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Hidden Truth Of Asaram Bapu – Complete Story, Facts, Court Cases, Judgements

Hidden Truth Of Asaram Bapu: Complete story, facts, legal cases, and rulings are all available here. Asaram Bapu, who is he? A precious stone or well-known celebrity, a saint or a wicked soul. We are prepared to reveal Asaram Bapu’s Hidden Truth and will present the main points below.

One of the most revered self-styled “godmen” in India, Asaram Bapu, has always been the subject of controversy. Asaram, who has been incarcerated since 2013 and is currently on trial for three counts of rape, has had an extraordinary journey from being a young tea vendor to a baba with over 2 million followers.

Hidden Truth Of Asaram Bapu

Which of the following best describes Asaram Bapu—a real saint or an evil person hiding behind a saintly façade? Do his supporters and the general public realise Asaram Bapu’s Hidden Truth? Sexually abusing a youngster is not a characteristic of a person who practises religion.

This is not revealed by moral principles or ethics.Some individuals regard him as their guru and adhere to his teachings. But for the majority, his body harbours an evil force. He was found guilty on Wednesday, April 25, of raping a 16-year-old girl at his ashram in the city and was given a life sentence.

Hidden Truth Of Asaram Bapu

Hidden Truth Of Asaram Bapu Overview

Article Name Hidden Truth Of Asaram Bapu
Name Asaram Bapu
Age 82 years
Allegation Sexual Abuse of Women
Court Cases 370, 342, 354, 376, penal code, 23, 26, & more
Court Order Life Imprisonment
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A Complete Story

Asaram Bapu, who was born on April 17, 1941, fled his home when he was 13 years old. He used to work odd jobs like selling drinks and other things. Assumal Sirumalani Harpalani is his full name. In India and abroad, he has founded more than 400 ashrams and about 40 schools.He is now in jail due to his subsequent sexual abuse of young girls and women. His transgressions were never brought up earlier. The entire truth of this tale was revealed afterwards. A female reported experiencing several sexual assaults with him in one of his ashrams.

Facts of Asaram Bapu’s Case

Asaram’s ongoing updates make clear all the information that cannot be verified. Asaram wasn’t the only victim; his son Narayan suffered as well. The incident happened in 2013. Two sisters from Surat who saw the case reported it. They acknowledged that Asaram’s daughter and wife were instrumental in the plan’s success for both father and son. How a woman could hurt another woman is unfathomable. This is unfair. The sisters have claimed to have been victims since the late 1990s and the middle of the 2000s.

As a result of additional investigation, Narayan (Son of Asaram) was charged in 2019 with 506-2, 343, 376, 377, and 120-B. The Surat Court officials concluded the case and sentenced Narayan to life in jail.

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Asaram Bapu Court Cases

2013 Rape case with a woman in an Ashram in Gujarat
He sexually abused a teenager who belonged to Shahajahanpur (UP). The location was his ashram which was near Manai Village.
Year not defined Sections 342, 376, 506, 509, & Section 8
2014 Witnesses of Asaram’s case went missing. This might be due to the attacks on them. So you see the power of his supporters.
2015 Mahendra and Rahul were attacked in Jodhpur. A poor thing for Asaram was that they somehow managed to save their lives. The dice then plotted against him.
2001 to 2006 Case of a woman who used to stay in his ashram. Asaram misused the opportunity to perform sexual assault on her.

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Judgements Made Asaram Bapu

He has been sentenced to life in jail by the court. In light of the numerous allegations of sexual assault, assaults on witnesses, and more, he is being sued. The verdict is supported by the criticism due to his repeated wrongdoings. These verdicts include a number of parts that were imposed on him.  When he was evicted in multiple cases in 2013, the cases against him were officially confirmed by the court. He has had ‘n’ cases brought against him in the past by the session court, high court, and supreme court.

So as you can see, Asaram has a long record of cases brought against him due to his Karma. However, these must appear at some point. All of the witnesses, evidence, and other materials are present in court. The judges’ attorneys and other officials are prepared to initiate legal action against him. Finally, Asaram is being executed in prison.

Hidden Truth Of Asaram Bapu FAQ’S

What is the story behind Asaram Bapu?

Asumal had a habit of leaving his house early; the first time was when he was 15 years old and left for an ashram eight days before his future wedding. On October 7, 1964, he received the name Asaram after being anointed as a disciple by a prominent local religious or spiritual leader at an ashram in Gandhidham.

What was Asaram accused of?

proclaimed godman In Gandhinagar, Gujarat, a municipal court found Asaram Bapu guilty of rape. For a different rape case, he has been holding a life sentence at Jodhpur's Central Jail. When she visited Asaram Bapu's ashram in Ahmedabad ten years ago, a woman from Surat said that Asaram Bapu repeatedly raped her.

Why is Asaram Bapu behind bars?

Gandhinagar sessions court sentenced self-styled godman Asaram Bapu to life imprisonment in connection with 2013 rape case filed by a victim who stayed at his ashram, near Gandhinagar, in Gujarat. The court has also imposed a fine of ₹50,000 on him.

Who fought against Asharamji Bapu?

Solanki rose to prominence for his five-year legal battle against self-proclaimed god-man Asaram Bapu who was accused of raping a minor (2013-18) and finally managed to get him convicted.

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