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Uber & Lyft Settlement Checks 2024, Claim Online, Due Date

Uber & Lyft Settlement Checks 2024 : The recent announcement by the New York State Attorney General regarding a settlement check in 2024 for Uber and Lyft is a significant development that could potentially provide thousands of rideshare drivers with substantial back pay.

As part of the settlements, Lyft will have to contribute around $38 million, while Uber will have to pay roughly $290 million into two separate funds. These funds will be utilize to reimburse both current and former drivers for the back pay amounting to $328 million. This is a major victory for rideshare drivers who have been fighting for better compensation and work benefits. The deadline for filing a claim is March 1, 2024.

Uber & Lyft Settlement Checks 2024

Following an inquiry by the state attorney general into a wage-theft complaint, Uber and Lyft have agree to pay a settlement of $328 million to New York drivers. The investigation reveal that the ride-hailing companies collect certain taxes and fees from drivers instead of passengers. This settlement will benefit approximately 100,000 current and former drivers in New York State who are eligible to file claims.

While Uber will pay $290 million, Lyft will contribute $38 million into two pools. Notably, neither company has acknowledged liability in the deal, which was made public on Thursday. New York Attorney General Letitia James conducti an investigation into whether ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, fail to provide their drivers with paid sick leave.

Uber & Lyft Settlement Checks

Uber & Lyft Settlement Checks 2024 Details

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What were Uber, and Lyft’s missteps?

Between 2014 and 2017, Uber did not deduct sales taxes and Black Car Fund fees from the total amount customers paid for each Uber journey. Instead, they withheld these amounts from drivers’ payments. Additionally, Uber provide drivers with incorrect information about the deductions, falsely claiming that the company would only take its commission from their earnings. They also did not offer drivers the option to use the Uber Driver app to charge for any tolls, taxes, or fees incurred, despite drivers being entitled to do so.

Uber or Lyft equitable treatment

This decision may set a precedent for other states to follow suit and push for more equitable treatment of rideshare drivers across the country. If you’ve ever taken a ride with Uber or Lyft, you may be eligible for a settlement check in 2024. That’s right, both ride-sharing giants have recently reach a settlement in a class-action lawsuit, and as a result, millions of users may be entitle to compensation.

Uber or Lyft opportunity 

In this blog post, we’ll provide all the details you need to know about the settlement checks, including who is eligible, how much money you could receive, and what steps you need to take to claim your share. So don’t miss out on this opportunity – read on to learn more about the Uber & Lyft settlement checks coming your way in 2024.

Uber or Lyft challenging conditions

In a statement, Ms. James emphasize that these drivers work tirelessly around the clock to transport passengers to their destinations. She also pointe out that for years, drivers for these companies were deprive of hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation and benefits despite working long hours in challenging conditions. As a result, both companies have agreed to pay out settlement checks in 2024 to compensate their drivers for past discrepancies.

Uber & Lyft Settlement administrative charge

Between 2015 and 2017, Lyft deduct an “administrative charge” of 11.4% from the earnings of drivers in New York. This amount was meant to cover the sales tax and Black Car Fund expenses that passengers were responsible for paying. Malang Gassama, a former driver for both Uber and Lyft and a member of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, alleges that Uber and Lyft wrongfully took at least $25,000 from his wages through the imposition of sales tax and the Black Car Fund fee.

How Uber and Lyft drivers can Claim their Back Pay?

  • Those drivers who fulfill the eligibility criteria have the option to file a claim in order to receive their rightful funds. They will be notified of any updates regarding their claim through text messages, emails, or postal mail.
  • To obtain additional details about eligibility and the process of submitting a claim, please visit

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Additional changes coming for NY rideshare drivers

The “earnings floor” modification is a new policy that ensures drivers outside of New York City receive a minimum wage of $26 per hour. This amount will be adjust annually for inflation. The Taxi & Limousine Commission already provides minimum driver compensation to drivers in NYC, but this new policy aims to extend the same benefits to drivers across the state. This move is expect to improve working conditions and increase wages for thousands of drivers who have been struggling to make ends meet due to low pay and long hours.

