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Happy Basant Panchami Wishes 2024, Images, Messages, Greetings, Status, Quotes

Happy Basant Panchami 2024: The beginning of spring is marked by the celebration of Vasant Panchami, also known as Saraswati Puja in honor of the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Indian religions observe the event in a variety of ways, depending on the location. The beginning of the forty-day countdown to Holika Dahan and Holi is also signaled by Vasant Panchami. Since every season has a 40-day transition period before it fully blooms, the Panchami Vasant Utsava (holiday) is observed forty days before spring. Vasant Panchami is observed annually on the fifth day of the bright half of the Hindu lunisolar month of Magha, which typically falls in late January or early February. The festival begins forty days in advance because spring is regarded as the “King of All Seasons.”

Happy Basant Panchami 2024

The memorable day is quickly approaching. The nation celebrates Happy Basant Panchami wishes 2024 with great pomp and circumstance each year. While dressed to the nines, people visit their neighbors and friends. Worship of Goddess Saraswati, the youngest daughter of Goddess Durga and deity of learning, music, and the arts, is customary on Basant Panchami. On this day, educational establishments like schools, colleges, and universities honor the goddess Saraswati.

Happy Basant Panchami

Happy Basant Panchami 2024 Overview

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Festival Name Basant Panchami
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Mantra Ya Kundendu tushar har Dhavala ya Shubhra Strava and many more…
Year 2024
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Happy Basant Panchami Wishes

This year, India will celebrate Basant Panchami on a Thursday, February 14, 2024. Vasant Panchami, one of the most significant Hindu holidays, marks the beginning of the “Vasant,” or spring season. On Vasant Panchami, devotees worship Goddess Saraswati. Saraswati Jayanti is celebrated on Basant Panchami because Hindus believe that Saraswati was born on that day. On the occasion of Basant Panchami in 2024, use the list below to send messages, greetings, photos, and WhatsApp statuses to loved ones with Happy Basant Panchami wishes.

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Happy Basant Panchami Quotes In Hindi

  • सरस्वती पूजा का यह प्यारा त्यौहार है पीले रंग में सजा यह त्योहार आपकी लाइफ में खुशियां लाएगा अपार इस मौके पर सरस्वती विराजेगी आपके द्वार …
  • किताबों का साथ हो पेन पेपर आपके हाथ हो कॉपियां आपके पास हो …
  • बहारों में बहार है बसंत सुहाना है मौसम जागी है नई उमंग रंग बिरंगी उड़ती आकाश में तितलियां

Happy Basnat Panchami Messages

  • May the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja bring you happiness, prosperity, and knowledge. Additionally, may the graceful Saraswati bless you.
  • May you accomplish all of your objectives! Best wishes for Basant Panchami in 2024!
  • Let’s invoke Saraswati with our prayers. to attain salvation through knowledge and escape laziness, ignorance, and sloth.
  • I pray that Goddess Saraswati will shower you with an endless supply of knowledge. Best wishes for Basant Panchami in 2024!
  • Happy Basant Panchami to everyone in 2024! Let’s laugh together as we gather with our loved ones to commemorate this auspicious day.
  • I wish you and your devoted family nothing but health, happiness, success, and prosperity on this auspicious Basant Panchami.
  • During the festival, I wish you happiness and progress. Best wishes for Basant Panchami in the year 2024!
    May this Basant Panchami holiday be filled with a wealth of knowledge for you and your loved ones.
  • I wish you a prosperous and Happy Basant Panchami in 2024.

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Happy Basnat Panchami Quotes

  • Spring has finally arrived after a bitterly cold winter. May your homes experience prosperity and good fortune this spring. Happy Basant Panchami Messages for the Year 2024.
  • Knowledge is the key to wealth and power. I send you the best wishes of happiness and success from Goddess Saraswati. Happy Vasant Panchami, 2024!
  • As spring approaches, there are numerous reasons to be cheerful and optimistic. I hope this spring stands out from the rest of your life. On Basant Panchami, best wishes.
  • May Goddess Saraswati shower you with immeasurable blessings in honor of Basant Panchami. A very happy Vasant Panchami to you in 2024.

