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EMS IPO GMP Today, Price, GMP, Review, Analysis Details

EMS IPO GMP Today: EMS IPO GMP, as you may already be aware The day has here. The EMS IPO will held to raise 321.24 billion rupees. This IPO comprises of a new issue of shares and an offer for sale, so the maximum number of shares will be available for purchase, with the proceeds going to the company and the potential for equity dilution. Some shares, which are primarily owned by early investors, are available for direct purchase, and the purchase price won’t benefit the firm or cause its ownership to become more diluted.

Wastewater management is the focus of the innovative company EMS Limited. Its track record is good. It will launch its maiden initial public offering soon in order to raise 321 crore. We will cover every aspect of this planned IPO and the company’s structure in this piece. This article includes a list of all the crucial EMS IPO GMP Today dates.


A fresh issue of shares as well as an offer for sale make up the 321.24 crore EMS IPO. The promoters and early shareholders of the company are responsible for the offer for sale (OFS) component. It is important to remember that while the fresh issue component injects new capital into the company, it also dilutes EPS and equity. However, because the OFS is essentially a transfer of shares, there is no new money coming in and the equity is not diminished.

The issue has a price range of 200 to 211 rupees per share, and the IPO allotment price will be made public after the IPO procedure has finished with the book building of shares. In order to conduct our study, we will use the upper end of the IPO pricing band as the benchmark price at which the final IPO price will identified.


EMS IPO GMP Today Overview

Article EMS IPO GMP Today
Organization SEBI
Sector Wastewater Management
Fund Raise 321 Crore
Fresh Share Listing 146 Crore
Offer for Sale 175 Crore
Share Price 211
Category News
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EMS limited Business Model

This business specialises in water and wastewater management, using various methods for collecting, treating, and supplying water and wastewater under the EMS limited Business Model. The business also engages in civil construction and electricity transmission. This company has finished a large number of public and private projects. It has a Solid Operation and Maintenance History.

In this essay, we will undoubtedly inform you about the Grey Market Premium and Offer for Sale components of the EMS IPO GMP Today. Before investing money in a firm, try to grasp its business plan. You may not be aware of this, but according to numerous sources, just 146 crores of the 321 crores total are being used for the fresh issue of shares. Continually read.


EMS IPO GMP Important Dates

Event Date
IPO Subscription Opens 8th Sept, 2023
IPO Subscription Closes 12th Sept, 2023
Basis of Allotment Finalized 15th Sept, 2023
Refunds Initiated 18th Sept, 2023
Demat Credits Expected 20th Sept, 2023
EMS IPO Listing Date 21st Sept, 2023

EMS IPO Structure

Wealthy people frequently claim that investing in uninteresting but profitable businesses is how big wealth is built. People have a fantastic potential to benefit greatly from the EMS IPO. 321 crore will raised by EMS Limited. There are two parts to the EMS IPO Structure. Shares may diluted in the case of a fresh issue of shares, which will raise 146 crore and provide the corporation the money immediately. Offer for Sale: Through this option, early shareholders are selling their shares without diluting their holdings and without contributing money to the company.

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EMS IPO GMP Full Details

Based on a number of variables, including market circumstances, subscription levels, and general macroeconomic considerations, the EMS IPO GMS forecasts the potential of shares after public listing. Based on Investors’ Attitudes in the Grey Market, it is totally informal.

  1. 5th September 2023: ₹112
  2. 4th September 2023: ₹112
  3. 3rd September 2023: ₹115
  4. 2nd September 2023: ₹115
  5. 1st September 2023: ₹103

EMS IPO Expert Analysis

According to EMS IPO Expert Analysis, this stock will soar immediately following its public listing. It will have an easy run from 115 to 200+ and will undoubtedly produce a profit. Depending on the amount of subscribers and the news, grey market trends may shift or fluctuate. In the first six months, it might return up to 54%. This business frequently receives contracts from the public and commercial sectors.

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EMS IPO Purpose

Most of the funds will used to close the working capital gap. All additional corporate expenses will be second-tier. Additionally, it might invest in the launch of new Water Treatment Solutions products to appeal to a wider consumer base. Marketing and commercial growth abroad will given priority. Overall, this initial public offering is incredibly secure and one of the best chances to make a long-term investment.


EMS IPO GMP (Initial Public Offering Gross Merchandise Purchase) is an important topic in the financial world. EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) companies are experiencing a surge in demand as the global economy recovers and technology continues to advance. The GMP of an IPO refers to the total value of shares sold during the offering process. This metric is often used as an indicator of investor interest and market valuation for the company going public. With the increasing popularity of electronic devices and the growing need for efficient manufacturing solutions, EMS companies are poised for success in the stock market. As investors closely monitor the GMP of EMS IPOs, it will be interesting to see how these companies perform and contribute to the broader economic landscape.


What is the GMP of Eline Electronics IPO today?

The estimated listing price for Elin Electronics IPO is ₹251 which is approx 1.62% gain. The latest GMP of Elin Electronics IPO is ₹4.

How do I check my EMS allotment status?

Investors who purchased shares of EMS Limited from September 08 to September 12, 2023, can check their allotment status by visiting the website https://ris.kfintech.com/ipostatus/. They will need to provide their Application Number, Demat Account details, or PAN (Permanent Account Number).

How accurate is GMP IPO?

There is no guarantee of accuracy, but in the vast majority of cases, the GMP is correct and the IPO is listed at the provided price.

What is the GMP of Aether Industries Limited IPO today?

Aether Industries IPO GMP is ₹15 as of today.

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