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RITES Navratna Status: Get the detailed information about it from here

RITES Navratna Status : In October 2023, RITES Limited, an Indian government enterprise, was granted Navratna status for its exceptional performance in tax filing. The Navratna status is a prestigious recognition that acknowledges the company’s remarkable accomplishments and provides greater financial flexibility and autonomy. As a result of this status, RITES Limited can now undertake larger projects, make investments without government approval, and make decisions more efficiently. This is a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards excellence and reflects its commitment to delivering quality results. To learn more about how Navratna status benefits RITES Limited, you may visit their website for further details.

RITES, the leading engineering consultancy and project management company in India, has recently achieved a prestigious milestone – Navratna status. This new status brings with it a host of benefits and opportunities for RITES, as well as recognition from the government. In this blog post, we will explore what Navratna status means for RITES and how it will impact the company’s future growth and success. Whether you’re a stakeholder, investor, or simply interested in the Indian infrastructure sector, this is an important development to keep an eye on. So, let’s dive into the world of RITES’ Navratna status and its significance.

RITES Navratna Status

RITES Ltd., a CPSE under the Ministry of Railways, has been granted Navratna status. Along with IRCON, it received this status from the Ministry of Finance on 12th October 2023. Navratna status is awarded to CPSEs that have recorded consistent growth in profits, turnover. And net worth over a period of three years or more. This recognition will enable RITES to enjoy greater financial autonomy. Invest in new ventures, and expand its operations both domestically and internationally. Additionally, it will also help boost the company’s reputation and attract top talent to its workforce.

RITES Ltd is a prominent engineering and consulting company in India that specializes in transport infrastructure. The company has completed 50 years of successful incorporation and has recently been bestowed with the prestigious RITES Navratna Status. Making it the 16th CPSE (Central Public Sector Enterprise) to receive this recognition. RITES Ltd offers a range of services across various industries. Including energy management, urban engineering & sustainability, ports & waterways, railways, export of rolling equipment, and transportation. With its expertise and experience, RITES Ltd is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for transport infrastructure development in India.

RITES Navratna Status

RITES Navratna Status Details

Status Navratna
Granted to RITES ltd
Granted by Indian Govt (Ministry of Finance)
Granted on (informed to RITES) 12 October 2023
Category News
Official Website Click Here
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RITES is Now Navratna

Rites is a company that has been successfully offering transportation and engineering services for almost half a century. Their expertise covers a wide range of areas, including railways, motorways, airports, metros, ports & waterways, energy management and urban engineering & sustainability. The company’s 50th anniversary marks a significant milestone in their journey, and it serves as an acknowledgement of the trust placed in them by their valued clients and stakeholders. Rahul Mithal, the CMD of Rites expressed his gratitude towards the hard work and dedication of their employees that contributed to this achievement. Rites continues to strive towards providing top-notch services to its clients while keeping up with the latest technological advancements in the industry.

The recent development by Rites is a significant step towards expanding its global reach and fortifying its brand. This move will enable the company to explore new opportunities and achieve their objective of becoming a leading infrastructure consulting firm. By leveraging this new direction, Rites can tap into unexplored markets and offer innovative solutions to clients worldwide. It’s a positive step forward for the organization and reinforces their commitment to growth and excellence.

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Changes After getting Navratna Status 2023

RITES has been conferred with Navratna status, which will enable the company to explore new growth opportunities, enhance its brand value and compete more effectively in the global market. With almost five decades of experience, IRCON specializes in railways and highways. The Navratna status will provide RITES with greater autonomy in decision-making, enabling it to undertake larger projects and expand its reach beyond India’s borders. As a Navratna company, RITES will be subject to less government interference and enjoy faster approvals for key projects.

IRCON International, a PSU company, saw a 7.2% increase in its shares to 143.75 per share during early Friday trade, following the announcement of being granted ‘Navratna’ status by the Department of Public Enterprises in a filing with the exchange on Thursday. This new status grants the company greater autonomy and financial power, allowing it to expand its operations and take on larger projects. The Navratna status is awarded to select public sector enterprises that have shown consistent growth and profitability over time.

As per the exchange filing made by the company, IRCON has been rank as the 15th Navratna organization among Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs). This is a significant achievement for IRCON and reflects its strong performance and contribution to the public sector. Navratna status is grant to select CPSEs that meet certain financial and operational criteria, including a track record of profitability, good governance, and strategic vision. The recognition as a Navratna company puts IRCON in an elite league of high-performing CPSEs and will help it attract investment and talent for future growth.

