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Michelin Tire Rebate 2024 – Amount, Eligibility, Important Dates & How to Claim?

Michelin Tire Rebate:- From December 6th, 2024 to December 31st, 2024, Michelin is extending a liberal $100 Visa Reward Card or Virtual Prepaid Card rebate on the purchase of four (4) new choose Michelin winter passenger or light truck tires. According to guarantee rules, you can present your case online on the authority site or you can download the printable structure and submit it to the vendor from where you purchased the Tires for your Vehicle or LMV Truck. However, whereas submitting the Claim Form will take two to three days, the Online Michelin Tire Rebate Claim 2024 process is simple and results in redemption within a few hours.

Michelin Tire Rebate 2024 offers customers a fantastic opportunity to save money on their tire purchases. With this rebate, customers can receive a cashback or discount on select Michelin tire models. This is a great incentive for drivers looking to upgrade their tires and improve their vehicle’s performance and safety. Michelin has long been known for its high-quality and reliable tires, and this rebate program further adds value to their products. Whether you’re in need of all-season tires, winter tires, or performance tires, the Michelin Tire Rebate 2024 is an excellent way to get the most out of your purchase.

Michelin Tire Rebate 2024

Tire Rebate quite possibly of the best tire On the planet and is known for the Nature of their Tires. A great many Individuals across the World purchase their Tires and afterward partake in the nature of ride which shows up with it. In the event that you have likewise purchased Michelin Tires in the new months, you ought to guarantee Michelin Tire Refund 2024 under which you can get $100 Credit or Rewards. That multitude of individuals who purchase 4 Tires for their Trucks or Light Engine Vehicles are qualified to Guarantee Michelin Tire Discount 2024 from the organization.

The Michelin Tire Rebate in 2024 presents an exciting opportunity for customers to save money on their tire purchases. By taking advantage of this rebate, customers can receive a specific amount of cash back when they buy a set of qualifying Michelin tires. This rebate program serves as an excellent means for customers to acquire the high-quality tires they require while also enjoying some savings. Michelin is renowned for manufacturing tires that deliver exceptional performance and durability, making them a popular choice among drivers. Regardless of whether you require all-season tires, winter tires, or performance tires, Michelin offers a wide range of options to cater to your needs. Make the most of the Michelin Tire Rebate in 2024 and experience both the quality and value that Michelin tires have to offer.

Michelin Tire Rebate 2023

Michelin Tire Rebate 2024 Overview

Program Michelin Tire Rebate 2024
Company Michelin Tires
Applicable in Canada & US
Rebate Applicable on Michelin Tire Purchase
Minimum Tire Purchase 4 Tires
Michelin Tire Rebate 2024 Last Date 26th January 2024
Eligibility Minimum 4 Tires Purchase
Applicable on Certain Variants
Michelin Tire Rebate Claim Eligibility Purchased Tire between 5th October and 20th December 2024
Last Date to File Michelin Tire Rebate Claim 2024 5th January 2024
Michelin Tire Rebate Amount 2024 $100
How to Claim Prepaid Card or by Loading in your Visa Card
Category News
Official Website
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Are Michelin tires good after 10 years?

Michelin recommends replacing tires with new ones if they haven’t been changed 10 years after the date of manufacture. This is a precautionary measure even if the tires seem to be in good condition and have not worn down to the tread wear indicator. It applies to spare tires as well. While it may seem unnecessary, using old tires can pose safety risks on the road due to potential degradation of rubber compounds, which can lead to blowouts or loss of control while driving. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize tire maintenance and replace them regularly for optimal safety on the road.

Are Michelin tires worth it?

While Michelin tires may come with a higher price tag than many of their competitors, they offer exceptional value for money when you consider their longevity, fuel efficiency, and savings on maintenance costs. Michelin is renowned for producing high-quality tires that are built to last. With a longer lifespan than most other brands, Michelin tires can save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements. In addition, their innovative design and advanced materials can improve fuel efficiency, helping you save even more at the pump. Finally, Michelin’s superior performance and durability can help prevent costly repairs and maintenance down the line, further enhancing their overall value proposition.

How does Michelin warranty work?

Michelin is renowned for offering exceptional treadlife/mileage warranties on many of their tires. The Michelin Defender, for instance, comes with a warranty of up to 90,000 miles. This means that if the tire tread expires (less than 2/32-inch) before reaching the specified mileage warranty, Michelin will offer you a credit towards a new set of tires. This warranty provides customers with peace of mind and demonstrates the brand’s confidence in the quality and durability of their products. Additionally, Michelin’s focus on sustainability has led to the development of eco-friendly tire options that not only benefit the environment but also help drivers save money on fuel costs.

Why choose Michelin tires?

Michelin is a well-known tire manufacturer, renowned for producing top-quality and competitive tires. As a strong global competitor, they are considered one of the best brands in the industry. When manufacturing tires, companies need to strike a balance between durability, grip, and noise control. Michelin has been able to achieve this balance with their innovative tire technology and commitment to providing high-quality products that meet customer needs. Their reputation in the industry is a testament to their dedication to excellence and innovation.