Uber and Lyft drivers sick pay

Uber and Lyft drivers will now be entitle to receive sick pay, which amounts to one hour for every thirty hours work. However, there is a maximum limit of fifty-six hours per year. In order to adhere to the current minimum driver pay regulations, riders who complete trips outside of the city will be guaranteed a minimum of $26 per hour for sick leave. On the other hand, drivers in NYC will receive $17 per hour for the same purpose.

What Kind of Benefits will Uber and Lyft provide moving forward?

  • All drivers across the entire state will receive a guaranteed minimum wage for the duration of their assignments, from the time they are dispatch to the time they complete their tasks.
  • Drivers will earn $26 per hour outside of New York City, with annual inflation increases.
  • Drivers are entitled to receive one hour of sick pay for every thirty hours work, with a maximum cap of 56 hours per year.
  • Earnings statements and recruitment notices will be provide to drivers.
  • Passenger payments will be receive by each driver within 24 hours after every trip.
  • The in-app chat feature will be available for drivers who speak English, Spanish, French, Russian, Bengali, and Chinese.
  • Contesting deactivations on the Lyft and Uber platforms is a viable option.
  • Sick leave compensation for drivers who fulfill Taxi & Limousine Commission-regulate trips amounts to $17 per hour.
  • Drivers have the option to utilize apps in order to request sick time.
  • Participating in business training will result in expenses.

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How Can I file a Claim if I am or was a New York Lyft or Uber driver? 

To receive their payments, Uber and Lyft drivers who meet the criteria set by the New York State Attorney General’s Office must submit an online claim before March 1, 2024. Distribution of payments for Lyft drivers will commence in 2025. Notifications regarding the distribution will be sent to drivers via text message, email, or letter. It is important to note that while the New York State Attorney General’s Office has establish broad qualifying requirements, not all individuals will be eligible for settlement payments.


If you utilize the services of Lyft from October 11, 2015, to July 31, 2017, you may be eligible for compensation as part of a settlement. Additional details can be found in paragraph 21 of the Agreement on Dispute (AOD).


If you utilize the services of Uber during the period from November 10, 2014, to May 22, 2017, there is a possibility that you could qualify for a settlement compensation. The details regarding this can be found in Paragraph 22 of the Agreement and Order on Deposit (AOD).

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In 2024, Uber and Lyft settled a class-action lawsuit by issuing settlement checks to eligible drivers. The settlement came after years of legal battles over driver classification and benefits. While the exact details of the settlement were not disclosed, it was reported that thousands of drivers received compensation for their work with the ride-hailing companies. This settlement marked an important milestone in the ongoing debate surrounding gig worker rights and highlighted the need for clear regulations and protections in the growing gig economy. As the landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for companies like Uber and Lyft to prioritize fair treatment and equitable compensation for their drivers.

Uber & Lyft Settlement Checks FAQ’S

What is Uber settlement?

Uber to Pay $290 Million and Lyft to Pay $38 Million in Largest Backpay Settlement OAG Has Ever Won; Full Amount Will Go to Drivers Who Were Cheated. As Part of the Settlement, Drivers Will Also Receive Mandatory Paid Sick Leave, Minimum Pay, and Other Benefits.

What is Lyft payout?

By default, your earnings will be paid out on a weekly basis. We will transfer the funds directly to your bank account without any action required from you. The transfer will initiate automatically every Tuesday morning. Kindly note that once the transfer begins, it will not be possible to cash out the earnings from the previous week using Express Pay.

Do Uber and Lyft drivers expect tips?

Tipping is optional. You are free to add a tip, and drivers are free to accept tips.

What is Uber one to claim?

Uber One subscribers receive: $0 Delivery Fee and up to 10% off on eligible non-grocery orders of $15 or more. $0 Delivery Fee and 5% off on eligible grocery orders of $35 or more. Eligible merchants will have a gold Uber One icon underneath their name.

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