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BMW CES 2024 Color Changing Car BMW introduced color changing i-Vision Dee concept electric car at CES 2024, read report

BMW CES: That’s the idea, or at least one of it, behind BMW’s new “i Vision Dee” concept car, a futuristic electric sports sedan with color-changing panels. It is the world’s first “color-changing” automobile, according to BMW. The company announced in a press release on Thursday that the Dee. Which stands for “Digital Emotional Experience,” can switch between 32 distinct colors while being unveiled at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Due to its 240 distinct panel segments. The vehicle is able to mix and match between 32 distinct solid exterior colors. That’s a big improvement over BMW’s earlier model. Which was shown off last year and could only switch between black, white, and gray.

BMW CES 2024

BMW presented the i Vision Dee, an electric sports sedan concept. At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The concept provided a preview of a number of technologies that we might see in the near future, such as AI-powered virtual assistants and full-window heads-up displays. However, it also included the first-ever full-color version of the E Ink technology seen on the concept from last year.

The technology behind the Dee’s color-changing capabilities is likely years away from becoming available to the general public. Just like it is with any concept car. According to The Verge, the high-tech panels don’t work as well in the real world when they are expose to the elements, such as car washes and flying insects, while driving every day.

BMW CES 2023 Color Changing Car BMW introduced color changing i-Vision Dee concept electric car at CES 2023, read report

BMW CES 2024 Color Changing Car

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Article about BMW CES 2024 Color Changing Car BMW introduced color changing i-Vision Dee concept electric car at CES 2024, read report
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Colour-changing car

The automobile is intend to provide a glimpse of a future that may be significantly more vibrant. In a press release, the company said, “This allows an almost infinite variety of patterns to be generate and varied within seconds.” It also called the light show a “magical display of color.”

A film made of electronic paper developed by a startup called E Ink. Which also produces display technology for e-readers and mobile phones, serves as The Dee’s outer skin. Millions of tiny microcapsules containing various color pigments change color when electricity is applied to the coating segments.

According to E Ink’s own press release from Thursday, the electronic coating is “ultra-low power,” so changing the color of the electric vehicle will not drain the battery.

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What is BMW Color Changing Car Technology?

The BMW i-Vision DEE is the name of the color-changing vehicle that BMW will unveil at CSE 2024 (CES 2024) in Las Vegas. The BMW concept electric vehicle embodies the maxim “less is more.” This electric prototype car has 240 fitted e-ink panels, allowing it to change 32 colours.

E Ink also stated that it can manufacture its panels in any shape. Which could lead to applications like e-reader screens that look like real paper or digital signs and smartwatch displays that use less energy.

The Dee’s engine and battery specs have not been made public by BMW, but the company claims that the concept car is also load with futuristic hardware and software that will be in cars by 2025.

BMW i-Vision Dee Color Changing Car will get longer driving range

Another feature of this electric car, in addition to the ability to change 32 colors, is its driving range. According to reports, this electric car has a range of 500 to 700 kilometers when fully charged. The company will use a fast charger in this car instead of the standard charger so that it can be charged in a few minutes.

This includes the digital dashboard known as the BMW Head-Up display. Which extends across the entire width of the windshield. In addition, it has a Mix Reality Slider, a touchscreen that lets you control how much digital content is shown on the dashboard, from music controls and text messages to driving speed and battery life.

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BMW i-Vision Dee Color Changing Car features and interior will also be amazing

Based on information from a model of this concept electric car from BMW, the company will provide a luxurious, spacious cabin with high-tech features. It will receive a fully touchscreen dashboard that allows for the integration of AI and voice commands as well as large head-up displays and 16-inch touchscreen infotainment systems.

BMW asserts that it was the first automotive manufacturer to implement this technology. In short, the surface coating is made up of many millions of tiny capsules, each of which has a diameter that is the same as how thick a human hair is. Pigments with negative and positive charges are present in each of these microcapsules. The desired pigments accumulate on the surface of the microcapsule when the various fields are electrically stimulate, giving the automobile the desired color pattern.


Additionally, the BMW i Vision Dee offers a number of technological perks. When the owner approaches the vehicle. A personalized welcome scenario that incorporates visual elements, light, and sound effects will greet them. A common “phygital” surface—a combination of physical and digital elements—is form by the close BMW kidney grille and the headlights. This surface has the ability to display a variety of expressions and icons, giving the vehicle a distinct face. To further personalize the welcome scene. The BMW i Vision Dee can also project the driver’s avatar onto the side window.

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