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PKH Ventures IPO Cancelled – Refund Status, Refund Process & Link

PKH Ventures IPO : Discover all the vital details pertaining to the cancellation of PKH Ventures IPO, which includes information on refund status, refund process, and relevant links. The regrettable news about the cancellation of the IPO has left PKH Ventures investors feeling saddened. The announcement of the cancellation is having a negative impact on the mentality of individuals who have recently invested in IPO GMP.

Are you ready to invest in the next big thing? PKH Ventures, a leading technology company, is going public with its highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO). As an investor, this is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a company that has the potential to revolutionize the industry. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at PKH Ventures, its IPO process, and what makes it an exciting investment opportunity. So grab your notepad and get ready to dive into the world of venture capital with PKH Ventures IPO.

PKH Ventures IPO

On Wednesday, there was news that PKH Ventures has decided to withdraw its Initial Public Offering (IPO). This unexpected development has taken many people by surprise, especially those who had expressed interest in investing in the company. The IPO had commenced on June 30th, 2023 and attracted participation from numerous investors and financial experts. Currently, all of them are seeking a refund for their investments. The primary reason being put forward is that the company has not obtained the necessary subscriptions from the Qualified Institutional Buyers. The required percentage is 50%, but PKH Ventures has only received 11%, which falls significantly short of the actual requirement.

Are you ready to invest in the next big thing? PKH Ventures is gearing up for their highly anticipated IPO, and savvy investors are taking notice. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what makes PKH Ventures a promising investment opportunity, exploring their business model, growth potential, and market outlook. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, this is one IPO you won’t want to miss. So grab your notepads and get ready to learn all about PKH Ventures and why it could be the perfect addition to your investment portfolio.

PKH Ventures IPO

PKH Ventures IPO Details

Company Name PKH Ventures
Owner Pravin Kumar Agarwal
IPO GMP 100 Lot Size
current status IPO Cancelled
BSE Listing No
Total shares for owner 63.69%
Refund Status Initiated
Category News
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Whatsapp badisoch whatsapp
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Official Website

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PKH Ventures IPO Refund Status

The BSE has reported that the NSE has provided data on 16,725,800 shares, making up 65% of the total acquisition. Additional information from the BSE indicates that non-institutional investors have subscribed at a rate of 1.67 times, retail individual investors make up 99%, and qualified institutional buyers have contributed 11%.

This recent statistic has had an impact on the overall BSE Listing for PKH Ventures. The IPO GMP concepts have been affected by the underwhelming response from QIBs, leading to widespread consequences. Consequently, both the company and recent investors have experienced financial losses.

Following the cancellation of the initial public offering (IPO), there is a significant demand for individuals to receive their reimbursement. Pravin Kumar Agarwal possesses a majority stake of 63.69% in the company. The owners have already initiated the refund process for the IPOs, and if you do not receive your refund, you can reach out to the merchant bankers for assistance. They will work together with the relevant banking authorities to facilitate a seamless refund procedure.

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PKH Ventures IPO Refund Date

Based on the most recent information published on the BSE Website, PKH Ventures has decided to cancel its Initial Public Offering (IPO) because of the lack of involvement from Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs). The Book Running Lead Manager has recently verified this announcement. Consequently, numerous individuals have incurred a combined financial setback.

People tend to become more attentive when it comes to financial matters. The issuer has retracted the credits for the IPO GMP, with each share having a face value of Rs 5. This fact holds significance for the investors.

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PKH Ventures IPO Refund Process

Before anything else, it is crucial for investors to review the company’s refund policy once more. This step is necessary to guarantee that they will receive a refund in accordance with established guidelines. It is important to note that the PKH Ventures IPO Refund Process may require some time, so it is advisable to remain patient during this period.

Further measures will need to be taken to release the frozen financial assets. The commencement of the refund procedure is scheduled for July 10th. Investors continue to express apprehensions regarding the progress of the reimbursement. Once all hurdles have been dealt with, the company’s proprietors will enable the refund link.

Investing in an initial public offering is a game of risk and reward. It is crucial to thoroughly evaluate all aspects before committing your funds. Prior to considering an investment in an IPO, it is essential to review the financial details. This is necessary because market fluctuations are unpredictable and can impact both the rise and fall of investments.

In this article, we have provided the necessary information about the cancellation of the PKH Ventures IPO. We believe that you have received the important details regarding this matter. If you have any specific inquiries, you can visit either the official website of PKH Ventures or the BSE. Both of these websites will promptly provide you with the required data.


PKH Ventures has concluded its highly anticipated initial public offering (IPO) with resounding success. The IPO, which saw the company offer its shares to the public for the first time, garnered significant investor interest and resulted in a strong oversubscription. This positive response is a testament to PKH Ventures’ solid business model, impressive track record, and promising growth prospects. The funds raised through the IPO will be used to fuel the company’s expansion plans and further enhance its market position. With its innovative approach to technology investment and a dedicated team of experts, PKH Ventures is poised for continued success in the dynamic world of venture capital. Investors can look forward to exciting opportunities and substantial returns as PKH Ventures continues to unlock value in the tech sector.

PKH Ventures IPO FAQ’S

What happened to PKH Ventures IPO?

PKH Ventures Limited, a construction and development company, withdrew its initial public offering (IPO) on Wednesday after failing to meet the minimum subscription requirement of qualified institutional buyers (QIBs).

Is PKH ventures listed?

The listing date of PKH Ventures IPO is 12th July 2023.

What is the business of PKH Ventures IPO?

Key Points of Interest in the PKH Ventures IPO: The firm is involved in various sectors and earns revenue from each sector separately. In the 2021 fiscal year, the company derived 53.96% of its revenue from construction and development, 13.83% from hospitality and food product sales, and 31.64% from management services.

Who is the CEO of PKH Ventures?

The net proceeds of the IPO are for working capital to fund orderbook projects, said Pravin Kumar Agarwal, the Chairman and Managing Director of PKH Ventures while speaking to CNBC-TV18 on Friday.

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