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Michelin Tire Rebate Form 2024

To qualify for the Michelin Tire Rebate, all purchasers must either fill out the Online Form on the official website or visit the dealer. We have referenced the connection underneath utilizing which you can Download the Michelin Tire Rebate Form 2024. Presently, fill this structure with essential subtleties, for example, Name, Tire Chronic Number and Buy Date. From that point onward, you need to present the structure with your vendor and afterward your recovery will be given to you as credit. Candidates can likewise decide on the Virtual Credit in which you can utilize the sum according to your solace.

Michelin Tire Rebate Dates 2024

The Michelin winter tire rebate program has two state date ranges for purchases and claims:

Purchase Dates-

  • December 6th, 2024 – December 31st, 2024- This is the window during which you must buy your qualifying Michelin winter tires from an give permission for dealer. Any purchases outside of this timeframe will not be entitled for the rebate.

Claim Submission Dates-

  • Within 60 days of purchase- You must submit your rebate claim within 60 days of buying your tires. This make sure Michelin has sufficient time to process your request before the program ends.

Processing Time-

  • The processing time for Michelin tire rebates typically drop within a range of 4-6 weeks from the moment you submit your claim with all required documentation.

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How to Check Michelin Tire Rebate Status?

There are three main ways to check the status of your Michelin tire rebate.


  • Log in to your account on the Michelin rebate website (, and you’ll see your claim’s current status under “My Rebates.” It will display notification like “Pending,” “Processing,” “Approved,” or “Denied.”
  • Check your inbox for the email confirmation you received when you submitted your claim.

Email Notifications

  • Michelin will send you email modernize throughout the processing of your claim. Keep an eye out for these emails, as they will notify you of any changes in your claim’s status, including approval, denial & estimated processing timelines.

Phone Support

  • If you prefer a more distinctive touch, you can call the Michelin rebate hotline at 1-866-212-9619. The hotline is obtainable Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • Be prepared to provide your claim reference number or other relevant notification to the customer service representative.

Michelin Tire Rebate Amount 2024

The Michelin Tire Rebate Sum 2024 is talked about in the focuses beneath. Under this program, you will receive a $100 USD rebate that you can use for additional maintenance. Besides, you ought to know that $70 is for reclamation and $30 is for Reward. Candidates need to gather the Virtual Pre-loaded Card or they can get the sum in their Visa Card. Sum can be removed or utilized at any store for any reason. Michelin as of now offers two fundamental winter tire discounts:

  • $100 Visa Reward Card/Virtual Prepaid Card– This rebate applies to the purchase of four (4) new choose Michelin winter passenger or light truck tires. The eligible models incorporate Alpin A4, Latitude Alpin, Latitude Alpin LA2, Latitude X-Ice Xi2, Pilot Alpin 5, Pilot Alpin 5 SUV, Pilot Alpin PA4, X-Ice Snow, X-Ice Snow SUV, and X-Ice Xi3.
  • $70 Visa Reward Card/Virtual Prepaid Card– This rebate is valid for any other set of four (4) new Michelin passenger or illumination truck tires. This wider range offers flexibility if you’re looking for a specific size or model not incorporate in the $100 rebate.

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How to Claim Michelin Tire Rebate 2024?

  • You can Claim Tire Rebate 2024 using the instructions specified in this post.
  • First of all, you require to visit
  • Now, select Michelin Tires Rebate Program 2024 & proceed ahead.
  • Enter the basic particular such as Name, Tyre Serial Number and submit the form.
  • Now, wait for the acceptance which usually takes 1-2 business days.
  • Once it is approved, you can like your Rebate in any shop or nearest store.

Michelin Tire Rebate Eligibility 2024

  • Check the Michelin Tire Rebate Eligibility 2024 in the tip below and then file your Claim.
  • First of all, you must have bought 4 Tires for your Truck or LMV Vehicle from an give permission for dealer of Michelin.
  • Secondly, you must have bought these tires between 5th October & 20th December 2024.
  • You should inform the dealer regarding this program and collect your Virtual Prepaid Card to get the benefits.
  • Applicants must fill the correct particular in the form to receive the benefits under this rebate program of Michelin.


In conclusion, the Michelin Tire Rebate for 2024 is a fantastic opportunity for customers to save money on high-quality tires. With this rebate, customers can enjoy the performance and safety benefits of Michelin tires while also enjoying some extra savings. Whether you’re in need of new tires for your car, truck, or SUV, Michelin has a wide range of options to suit your needs. From all-season tires to performance tires, Michelin offers superior traction, durability, and fuel efficiency. By taking advantage of the Michelin Tire Rebate in 2024, customers can not only experience the benefits of these exceptional tires but also enjoy some extra cash in their pockets.

FAQ About Michelin Tire Rebate 2024

How to Claim Tire Rebate?

Visit the official website of Michelin and fill the form to claim the rebate.

What is the Michelin Tire Rebate Amount 2024?

Michelin Tire Rebate Amount 2024 is $100.

What is the Last Date to Claim Michelin Tire Rebate?

Last Date to Claim Michelin Tire Rebate is 5th January 2024.

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