Status: Happy Basant Panchami 2024

  • Before the heart beat
    friends before friendship
    love before love
    joy before sorrow
    you a few days ago
    First of all Happy Basant Panchami!!
  • No kite can ever bite you
    Never break the thread of faith
    Touch you all the success of life
    Like a kite touches the heights of the sky
    Happy Basant Panchami!!

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  • Vidya Dayini, Hans Vahini
    Maa Bhagwati bowing down at your feet
    Goddess please give me your blessings
    May your kindness always be with you, Pravish always be.
    Happy Basant Panchami 2024!!
  • You are the giver of voice, you are the knower of letters
    I bow my head in you, O Mother Sharda, give me your blessings.
    Happy Basant Panchami 2024!!
  • Kites fly in the sky, everyone’s unique
    yellow, red, green, blue and black,
    Let’s all celebrate spring together
    Decorate your colorful Rangoli at the door.
    Happy Basant Panchami 2024!!
  • Autumn rain
    sunshine, happiness
    Happy Basant Panchami festival to all of you.
  • Oh mother of all, oh mother of all
    save us from ignorance mother
    You are the goddess of voice, this music is from you
    every word is yours, every song is yours
    we are alone, we are incomplete
    We are your refuge, give us love mother
    Oh mother of all, oh mother of all
    Mother free us from ignorance.
    best wishes for saraswati puja

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Greetings: Happy Basant Panchami 2024

  • May this Basant fulfill all of your hopes and dreams and brighten your life. Greetings on Basant Panchami 2024!
  • When you worship Saraswati, you become more assertive and determined. God’s blessings be with you always.
  • Goddess Saraswati has many different names and powers. Make a prayer for her to develop all of her qualities.
  • May Goddess Saraswati shower you with an ocean of knowledge this spring.
  • Basant Panchami wishes you happiness, success, and prosperity.
  • This Basant Panchami 2024, may you be blessed with happiness and peace of mind.
  • Let the festival brighten your life and spread joy. Happy Basant Panchmi, my friend.

Happiness Greetings on Basant Panchami 2024

  • The happy time has arrived. May your life be filled with laughter and joy.
  • I hope your knowledge gives you more strength and wisdom doubles. Happy 2024 Saraswati Puja!
  • I send my best wishes to you and your family. Happy 2024 Vasant Panchami.
  • The king of all seasons is spring. Basant, may this season bring you happiness and happiness to you. Greetings on Basant Panchami 2024!
  • The best of nature emerges in the spring, a gift from God. Basant Panchami and a blissful spring to you both.
  • Maa Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge and art, may bestow upon you great wisdom and a happy future. Happy 2024 Vasant Panchami.
  • I wish you a very happy future as today marks the end of the harsh winter and the beginning of the beautiful spring. Greetings on Basant Panchami 2024!
  • You be blessed with wisdom and knowledge by Goddess Saraswati.

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Happy Basant Panchami 2024 Images

Happy Basant Panchami 1

Happy Basant Panchami 2

Happy Basant Panchami 3

Happy Basant Panchami 4

Happy Basant Panchami 5

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Happy Basant Panchami FAQ’S

What is the importance of Basant Panchami?

Vasant Panchami is a festival of Hindus and Sikhs that marks the beginning of preparations for the spring season.

Why do we wear yellow clothes on Basant Panchami?

Saraswati, the consort of Brahma, is said to have been born on Basant Panchami - the fifth day of the lunar month of Magh (which falls in January-February) and that is why, yellow is the colour of the day, since it represents the season Vasant or spring and Saraswati is worshipped with mainly marigolds while women.

What is the history of Basant?

Maharaja Ranjit Singh held an annual Basant fair and introduced kite flying as a regular feature of the fairs held during the 19th century which included holding fairs at Sufi shrines. Maharaja Ranjit Singh and his queen Moran would dress in yellow and fly kites on Basant.

Who celebrates Basant?

Predominantly, celebrated in eastern parts of India as Saraswati Puja, particularly in West Bengal and Bihar. However, in North India, especially in Punjab, Basant Panchami is celebrated as a festival of kites whereas in Rajasthan wearing jasmine garland to celebrate this festival is a part of the rituals.

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