is seen as World Hepatitis Day and is praised with an alternate subject.

World Hepatitis Day 2023 Theme and Slogan

“Hepatitis Can’t Wait” is the theme for World Hepatitis Day 2023. On World Hepatitis Day, July 28, we ask individuals overall to make a move and bring issues to light of hepatitis disease, as hepatitis can hardly stand by.

World Hepatitis Day is a time to recognize our accomplishments and face the challenges of the present. In order to jointly promote hepatitis prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, this day also brings together the global hepatitis community to raise awareness and encourage significant political change.

  • World Hepatitis Day 2022 theme – “Hepatitis-free Future.” In the year 2020 WHO strongly focused on preventing hepatitis B transmission of mother-to-child
  • World Hepatitis Day 2021 theme – “Invest in Eliminating Hepatitis.” WHO urged all countries and healthcare partners to go with the cause of eliminating Hepatitis
  • World Hepatitis Day 2020 theme – “Test. Treat. Hepatitis.” Testing on time and treating Hepatitis B and C can save many lives.

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World Hepatitis Day 2023 Celebration

World Hepatitis Day is observed and celebrated in more than 100 nations. In honor of this day, numerous activities are held, including free screenings, poster campaigns, demonstrations, concerts, talk shows, flash mobs, and vaccination drives. People are encouraged to attend these events, which are put on by various government and non-government organizations.

World Hepatitis Day 2023 Date

Event Date Day
World Hepatitis Day 2023 July 28, 2023 Friday
World Hepatitis Day 2024 July 28, 2024 Sunday
World Hepatitis Day 2025 July 28, 2025 Monday
World Hepatitis Day 2026 July 28, 2026 Tuesday
World Hepatitis Day 2027 July 28, 2027 Wednesday

World Hepatitis Day 2023 FAQ’S

What is the theme of World Hepatitis Day 2023?

We aim to raise awareness about the hurdles people affected by hepatitis face, and overcome, every single day. Our theme for WHD this year is Don't miss the target.

Why is July 28th hepatitis day?

World Hepatitis Day (WHD) takes places every year on 28 July bringing the world together under a single theme to raise awareness of the global burden of viral hepatitis and to influence real change.

What happens on World Hepatitis Day?

Dr. Blumberg discovered the hepatitis B virus in 1967 and two years later developed the first hepatitis B vaccine and for these achievements won the Nobel Prize.

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