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US Visa Status Check 2024 By Case Number & Passport No

US Visa Status:- Via its consulates, the United States of America provides a variety of immigrant and nonimmigrant visas to citizens of other nations. A lot of individuals apply for visas and provide their passports in order to obtain the visa. Prepare to pick up your visa documents if you have also filed for a visa and received a US visa appointment. This is to let you know that the US Visa Status Check 2024 tool is accessible on CEAC’s official website. Verify that your passport has been submitted before attempting to check the status of your USA visa in India using your passport number.

You must first access the CEAC website at in order to check the status. After that, follow the directions below to check the status of your US visa using your case number or case ID. When your visa is accepted, the Courier Service will deliver your passport to you; if it does not arrive within the allotted period, you may track your US Visa Passport 2024 on the official website. The link to check the status of an immigrant or non-immigrant visa is provided in this article for all applicants.

US Visa Status

As everyone is aware, the US offers visa services to both immigrants and non-immigrants, and thousands of individuals apply for US visas every year from all over the world. As per the procedure, candidates must first schedule an online appointment for a US visa before filling out the Detailed Visa Application Form. You will be called to the Consulate to undergo biometrics and an interview after the appointment has been set up. The embassy then makes a decision based on the results of your background check and interview.

Usually, a decision is made immediately, and if a visa is approved, you will be asked to present your passport so that the visa may be printed on it. After your passport has been filed, you will now receive the visa on it, which will be couriered to your home address. If you have also applied for this service, you may find out the status of your visa at by visiting Check US Visa Status 2024. You can locate your passport’s current position if it has been dispatched. The Visa Status Check Link for Immigrant and Non-Immigrant Categories is available in this article.

US Visa Status

US Visa Status Overview

Service United States Visa 2024
Authority US Embassy & Consulates
Type of Visa Immigrant and Non Immigrant Visa
Documents Required for Visa Passport Number, Photograph and Visa Application Form
Consulates in India Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata
Visa Fees US $185
US Visa Appointment Booking Check Now
Appointment Waiting Period 1 Month to 2 Years
USA Visa Status Check in India Check online
Method to Check By Case ID or Case Number or by Passport Number
Type of Article News
USA Visa Status Check Portal
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US Visa Status Check by Case Number

  • Thousands of people from all over the world apply for US visas, both immigrants and non-immigrants.
  • Following the completion of the Visa Application Form, candidates must proceed through the Interview and Biometrics steps of the procedure.
  • You should be aware that the Consulate makes the choice on visa approval, after which you may submit your passport.
  • Following that, your passport will be delivered to the home address listed on your passport and your visa will be approved.
  • After submitting your passport, if you haven’t received it, you should check the status of your US visa by case number using the steps provided below.
  • The receipt that consulates issue following passport pickup includes the Case Number.

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CEAC Visa Status Check by Passport Number

  • Upon receipt of your passport, the Consulate will, based on your application, grant you a 10-year visa.
  • It takes ten to fifteen days for the passport to be stamped once it is picked up and sent to your address.
  • You should check the status of your CEAC visa by entering your passport number at if the allotted time has passed.
  • To access the Visa Status Check page directly, open the website or click the Direct Link provided below.
  • Click the submit button after entering your passport number to see the status of your US visa as of right now.

Guide to Check US Visa Status Check 2024 @

  • Following the instructions below, you can use to check the status of your US visa for 2024.
  • Use your device to navigate to, then wait for the homepage to appear.
  • Select the Visa Status Link applicable to Immigrants or Non-Immigrants.
  • After entering the case number and completing the captcha, choose the kind of visa application, and click “Submit.”
  • The status of your visa and the estimated delivery date of your passport are displayed here.
  • If the visa is approved, you must follow the passport’s progress and pick it up when it gets to your place.

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US Visa Passport Tracking 2024

Many people experience problems as a result of the passport being delayed after the US Embassy grants their visa. Thus, you may learn about the current status by using the US Visa Passport Tracking 2024 that the Portal provides. The actual URL to the page where you may check the status of your visa is provided below. To finish the US Visa Passport Tracking, all you need to do is enter the Case ID or Case Number to find out the consignment’s current location. Additionally, the embassy will provide you with a tracking code that you may use to get in touch with the courier service and pick up your passport.

Understanding the types of US visa statuses

  • Application received: This shows that the US embassy or consulate has received your application for a visa.
  • Administrative processing: This means that your application needs to be assessed again and that the embassy or consulate requires extra time to finish it.
  • Issued: This shows that your visa has been approved and granted by the US embassy or consulate.
  • Rejected: This indicates that your visa application was turned down and that you are not allowed to enter the United States with that particular visa.
  • Expired: This means that you are not permitted to enter the United States with your expired visa.


Obtaining a US Visa can be a complex and lengthy process, with various factors influencing an individual’s visa status. The US Visa system is designed to regulate the entry of foreign nationals into the United States and ensure national security. There are different types of visas available, such as work visas, student visas, and tourist visas, each with its own set of requirements and restrictions. It is essential for individuals to stay updated on their visa status to avoid any legal complications or issues during their stay in the United States. Keeping track of visa expiration dates, understanding the terms and conditions of the visa, and adhering to immigration laws are crucial aspects of maintaining a valid US Visa status.

US Visa Status FAQ’S

What are the stages of US visa status?

Approval: This indicates that your visa has been granted, and the US embassy or consulate has provided you with the visa. Denial: This indicates that your visa application has been rejected, and you are not permitted to enter the US with that particular visa. Termination: This signifies that your visa has reached its expiration date, and you are not allowed to enter the US with that visa.

Why my US visa status is not showing?

After your visa interview, it is recommended to wait for a minimum of three business days before checking the status of your application. It is possible that the system may not have updated the status of your application until then, and therefore, the message you receive may not accurately reflect the current status of your application.

What is the final processing of visa status issued?

If your status is as mentioned, then the process of finalizing your visa is currently underway and you can expect to receive it soon. It typically takes around 10 business days to receive the visa once the status has been issued.

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