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Share Hike After Navratna Status

RITES, another PSU, was recently award the covet ‘Navratna’ designation by the Department of Public Enterprises. With this honour, it becomes the 16th Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) to receive this recognition. Following the announcement, shares of RITES rose by nearly 7% in early trade on Friday, with each share priced at $506.30. IRCON International also saw a similar surge in its shares, with both companies experiencing an increase in their respective shares by 5.94% and 6.54% as of noon on Friday. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of these two companies towards achieving excellence in their respective fields.

Government granted Navratna Status to RITES

RITES Ltd, a public sector enterprise under the Ministry of Railways, was recently grant Navratna status by the Indian government, making it the 16th CPSE (Central Public Sector Enterprise) to receive this recognition. The company has complete 50 years of providing excellent services in the rail and infrastructure sectors. The Navratna status is bestowe upon companies that meet specific criteria relate to financial performance, turnover, net worth, and other factors. As a Navratna CPSE, RITES Ltd will have greater autonomy in decision-making and can undertake investments up to Rs.1000 crores without government approval. This status will enable RITES Ltd to expand its operations and contribute more significantly to India’s infrastructure development.

The distinction that has been award to RITES is a true testament to the trust placed in the company by its loyal clients and stakeholders. The recognition also highlights the dedication and hard work of RITES’ employees who have contribute to its success. With this accolade, RITES can now confidently pursue new horizons, expand its global presence, and further establish itself as a reputable brand in the industry. This honor reaffirms RITES’ commitment to excellence and inspires it to continue delivering top-notch services to its customers.

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Why did the Government grant Navratna Status to RITES & IRCON?

The stock prices of public sector undertakings (PSUs) have witness a significant increase in the last year. Owing to several factors. Strong order books, healthy earnings and governmental spending, as reflect in the recent Union Budget. Have all contribute to this gain. The S&P BSE PSU index has notably risen by 40.69% over the past year. With 25 equities producing returns above 90%. This growth in the PSU sector is not only good news for investors but also for the Indian economy as it indicates a boost in government spending and infrastructure development. Additionally, it may also lead to more job opportunities and increase confidence among investors.

IRCON International and RITES have both been exceptional performers in the stock market. IRCON International has secured its place among the top gainers with an impressive annual return of 236.6%. Similarly, RITES has also perform well. Ranking 36th in the index with a yearly return of 44.3%, according to Trendlyne statistics. These figures demonstrate the outstanding growth potential of these companies and their ability to generate significant returns for investors. It is important to note, however, that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results. And investors should always conduct thorough research before making investment decisions.

RVNL, or Rail Vikas Nigam Limit. Was recently award the prestigious ‘Navratna’ designation in recognition of its financial success, operational efficiency. And strategic importance to the Indian economy. The Navratna status is confer on select public sector enterprises that have demonstrate exceptional performance and potential for growth. This recognition is a testament to RVNL’s commitment to excellence and its contributions to the country’s infrastructure development.


RITES Limited, a leading engineering consultancy company in India, has achieved Navratna status from the Government of India. This prestigious designation is awarded to select public sector enterprises that meet certain financial and operational criteria. The Navratna status provides RITES with greater autonomy and flexibility in decision-making, allowing the company to undertake larger projects and make strategic investments without seeking government approval. As a Navratna company, RITES will have enhanced financial powers, enabling it to enter into joint ventures, acquire companies, and establish subsidiaries both in India and abroad.

RITES Navratna Status FAQ’S

Who is eligible for Navratna status?

As per the guidelines established by the Navratna Company, a company must hold the Miniratna status and have four directors on its board. Furthermore, the company needs to attain a minimum score of 60 out of 100 in several criteria, such as net worth, net profit, total production cost, manpower cost, service cost, capital employed, and PBDIT.

Which is the latest Navratna company?

On Thursday, the Finance Ministry announced that it has promoted Oil India and ONGC Videsh, two companies in the oil sector, to the Maharatna and Navratna categories of central public sector enterprises (CPSEs). This upgrade will enable the companies to independently make significant investment decisions, both domestically and internationally.

What are the new navratna Companies in India 2023?

Navratna Companies 2023: IRCON, Rites gets Navratna status.

How many Navratna companies in 2023?

Overview of the 14 Navratna Companies – Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSE) Navratna companies have the authority to invest up to Rs 1,000 crore without explicit government approval.

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