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Drone Destination IPO GMP Today | Allotment Date | Status | Price | Details

Drone Destination IPO GMP Today:- The Robot Objective First sale of stock (Initial public offering) started on July 7, 2023, and finished on July 14, 2023. Numerous financial backers have previously started getting shares from the Robot Objective Initial public offering into their portion accounts. In any case, a few financial backers are as yet uncertain about the Robot Objective Initial public offering GMP, and a few financial backers who passed up the issue wish to buy shares when the Initial public offering shares are enlisted with the NSE and BSE. Here are probably the latest and current Robot Objective Initial public offering GMPs as well as a few other critical realities you ought to know about for that large number of financial backers.

Drone Destination IPO GMP Today is an online platform that provides information and resources for investors interested in the drone industry. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Drone Destination offers valuable insights into the latest Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and their Gross Merchandise Potential (GMP). By keeping up to date with the latest IPOs in the drone industry, investors can make informed decisions about where to allocate their funds. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive data, Drone Destination IPO GMP Today is a valuable tool for anyone looking to navigate the exciting world of drone investments.

Drone Destination IPO GMP Today

The Robot Objective Initial public offering began on seventh July 2023 and finished on fourteenth July 2023 and the organization has just new Issue shares which is a sum of 68 lakh Offers, which are worth 44.2 crores and the Robot Objective has not delivered any OFS (Offer For Offers) in the Initial public offering. Drone Objective Restricted is a DGCA-approved RPTO (Remote pilot preparing association) implies it offers confirmed preparing projects to various areas across India. That is for a fast outline of the Robot Objective Restricted and coming to pay the organization has detailed an all out income of 257.6 crores in the monetary year 2022.

The GMP represents the difference between the IPO price and the current price of the stock in the gray market, which is an unofficial market where shares can be traded before they are officially listed on a stock exchange. The GMP provides investors with an indication of how much demand there is for the stock and can help them make more informed investment decisions. It is important to note that while a positive GMP may indicate strong investor interest, it does not guarantee that the stock will perform well once it is listed on the exchange. Investors should carefully evaluate all factors before making any investment decisions.

Drone Destination IPO GMP Today

Drone Destination IPO GMP Today Overview

Company Drone Destination 
The IPO issue opens on 7th July 2023
The issue Closes on 14th July 2023
Total Worth of shares 44.20 Crores
Fresh Issue Total Shares 68 lakh Shares
Face value of Each Share 10 Rs
Refund for all teh investors 17th July 2023
Demat investors get the Shares on 18th July 2023
Listed on NSE and BSE on 19th July 2023
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Drone Destination IPO GMP Status 

Drone objective Initial public offering has just new issues of offers and there are no OFS (Offer For Offer) shares, which we ordinarily see in most Initial public offering organizations. So the new issue shares have an aggregate sum of 68 lakh shares which is worth 44.2 Crores at the upper value band of 65 rupees of the decent cost band by the robot objective Initial public offering. Since there are no OFS shares and just new issue shares the all out number of portions of the Robot Objective is 6 lakh shares, which are the new issue portions of the organization. So presently how about we take a gander at a portion of the value groups and the present GMP and furthermore some offer distributions to the financial backers of the robot objective Initial public offering.

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Drone Destination IPO GMP And Price Band 

The ongoing GMP for the Robot Objective Initial public offering is 39 Rs, and the cost range for the contribution is set at 62 to 65 Rs. The assumed worth of each offer is 10 Rs. Financial backers can submit offers for a base part size of 2,000 offers, or 130,000 Rupees, at the offer cost of 65 Rupees. Before we look at the different financial backers’ portion designations, financial backers ought to remember that the GMP esteem is certainly not a dependable sign of an offer cost and that it might at times change.

Drone Destination IPO GMP Investors Share Allotment 

In rundown, the retail financial backers got 35% of the Initial public offering share assignment, the NII financial backers got 15% of the offer portion, and the QIB financial backers got half of the Robot Objective Initial public offering GMP share designation.

