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Raju Punjabi Death News 2024 Images, Reason & Cause, Hospital, Updates

Raju Punjabi Death News: Learn important details about Raju Punjabi Death News on this page, including images, the hospital where he was treated, and other updates. Hit songs for the industry have been released by Raja Kumar or Raju. Everyone who was close to him has shed sympathetic tears in response to his sudden death from Black Jaundice. The necessary information about Raju Punjabi Death News will be shared later in this article.

राजू पंजाबी के फेसबुक पर दस लाख फोलोअर हैं। राजू पंजाबी ने 15 अगस्त को आखिरी पोस्ट में लोगों आजादी दिवस की बधाई दी थी। इससे पहले 12 अगस्त को फेसबुक पर पोस्ट डाली। जिसमें उन्होंने लिखा कि थोड़ा बीमार हूं लेकिन नमस्कार, राम- राम ,प्रणाम सबने आज मेरे दिल का सबसे करीब गाना रिलिज होने वाला है। आज शाम 6 बजे।

Raju Punjabi Death News 2024

The most well-known duo, Sapna Chaudhary and Raju Punjabi, will no longer be able to perform together. Fans and supporters of Raju Punjabi are shocked and filled with sympathy as a result of his passing.He was a professional vocalist who mostly performed and wrote music for the Haryanvi Music Industry. Everyone feels shivers after hearing the Raju Punjabi Death News. A talent and a Golden Charm of India were lost on Tuesday, August 22, 2024, in Hisar.

Raju Punjabi Death News

Raju Punjabi Death News Overview

Event Name Raju Punjabi Death News
Profession Singer
Raju Punjabi Death  22nd August 2024
Day Tuesday
Famous Pair Paired with Sapna Chaudhary
Death Reason Suffering from Black Jaundice
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Raju Punjabi Death 2024 Date 

Raju Punjabi Death News has given goosebumps to all. On Tuesday 22nd August 2024 at Hisar, we lost a talent and a Golden Charm of India.

Raju Punjabi Death Reason & Cause

Raju may have been hospitalised after being ill during the past few days, according to certain online sources. Raju had been using a ventilator for the previous 10 days when he lost his breath on Tuesday. It is known that black jaundice (काला पीलिया) caused his death. The virus had infected the singer’s liver and lungs, which led to the illness, which ultimately led to his death. He was apparently OK a few days ago, but according to some media reports, he later developed a health issue and was sent to the hospital.

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Latest Updates Raju Punjabi 2024

Due to his talent, the singer was also well-liked in regions like Punjab and Rajasthan. The singer’s regret about losing a treasure from the state has been recognised by the chief minister of Haryana.Along with the news of Raju Punjabi’s passing, the tweet is becoming widely popular. Hisar is now filled with his supporters, loved ones, and farewells. The body will then be transported to his hamlet, Rawatsar Kheda, where the funeral rites will be performed.

Raju Punjabi Images 2024

Raju Punjabi

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Raju Punjabi

Fans Crowd

At present, his house is in Azad Nagar of Hisar, where there is a crowd of fans at this time. Everyone has arrived to see him for the last time.

Raju Punjabi left behind 3 Daughters

According to the information, Raju Punjabi’s treatment was going on in a private hospital in Hisar. During this, he had recovered and returned home, but due to poor health, he was again admitted to the hospital. Raju Punjabi has passed away and is survived by his wife and three daughters. Raju Punjabi has left the mark of his voice not only in Haryana but also in Punjab and Rajasthan. His famous songs like Tu Cheez Lajwab, Desi-Desi and Solid Body have become very famous.

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Raju Punjabi last song Released on August 12

He showed a new identity to the Haryana music industry and a new path to the songs. The pair of Raju Punjabi and Sapna Chowdhary became very famous in Haryana. His last song “Aapse Milke Yaara Humko Achha Laga” was released in the same month on 12th August. He was hospitalized when the songs were released. Please tell that it took him almost 2 years to prepare his last song.

Singer hospitalized for 10 days

According to reports, Raju Punjabi was suffering from jaundice. Because of which he was undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Hisar for the last 10 days. According to reports, he had jaundice, which caused infection in his liver and lungs.

He was on ventilator due to difficulty in breathing. However, his health improved during treatment and he was also discharged from there. But suddenly his health deteriorated again and he was admitted again. Where he breathed his last. On Tuesday morning, his body was taken to his native village Rawatsar Kheda in district Hanumangarh of Rajasthan. where the funeral will be held.

Raju Punjabi Death News FAQ’S

Where does Raju Lama live?

Lama is currently based in the US and Nepal. He is one of the coaches in The Voice of Nepal.

What is the height of Raju Punjabi?

1.65 m

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