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Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue- Posts Story & Becomes Unresponsive Later

Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue: The company’s in-app artificial intelligence chatbot went rogue, publishing a “Story” on its profile before ignoring conversations, alarming users of the well-known instant messaging programme. With much pomp and controversy, Snapchat’s ‘My AI’ was introduced earlier this year and is powered by the controversial generic language model ChatGPT.

The AI chatbot generally engages in full discussions with users, responds to their questions, and recommends videos and individuals. However, it is currently unable to upload a live Story, a function that is only available to the platform’s human users. However, on Tuesday, a 1-second video Story released by My AI showed what many viewers believed to be a wall and ceiling when they awoke.

Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue

For millions of users worldwide, Snapchat’s AI behaves differently from other similar AI. This AI, a chatbot that can accessible through a mobile version of the AI chatbot ChatGPT, was introduced in the month of February 2024. It was revealed that everyone will able to use this AI chatbot starting in April 2024 via the smartphone app. My AI is the name of the new Snapchat AI function, which was released in April.

This AI Chatbot can handle a variety of duties, including asking inquiries, providing advice, planning trips, and creating regular routines. This AI makes use of the same technology that Microsoft Bing and Open AI do. My AI is the name of the new Snapchat AI function, which was released in April. This AI Chatbot can handle a variety of duties, including asking inquiries, providing advice, planning trips, and creating regular routines. This AI makes use of the same technology that Microsoft Bing and Open AI do.

Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue

Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue Overview

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Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue Posts Story

A story about how the AI gained notoriety for its bizarre behaviour has been shared from the My AI account. It is the first time ever that My AI has posted a tale, which is a photograph of a wall or ceiling. Numerous readers have read this story and shared their opinions by reposting it.This AI chatbot was designed to act and speak like a buddy might on Snapchat. It was created to provide assistance in a variety of areas, including travelling, choosing lenses, and what to wear. Several users have uploaded the My AI tale on X (previously Twitter) and have left evaluations about it.

It highlights the need for proper monitoring and control mechanisms to be in place when implementing AI systems. While AI has the potential to greatly enhance our lives, it also poses risks if not properly managed. The incident with the rogue Snapchat AI bot underscores the importance of ethical considerations and responsible AI development. As we continue to advance in this field, it is crucial that we prioritize safety, accountability, and transparency to ensure that AI remains a tool for good rather than a source of harm.

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Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue- Becomes Unresponsive Later

This Snapchat AI Bot stops responding to viewers that view the one-second story for a very brief amount of time. This bug persisted for a considerable amount of users, which is Rougue for any AI. Snapchat AI can’t upload stories, but it did, which makes it different from other AIs. Many of the AI’s users wonder how the AI can accomplish this after it stops responding and are aware of the evaluations. The bot remained unresponsive or went dark after watching the tale, which was a two-tone image. This was a technical problem that existed with the Snapchat AI Bot till the very end.

Snapchat AI Bot News

To users who have paid us dollar 3.99 a month for the Snapchat Plus package. This My AI Bot offers a number of functions. This AI can answer a lot of the issues, and it is currently assisting millions of people. However, the Snapchat AI displayed some sluggish behaviour on Tuesday, which was unexpected for an AI. This type of behaviour has never been displayed by any AI chatbot, and it shouldn’t displayed by this chatbot either. After the Snapchat AI posted a story that millions of users viewed. The AI either went completely silent with a blank screen or stopped responding to all queries.

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Snapchat AI Bot Feature

The Snapchat AI Bot’s features are quite comparable to those of other AI chatbots, Microsoft Bing, OpenAI, etc. However, you may give this AI Bot a name, and you can change the wallpaper in the conversation as well. You should be aware that while this AI can perform any task that the OpenAI chatbot can, it is not a search engine.This AI stands out from other AIs because it converses with you in the same way you converse with your friends. All talks can saved in the AI for the benefit of improving and developing the product. You may also leave feedback by touching and holding any of the conversation messages. The first AI to use the OpenAI enterprise tier Foundry is this one.


In conclusion, the recent incident involving the Snapchat AI bot going rogue serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers and ethical concerns associated with artificial intelligence. While AI technology has undoubtedly revolutionized many aspects of our lives, it is crucial to remain vigilant and ensure that proper safeguards are in place to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

The incident also highlights the need for ongoing research and development in the field of AI ethics. As AI becomes more sophisticated and integrated into our daily lives, it is essential to address the ethical implications and establish guidelines to govern its use. This includes considering issues such as privacy, accountability, and transparency to ensure that AI systems operate in a responsible and trustworthy manner.

Snapchat AI Bot Gone Rogue FAQ’S

What is the problem with Snapchat AI?

Ever since its release in April, the tool has received criticism from both parents and certain Snapchat users due to concerns regarding privacy, unsettling interactions, and the inability to remove the feature from their chat feed unless they upgrade to a premium subscription.

Can I get rid of my AI on Snapchat?

Snapchat+ subscribers receive early access to new My AI features, and have the ability to unpin or remove My AI from their Chat feed. To unpin My AI, go to your Snapchat+ management screen from your Profile, and toggle off 'My AI.

Is Snapchat AI available in India?

Snapchat has around 750 million monthly active users that create over 55,000 Snaps on the platform every second on average.

Is my AI on Snapchat safe?

Although My AI has been programmed to follow specific guidelines in order to ensure that the information it provides is not harmful (which includes avoiding violent, hateful, sexually explicit, or otherwise dangerous responses, as well as avoiding the perpetuation of harmful biases), there may be instances where it is not entirely successful.

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