Investors Percentage of Shares of Netweb Tecnologies
QIB Investors Not more than 50% Shares
Retail Investors Not less than 35% of Shares
NII Investors Not less then15% Shares

The Robot Objective Initial public offering GMP Offer distribution for the retail financial backers is at least 1 part which is 2000 offers worth 1,30,000 Rs and for the HNI Financial backers the no of parcels they can purchase is 2 which has 4000 Offers worth of 2,60,000Rs

Investors Total Lots Total Shares in the Lot Worth
Retail Investors 1 2,000 130,000 Rs
HNI Investors 2 4,000 2,60,000 Rs

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Drone Destination IPO GMP Past Ten Days 

Despite the fact that the GMP is definitely not an authority variable to think about in the stock cost. It as a rule gives a decent cost range for the offers. So financial backers very admire the GMP Upsides of Organization shares and for those financial backers. Here are the beyond 10 days of the Robot Objective Initial public offering GMP to handily search for:

Dates GMP of the Drone Destination IPO GMP   On the day
11th July 2023 52 Rs
12th July 2023 50 Rs
13th July 2023 42 Rs
14th July 2023 38 Rs
15th July 2023 39 Rs
16th July 2023 39 Rs
17th July 2023 38 Rs
18th July 2023 37 Rs
19th July 2023 39 Rs
20th July 2023 39 Rs
21st July 2023 39 Rs

Drone Destination IPO Market Lot

The Drone Destination IPO minimum market lot is 2000 shares with a ₹130,000 application amount.

Application Lot Size Shares Amount
Retail Minimum 1 2000 ₹130,000
Retail Maximum 1 2000 ₹130,000
S-HNI Minimum 2 4000 ₹260,000

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Drone Destination IPO Form

In what ways does Drone Destination IPO operate? Applications for the Drone Destination IPO may be submitted through ASBA using your bank account. Simply pick the Drone Destination IPO under the Invest section after entering your bank account details during the online bank login process. The alternative is to fill out the Drone Destination IPO application form that can be downloaded from the NSE website. To view the Drone Destination forms, click NSE IPO Forms download, fill them out, and deliver them to your bank or broker.

Drone Destination Company Financial Report

₹ in Crores
Year Revenue Expense PAT
2020 ₹- ₹- ₹-
2021 ₹39.35 ₹45.49 (₹4.55)
2022 ₹257.16 ₹229.40 ₹20.73
2023 6M ₹1207.73 ₹877.90 ₹244.19


Drone Destination’s initial public offering (IPO) is set to take place today, and investors are eager to learn about the company’s performance. The IPO price is expected to be set at a range that reflects the demand for the company’s shares. Investing in an IPO can be exciting but also carries some risks. It is important for investors to carefully consider their investment goals and risk tolerance before participating in an IPO. Additionally, it can be helpful to conduct thorough research on the company’s financials, market position, and growth prospects. By staying informed and making well-informed decisions, investors can navigate the world of IPOs with confidence.

Drone Destination IPO GMP Today FAQ’S

Is GMP a good indicator for IPO?

The GMP serves as a reliable indicator of the potential price at which a company's shares may trade on the day of listing. To illustrate this point, let's consider the aforementioned example. Considering that buyers are willing to pay an additional ₹40 per share, it is reasonable to anticipate that the stock price could reach approximately ₹420 per share on the listing day.

What is the effect of GMP on IPO?

The GMP does not have a direct impact on the IPO price itself. Nevertheless, having knowledge of the GMP rate can assist an investor in anticipating the potential trading price of the IPO. Consequently, a high GMP could suggest that the shares in the IPO will also have a high price.

How do you calculate IPO listing price from GMP?

It means that an investor is willing to pay ₹15 for the IPO instead of ₹10. It is also prominent that sometimes, the IPO listing price is a sum of IPO price+GMP. So, in this case, the listing price can be around ₹15.

How is GMP calculated?

The calculation of our Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP) depends on several factors, including your level of National Insurance contributions, the duration of your membership in the pension scheme, and the proportion of this period that falls before or after 1988. To determine the exact amount you will receive, it is advisable to consult your scheme as the calculation is not straightforward.

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