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Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date On Moon And Other Details

Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date- On Friday, the Russian space agency launched its first lunar landing mission in 47 years. being the first country to lightly touch down on the lunar south pole, which is thought to be home to valuable water ice pockets. At 2:11 a.m. Friday Moscow time, a Soyuz 2.1 rocket carrying the Luna-25 spacecraft blasted off from Russia’s Far East cosmodrome and was catapulted out of Earth’s orbit an hour later. The landing date of Luna 25 for Russia is included in this article along with other important details. Continue to read!

The Luna 25 mission from Russia is prepared to investigate the south pole of the Moon. The last time Russia set foot on the moon was 47 years ago. Luna 25 seeks to explore the lunar surface and discover water. Aiming to land on August 23, the same day as India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission, it will lift off on August 11, 2023. Both missions aim to touch down on the Moon’s south pole, which has ice that would be useful for upcoming space expeditions. Both missions have different landing strategies, despite the fact that they are competing with one another. After a long absence, Luna 25 marks a significant breakthrough for Russia in space.

Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date

The launch from Russia’s Vostochny Cosmodrome, 3,450 miles (5,550 km) east of Moscow, comes around four weeks after Chandrayaan-3, a lunar lander launched by India that will touch down at the pole on August 23, was launched. India has expressed interest in Russia’s Luna 25 moon mission as well. This is due to the fact that the Russian lander is anticipated to soft-land near the lunar South Pole a few days before India, depriving India of the honour of being the first country to do so. The Russian mission was launched on August 10. On August 16, it is anticipated to enter lunar orbit, and on August 21 or 22, it will try a soft landing.

Since the landing site will experience lunar dawn on August 23, India’s lunar mission cannot make contact before that date. The Luna-25 spacecraft of Roscosmos, a Russian space agency, would take five days to travel to the moon. before making one of three potential landing locations near the south pole after five to seven days in lunar orbit. The goal of Luna-25 is to be the first craft to touch down at the South Pole of the Moon. The Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft from India will attempt to make history when it lands on the Lunar South Pole on August 23–24. Chandrayaan-3 was launched into space on July 14. The two missions are competing with one another in the timeline to be the first in history.

Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date

Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date Details

Overview Luna 25
Category Event
Launch August 11, 2023
Landing August 23, 2023
Goal Study Moon’s south pole
Site Lunar south pole
Objectives Analyze regolith and study exosphere
Tech Luna 25 lander
Importance First Russian landing since ’76, water search
Category News
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About Russia’s Luna 25

Luna 25, also known as the Luna-Glob-Lander, will examine the makeup of the lunar polar soil for a year. Along with the plasma and dust found in the thin atmosphere of the moon. Roscosmos states that the Luna-25 probe is on board the rocket and will “analyse the soil, study the upper layer of regolith, and the lunar exosphere.” The spacecraft, which is about the size of a compact car, will try to stay operational on the south pole of the moon for a whole year. where water ice has lately been found by NASA and other space organisations in the region’s shadowed craters.

The four-legged lander is said to be outfitted with landing rockets, fuel tanks, solar panels, computers, a robotic arm with a scoop to gather lunar samples, as well as a variety of equipment to analyse the samples and exosphere, according to NASA. Eight Russian science instruments totaling 30 kg (66 lb) will be carried by the lander as its payload:

  • ADRON-LR, active neutron and gamma-ray analysis of regolith
  • ARIES-L, measurement of plasma in the exosphere
  • LASMA-LR, laser mass-spectrometer
  • LIS-TV-RPM, infrared spectrometry of minerals, and imaging
  • PmL, measurement of dust and micro-meteorites
  • THERMO-L, measurement of the thermal properties of regolith
  • STS-L, panoramic and local imaging
  • Laser retroreflector, Moon libration, and ranging experiments

Luna-25 will be in use for at least a year if it lands successfully.” At a latitude of roughly 70 degrees south, just north of Boguslawsky Crater, is where it will land most frequently. Plans call for experiments that involve scooping up soil and determining its makeup. The New York Times reported that “the lander could dig up some water ice beneath the surface.”

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Luna 25 Budget

Russia still hasn’t released the cost of its Luna 25 mission. The mission’s budget shows the funds allotted for its many components, including design, building, launch, and operation. It’s crucial for budgeting money and assuring mission accomplishment.

