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Conjunctivitis Symptoms, Eye Flu Treatment, Medicine, Prevention

Conjunctivitis Symptoms- The transparent membrane that borders the eyelid and covers the white area of the eye is called the conjunctiva, and conjunctivitis, often known as eye fever or pink eye, is an inflammation of this membrane. Eye flu is typically discovered during monsoon season. Allergies, viruses, germs, and other irritants can all contribute to it.

According to the most recent medical statistics, eye flu affects more than 100 persons every day. Therefore, it is advised that you adhere to the following guidelines to maintain the health of your eyes. According to Dr. Vanuli Bajpai, Consultant – Ophthalmology, HCMCT Manipal Hospitals, Dwarka, “For the last two weeks, we’ve been seeing a spike in acute conjunctivitis that is most likely viral.”

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

When the transparent membrane of your eye, the conjunctiva, becomes inflamed as a result of an infection or irritation brought on by bacterial, viral, or allergic components, conjunctivitis, often known as painful eyes, develops. Your eyes become noticeably pink or crimson as a result of the conjunctiva’s blood vessels swelling in this situation. The reason of conjunctivitis may only be determined with a comprehensive examination. Even though it might be uncomfortable, conjunctivitis only impairs eyesight if treatment is delayed.

Eye redness, itching, and excessive tearing and discharge are all symptoms of conjunctivitis and the eye flu. Another typical symptom of conjunctivitis and the eye flu is swollen or puffy eyes. Eye flu conjunctivitis is not a threat to eyes or health, according to medical professionals, but the degree of discomfort and other issues it can bring can be excruciating and bothersome. Since conjunctivitis or eye flu may spread quickly, it’s crucial to take the right steps to shield the eyes from infection.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms

Conjunctivitis Symptoms Details

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Conjunctivitis Symptoms

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What Causes Eye Flu Conjunctivitis

People are trying to figure out what causes conjunctivitis or the eye flu. There are several factors that contribute to the transmission of the eye flu; there is no single cause. Let’s learn more about the factors that contribute to eye flu or conjunctivitis during the monsoon season as well as how it spreads:

1. Viral Conjunctivitis

Adenoviruses are one type of virus that can cause viral conjunctivitis. It is among the most infectious varieties of eye flu conjunctivitis. Viral conjunctivitis frequently coexists with respiratory illnesses. Viral conjunctivitis is frequently characterised by persistent watery discharge from the eyes and ocular redness.

2. Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Because of the humidity and other impurities during the monsoon season, bacterial conjunctivitis, which is caused by germs like Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus pneumoniae, is quite frequent. It can result in redness, irritation, and a yellowish-green discharge from the eyes. It is also a contagious form of eye flu conjunctivitis.

3. Allergic Conjunctivitis

Pollutants or other allergic compounds in the environment that come into contact with the eyes might result in allergic conjunctivitis. It might make your skin itch, turn red, and produce watery eyes.

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Symptoms Of Eye Flu Conjunctivitis

To determine whether your eyes are also affected by eye flu or conjunctivitis, you must be aware of the fundamental symptoms of eye flu and conjunctivitis. Eye flu symptoms might vary depending on the conjunctivitis kind. The following is a list of the various symptoms of eye flu and conjunctivitis that can result from eye flu:

  • Eyes turn pink or red
  • Itchiness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Watery discharge from eyes
  • Yellowish or greenish thick liquid discharge from the eyes
  • Blurred vision which happens because of the constant tearing
  • Eyes become swollen or puffy

You should get medical assistance from a physician as soon as any of the aforementioned symptoms are seen in either of the eyes. Eye flu can be treated and healed if the right medicine and treatments are used to address these symptoms.

We have included many Home Remedies for Eye Flu and Conjunctivitis as well as Treatments for Eye Flu and Conjunctivitis, which should be used as necessary.

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Treatment Of Eye Flu Conjunctivitis

According to medical professionals, treating Eye Flu Conjunctivitis can help relieve the irritation and other pain it causes. Conjunctivitis caused by the eye flu can be treated using the steps listed in the section below.

Conjunctivitis caused by the eye flu may be treated as follows:

  • Keeping proper hygiene of eyes and hands
  • Keeping your surroundings clean and tidy
  • Avoid sharing personal items
  • Ice pack fermentation
  • Using eye drops as prescribed by the doctor

One should certainly see their doctor for a thorough evaluation on the Eye Flu and its treatment before beginning any Eye Flu therapy. Additionally, one must always get a doctor’s advice before using any antibiotics, eye drops, or other ointments.

Home Remedies For Eye Flu Conjunctivitis

Other than seeking professional and medical therapy for eye flu, one can also adhere to several at-home remedies for conjunctivitis brought on by eye flu. The following are a few natural cures for eye flu conjunctivitis:

  1. washing the eyes with water and honey.
  2. Putting drops of rosewater in the irritated eyes will help them stop stinging and burning.
  3. Before going to bed, place slices of potato over the eyes for ten to fifteen minutes to relieve eye flu conjunctivitis.
  4. Eye flu conjunctivitis can be effectively treated with holy basil or tulsi. Tulsi leaves should be soaked in water overnight, then the next morning the eyes should be washed with that solution.
  5. The natural antibiotic turmeric can be used to cure eye flu. To relieve eye flu or conjunctivitis, mix turmeric with warm water and clean your eyes with it.

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Making the Diagnosis

Someone may have conjunctivitis if their eye is red and irritated. Symptoms of conjunctivitis might vary depending on the underlying reason. It may be viral conjunctivitis if a person with a cold suddenly gets red eyes, little to no pain, and clear eye discharge. Thick, yellow or green eye discharge and slight swelling of the eyelids are symptoms of bacterial conjunctivitis. When pollen season first arrives, allergic conjunctivitis is most likely to blame for red, itchy eyes.


Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, can cause a range of symptoms that can vary in severity. The most common symptoms include redness and irritation of the eyes, along with itching and a gritty sensation. Some individuals may also experience a discharge from the eyes, which can be watery or thick and yellowish in color. In more severe cases, conjunctivitis can cause swelling of the eyelids and sensitivity to light. It is important to note that these symptoms can be caused by different types of conjunctivitis, including viral, bacterial, and allergic conjunctivitis. Therefore, it is crucial to seek medical advice for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms FAQ’S

What Is The Time Period Of Eye Flu?

The general time period of eye flu is from a week to a fortnight. The time period of eye flu depends on the type of Eye Flu and can even last for more than a week.

Can You Get Eye Flu By Looking Into Someone’s Eyes?

No, you don’t get eye flu by looking into someone’s eyes. Eye Flu spreads only when a person comes in contact with the Eye Flu Conjunctivitis Virus.

How Can I Prevent Eye Flu?

To prevent Eye Flu, one should follow proper hygiene and cleanliness of eyes and hands and should avoid going to places where the chances of getting contaminated with the Conjunctivitis Virus are high.

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