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G20 Summit 2024: What India showed the world and what it hid

G20 Summit: India has 1.4 billion inhabitants. But after two days of hosting world leaders for the Group of 20 (G20) summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only face you see everywhere in the capital these days. In addition to the airport and the impressive venue that was recently built to host the summit, you can find him almost everywhere—on the road and every few feet. Sometimes, no more than two car lengths. It’s a solo performance.

Since I spent a large portion of my formative years and working years in New Delhi, the city’s transformation for this massive event stands out. Roads were blocked for so-called VIP movement, and schools and offices were closed for the summit. Sometimes, police cars blocked streets, forcing people to wait 15 minutes to cross.

The past few days saw a lack of vendors, who were usually commonplace on Indian streets and sold everything from fruits and vegetables to clothing, shoes, and household goods. They depend on their sales for a living. But it is obvious that they are not included in the Modi government’s plan to position India as the voice of the suffering Global South.

G20 Summit 2024

Even the stray dogs that are a common sight in all neighborhoods are absent from some streets. They were also collected. Modi was the diplomatic showpiece’s hero, but monkeys were the intended threat. To frighten the monkeys that can wreak havoc in Central Delhi, which is home to most important embassies and hotels and is close to the summit venue, life-size cutouts of langurs have been erected.

The relatively heavy rain reduced the temperature in the capital, but the partially flooded roads also demonstrated that no matter how much you spruce up the city. Nothing will really change until the infrastructure is fixed. However, it was at the location that Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which will run in the national elections next year, was most clearly in evidence.

A grand new convention center called the Bharat Mandapam has taken the place of the old exhibition halls at Pragati Maidan, which means “field of progress” in Hindi and previously hosted everything from international trade fairs to book fairs and auto shows. It’s a Sanskrit name where Bharat stands for India and a mandapam is a Hindu temple’s porch.

What India showed the world

G20 Summit Overviwes 2024

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The exhibition ground transforms from its mundane, secular past simply by changing its name.The grounds are advertised as having the largest exhibition area in the nation. Additionally, there are more seats than in the Sydney Opera House, according to the official information. It’s not particularly simple to draw that many visitors in one go, though. As it’s close to one of the busiest roads in the city and the Supreme Court of India.

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Government pulls out all the stops to do just

The vast, warehouse-like halls have bare grey walls that are currently covered by enormous G20 billboards and videos of the various cultural excursions the delegates and their spouses took over the previous year.

The lotus flower can be seen all over the billboards. That flower serves as both the BJP’s election symbol and the national flower of India. And it’s all over. even in the G20’s official logo.

A story is also being told by the video clips playing on the walls. They give glimpses of Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage site that served as the center of a Hindu empire in the fourteenth century, the Khajuraho temples, and the Nathdwara temple. Which is devoted to the avatar of the Hindu god Krishna.

Also telling is what you don’t see in the videos. The Jama Masjid, one of the capital’s most recognizable landmarks, is not visible. I failed to find any churches. The Taj Mahal, which was built by the Mughal dynasty. Which is despised by the current rulers, and is India’s most well-known landmark and cultural heritage site, receives only a photograph on one of the walls. A brief video clip is shown of the Golden Temple. The most important Sikh shrine in India.

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As more people logged on and established hotspots during the first day, the WiFi. Which was initially good, began to suffer. The support team attempted to fix the unstable network very quickly, though not always successfully.

It also belies the difficult diplomatic maneuvers that were made to create a division between the Global South and the rest of the world. According to people with knowledge of the situation. Even though the G7 members were criticized on a number of different fronts. Not all developing countries agreed with that stance. Speaking of differences. It is not surprising that China and Russia opposed the United States’ bid to host the G20 in 2026.

Brazil, as next year’s host of the G20, will have its work cut out to iron out those creases.

I had plenty of time to observe and consider the displayed visuals. This is due to the Indian government’s decision to restrict access to the conference rooms where leaders speak, unlike previous summits such as the most recent G7 in Japan.

The US White House press corps was incensed that they were denied access to either the summit discussions or the bilateral meetings, which is customary for them. (Some participants were also miffed that they couldn’t bring their water bottles inside.)

On the first morning of the summit, we only heard Modi’s introduction for a few minutes. No one really understood that the African Union had been admitted to the G20 because the announcement was made in such chaste Hindi, and the English translation didn’t arrive for another hour. A significant moment nonetheless.

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As one member of my tribe said in absolute frustration

For the food, perhaps. Although I would have preferred some of the millets that the nation has been promoting instead of the deep-fried. Delicious cocktail samosas and kachoris, the food was plentiful and vegetarian options from all over the country.

The water cans were a first for me, and it felt a little strange considering the summit’s overall theme of living sustainably. Even though the yam kebab was delicious, a mutton galouti kebab is unmatched in every way.

I have to do the shopping. The crafts bazaar features stalls from various states selling a variety of goods. Including coffee from Nagaland, beaded earrings from Arunachal Pradesh, temple saris from Tamil Nadu, and gorgeous, enormous Buddha statues.


The G20 Summit in 2024 was a pivotal moment for India, showcasing its strengths and ambitions on the global stage. The country presented itself as a rising economic power, highlighting its technological advancements, innovative start-ups, and commitment to sustainable development. India’s leaders emphasized the nation’s potential as a hub for investment and trade, promoting initiatives that aimed to attract foreign businesses and foster economic growth.

However, amidst the grand displays of progress and prosperity, there were also aspects that remained hidden from the world’s view. Behind closed doors, India faced challenges such as income inequality, social unrest, and environmental concerns that were not fully addressed during the summit. Despite the achievements showcased at the G20 Summit, it is important to recognize that there is still work to be done in order to address these underlying issues and ensure inclusive growth for all citizens of India.

G20 Summit FAQ’S

Which city will host G20 summit 2024?

“India is delighted to host the 18th G20 Summit on 09-10 September 2024 at New Delhi's iconic Bharat Mandapam. This is the first ever G20 Summit being hosted by India.

What is G20 2024 in India?

Recently, the 18th G20 Summit of 2024 concluded in India's capital city, New Delhi. This was a significant milestone as it was the first time that India hosted a G20 summit. The theme of the summit, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or One Earth, One Family, One Future, draws inspiration from ancient Sanskrit texts and emphasizes the objective of achieving sustainable development.

Which country will host G20 summit in 2024?

Brazil will host the G20 in 2024, followed by South Africa in 2025.

Where is G20 summit 2024 all locations in India?

This two-day programme is being held at the Bharat Mandapam located at Pragati Maidan. G20 Summit 2024 in Delhi: Today (Sunday, September 10) is the second day of the two-day G20 conference being held in New Delhi.

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