Luna 25 vs Chandrayaan 3

The lunar missions from Russia and India, Chandrayaan 3 and Luna 25, are aimed at the south pole of the moon. On August 11, Luna 25 will launch, and Chandrayaan 3 is already in motion. Chandrayaan 3 is concerned with a safe landing and experiments, while Luna 25 is focused on studying the lunar surface and exosphere. They represent a revival of lunar exploration.

Key Point Luna 25 Chandrayaan-3
Mission Objective Study lunar polar regolith Demonstrate safe lunar landing, rover mobility, experiments
Launch Date August 11, 2023 July 14, 2023
Launch Location Vostochny cosmodrome Satish Dhawan Space Center
Travel Time to Moon About 5 days 40 days
Lunar Orbit Time 5 to 7 days August 5, 2023 (Enter)
Landing Site Moon’s south pole Moon’s south pole
Focus of Study Oxygen and water search Potential ice reserves for fuel, oxygen, water
Landing Status Awaiting landing Aiming for soft landing on August 23
Safety Measures Evacuation due to launch safety Lander designed for resilience even with failures
International Cooperation None European Space Agency partnership with ISRO

For two weeks, Chandrayaan-3 will conduct lunar experiments, and for a year, Luna-25 from Russia will conduct operations there. In order to test for frozen water, which is essential for human survival, Luna-25, which weighs 1.8 tonnes and has 31 kg of scientific equipment, will collect rock samples from a depth of up to 15 cm. The launch of Luna-25 was initially scheduled for October 2021 but was postponed by over two years. Due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine, the European Space Agency withdrew from testing a camera on Luna-25. Residents of Shakhtinsky village in Russia’s far east will evacuate prior to the launch of Luna-25 due to a slim risk of rocket debris falling. Additionally, local fishermen and hunters are informed.

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Bottom Line

Ice is known to exist at the South Pole of the Moon. That area of the Moon is yet undiscovered, which is why all agencies are concentrating there. The upcoming Artemis-III lunar mission, which would send people to the Moon for the first time in fifty years, would also touch down on the South Pole. Because of this, Chandrayaan-3 and Luna-25’s findings at the lunar south pole will be carefully scrutinised by scientists all around the world. Best case scenario, please.

Why Did Russia Beat India To The Moon, Despite Launching Its Spacecraft After India’s Chandrayaan 3?

Even though Chandrayaan-3 was launched on July 14 and Luna-25 was launched earlier this week on a Soyuz rocket, the 3.84 million kilometre mission will be over in a matter of days. The Russian mission was able to go to the moon more quickly due to its smaller payload and extra fuel storage. Chandrayaan-3 had a lift-off mass of 3,900 kg, but Luna 25’s is just 1,750 kg. On Chandrayaan, the Lander-Rover alone weights 1,752 kg, while the propulsion module is another 2,148 kg.

The fact that lunar dawn would break sooner at Luna-25’s landing location is another factor that allows it to land a few days before India. 14 Earth days are equivalent to 1 lunar day. Landing at the beginning of a moon day ensures that the experiments spend the full 14 days on Earth because the payloads are powered by solar panels.


The Russian Luna 25 mission is ready to explore the Moon’s south pole. 47 years have passed since Russia last stepped foot on the moon. Luna 25 aims to look for water on the lunar surface. It will launch on August 11, 2023, and aim to land on August 23, the same day as India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission. The south pole of the Moon possesses ice that might be valuable for forthcoming space voyages, and both missions are aiming to land there. Despite the fact that they are rival missions, they each have a different landing strategy. Luna 25 is an important space advancement for Russia after a protracted gap.

Russia’s Luna 25 Landing Date FAQ’S

Why did Russia launch Luna-25?

The Luna-25 mission aims to study the composition of the moon's surface and the plasma and dust that make up its thin atmosphere over a year-long expedition. A key objective of the mission is to search below the lunar surface for water ice.

Where is Luna-25 now live?

Right now, the Luna 25 is revolving around Earth, and it will soon exit the Earth's orbit after increasing its speed by completing its first round. This satellite is scheduled to reach the Moon in about 11-12 days; thus, the landing will not be smooth.

How far is Luna-25 from moon?

The lander is set to orbit 100 kilometers above the Moon's surface before a planned landing Monday north of the Boguslawsky crater on the lunar south pole.

When did Luna 9 first land on the Moon?

Luna 9 launched on 31 January 1966 at 11:41 UT (14:41 Moscow time) from Baikonur Cosmodrome and reached the Moon on 3 February.

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